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How do you define a woman ?

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Discussion Guys please! Don't post 5-10 minute short where nothing happens for 1 or 2 minutes. If I have to fast forward a short, somethings wrong


Ok I just got a chance to view another short posted a while back call CITIZEN. Its 5 minutes long but nothing happens the first full minute except watching a guy workout and drive a car . After a full minute I fast forward to around a minute and 30 seconds to see some action. And for a supposed action flick, there was only 2 action parts that lasted 30 seconds a piece, leaving 4 minutes of boredom.

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Discussion Fuentes has a point


I know this may sound racist or what ever but it's really not.

Mass immigration is hitting Europe and it's just not great.

Where I live, in the Netherlands, it has always been a very crowded place, also a bit diverse, but we got along.

Mass immigration, is really stressing the country in a completely impractical way, we've had a housing crisis for years and years and years. And now immigrants are still at masse coming in, and the previous numbers already have not been good, there are more thugs on the street, it's less safe, the crime rates of Moroccan immigrants has been 6 times as high, more than sixty percent is on welfare, and our girls are being harassed, it's just not good.

I wanted to get that off my chest, I don't think this community will appreciate it, but that's the reality of things, it's not good.

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Fuck you Joe Biden


Fuck Joe Biden and his republican loving ass. That's it.

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Map National dish of every European country

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Good Blooper, Bad Title Reporter forgets what she was trying to say and laughs about it, showing how truly little she really cares.

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Or you got a picture off Google

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Ranbir - Alia ka Marad ∞8∞ It was Ranbir who drunk dailed Katrina!


Alia being the best girlfriend ever just took the blame. Probably Katrina didn't even pick the phone so they got really butt hurt and clarified it was alia and karan who was drunk and watching stars.

Ranbir watching stars and calling katrina on the night of her wedding is more believable.

RANBIR REALLY REALLY LOVED KATRINA. Its all in his eye. He just settled for Alia. Ranbir knows Katrina from A to Z. It didn't work out because Katrina can't handle Mamas boy, who is immature, lazy and drunk. Some men only realize how much a good woman means to them once the woman gives up on him. Katrina gave him so many chances. She tried to change him. She didn't feel jealous or anything even when Alia got closer to ranbir because she gave all her best and broke up.

Ranbir with his ego and laziness didn't see the value of katrina and her love. Instead he always tried to make fun of her.

After katrinas wedding alia realized that ranbir is still not over katrina. So she promised her a baby which none of her exs could give him. So in January ranbir proposed to her and now ranbir understood his faults and doenst want to repeat those mistakes he did with katrina. Because alia truly is obsessed with ranbir.

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u guys do know the more you fuck with him, the more he money he makes right..... carry on


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Hot take- Stadium Arcadiam is a great album.


Edit: Yes I know Arcadium.

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Non AR Screenshot Rocket team screwed over me and my Pokémon what should I do?

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Can I ask why none of you bother to read the sub before making redundant posts?


Literally 90% of the questions asked here could be answered by a >1 minute scroll though the sub OR a brief scroll through the manufacturer’s website.

How are you responsible enough to inject yourselves with anything if you can’t even be bothered to read any of the READILY AVAILABLE information about the medicine.

It’s all over the internet, it’s included with each box of the drug.

What is it about this medicine thats making people act so dumb?

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Just unsubbed from /r/games. Want to discuss modding your single-player game? Permanently banned.

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PERSPECTIVE Moononomics and why CC Moons are easily going to pass $1


As of the time of this post, this sub has over 5.3 million members and is adding far more than 100,000 new members each month - month in, month out. Yet crypto adoption is still fledgling and the membership of this sub will likely pass 10 million well before 2025, particularly if we see a spectacular new bull run following the next halving in 2024. 25 million+ is likely before 2030.

In the past few months, we've all noticed our Moon distribution count falling slowly and steadily and the monthly maximum Moons cap per user is a LOT lower than it was back in the Spring. As that accelerates, the perfect storm is going to be as follows: Less Moons per distribution + increased demand from new users to earn or accumulate Moons = a 'Moons Squeeze'.

One key factor with Moononomics: the (un)fixed supply (+1% annual moonflation)

The supply is 250,000,000 and there are currently 99,950,856 Moons in circulation, or 39.98% of the supply. It's likely that figure will be comfortably over 50% by EOY and over 75% by EOY 2023. Whilst there will be an additional 1% added to that supply, not only is that PER ANNUM, but this sub will grow by multiples of that 1%, thus negating the modest Moon inflation.

Right now with 5.3 million members, there are 47.1698 Moons. With a CC membership of 25 million, that would mean under 10 Moons per CC member / vault holder. As many members already have thousands or tens of thousands, you can see why that theoretical 9.43 Moons per unique user is likely closer to 1/2/3 per user.

"But Moons have no utility!" I hear you cry.

Wrong. Moons potentially have plenty of utility: not merely as the unofficial currency of this sub, but as 'the' unofficial crypto meme coin. Like it or not, it's what brings awareness, publicity and demand. There are so many possibilities for using Moons as a currency, it's only a matter of time before L1 Cexes decide to list them.

We all know what happens then ...

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Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests

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🟢 DISCUSSION Research: Ethereum is neither decentralized nor deflationary

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This podcast has gone downhill


DOWNHILL FOR ME PERSONALLY. Naturally the podcast members are becoming caricatures of the persona they’ve been using. Khalaya acts like a “i don’t know anything but I’m a know it all contrarian cutesy person” and Bobby acts like he doesn’t know anything. It’s getting annoying. Bobby and his lies and his caricaturation. This latest episode he says his ticks was so people don’t talk to him when every eps before he said it was so he can seem eccentric and cool. The episode with Whitney Cummings he says he doesn’t know what fiber is and khalyla being a know it all and you can see the annoyment on Whitney’s face lol. Idk I was a day 1 but they really have becomes such caricatures it’s annoying. There’s no authenticity anymore. Also it was bound to happen every podcast personality becomes caricatures but I guess I don’t like the personality they’ve chosen lol

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Clip CGA Ripley makes Chatterbox Apologize

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Discussion my account got banned and support won't even read my emails.


I'm so sick of scopley.

After being a loyal player since ~2017-2018 I wake up one morning and find out my account is banned for "inappropriate chat". I had absolutely no idea what happened since all I chat with is my alliance, and close contacts.

I then asked my son if he did anything because he goes and plays arena, blitz and raids for me and he claimed nothing until I pushed it out of him. Supposedly, he used profane language on global or some crap.

To be honest I didn't care. He's 9 years old and I punished him. But I'm not gonna throw a fit at my son whom I love dear over something minute like this.

However, after explaining everything to scopley support over email and hoping they'd understand, they were just sending me automated messages and garbage back...

I'm a professional Healthcare worker who has been dealing with intense issues for awhile all day, works with the challenged all day and just likes to have an outlet after tending to work, my wife and my family.

I punished my son for his own profanity and he's not even allowed on online gaming either since I do not trust him.

But Scopley support at least read your emails. You guys are clowns, and if my 9 year old kid can apologize to me, then full as grown fucking adults like yourselves should be able to read an email before tossing it into the trash.

UPDATE: If anyone keeps coming at me, feel free to do so. But personally I'm just disappointed in my kid and never liked scopley.

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Burn the Patriarchy I'm a trans woman, is this a terf sub or a feminist sub?


Edit : thanks a lot for the feedback

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Worldwide Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests

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Paywall Canadian Christian nationalism not Christian, it’s not Canadian, or patriotic either | Jesus said you change the world by changing your heart, Christian nationalists say you change the world by shouting at and insulting people.

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Discussion Warlock subclasses feel like they’re getting less and less unique.

Destiny 3.0 updates have a habit of taking abilities that make the warlock subclass identities and giving them to hunters and titans. For a bit of background, I play with a friend group of about 5 people. we have all three classes in our group, so naturally new TWAB’s or updates tend to bring up conversations about how we feel our class was represented in the new updates. I have played warlock since D1 and find myself very loyal and connected to my class.

With that being said, my opinion is the last few 3.0 updates have really messed up the core identities of the warlock subclasses. Although I don’t think it’s a downside that the other classes are getting new abilities that help them in PvE, I think the wrong way to go about was hijacking the warlock’s abilities and transferring them to the other classes. As I’ve played destiny mostly for the PvE I think the warlocks PvE abilities were integral to the identity of the class.

The most important part of warlock PvE void was devour for me, it was the one thing that made us feel separate from the other classes. But when they gave devour to the other classes I was actually pretty glad, my friends had been complaining about warlock being the only class with healing. The fact that warlock still had healing nades was pretty unique for me, it felt like the ‘healer’ or ‘support’ class of destiny. But the solar 3.0 update was incredibly underwhelming in my opinion, the rework of healing grenades was not great for warlocks. I would have liked if they kept the charge to heal functionality. With the most recent updates on arc 3.0, we learned that hunters were getting their blade-dancer blink back, and all classes are getting access to ionic traces. I feel like all three warlock subclasses have had something taken from them that made them unique. It’s not the end of the world, it’s a video game after all, but a warlock main, I can’t help but feel sort of neglected with these past couple updates. Thoughts?