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Article The Bros and cons of being a huge, gay Hollywood rom-com

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Small Success i was hungry so i made a snack

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JU from r/polska because every comment from a Pro-Life stand point is being deleted

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Cringe Job gave him cotton.

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HoI4 Paradox shamelessly stole artwork from my mod

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r/REBubble 21h ago

"Highly Qualified Buyers" I just went to r/FirstTimeHomeBuyer and nearly lost all my brain cells


I'm relatively new to housing price subreddits and I've seen the memes on these guys. I just decided to check them out for once and they're the dumbest motherfuckers on this planet. I genuinely can't tell if they're all realtors or dumb enough to brainwashed by realtors into thinking that the housing market isn't gonna crash🤣🤣🤣.

Either way, I love you guys. This community is by far the best. Time to grab the popcorn and watch these hoomers get hoomed.

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Repost it

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r/The10thDentist 23h ago

Food (Only on Friday) Putting chili pepper in food sucks 95% of the time


Let me first say that I'm not averse to spicy food. If I get something like curry, noodles or chicken wings, I like the heat to be right on the edge of unbearable.

But people put chili in everything. They must think it gives the food a little special kick, but the majority of the time it's just worse than whatever the food is normally. Some things are not spicy for a reason.

Jars of pickles with chili. Avocado with chili. Tuna fish with chili. Mayonnaise with chili. Ice cream with chili. DRINKS with chili.

I have run into all of these and in every case the added spicy tingle in my throat has only worsened the eating experience. There's a time and a place for it, and people seem to think that this range is much wider than it is.

Why are people constantly sabotaging their own delicious food like this?

r/FireEmblemHeroes 20h ago

Chat IYO who has the worst art in the game?


For me it's Savior King Dimitri. I mean it's all just not great, nothing stands out EXCEPT for the weapon he's "holding" in his hand. Bleh, I really don't want to hate on the artist, but I mean come on.

Who do you think is the worst?

r/granturismo 21h ago

GT7 *Speculation*- GT7 is being held back from what it could be because it needs to run on PS4 and PS5.


It would not surprise me at all to learn that Sony is forcing PD to “throttle back” GT7 to run on PS4 because players who have the means and desire to buy a PS5 (like myself) have been trying for MONTHS to get one and cannot find one anywhere without resorting to scalpers.

r/funny 18h ago

who eats 8 chips?

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r/Overwatch 11h ago

News & Discussion the amount of "loot boxes aren't bad" comments i see is crazy.


Literally for YEARS we asked devs to get loot boxes out of gaming and for the most part they did, now people like loot boxes? How do you enjoy a RNG slot machine that could take you forever to get the item you want? Idc if its "cosmetic" only, loot boxes are a cancer in anyway.

r/liluzivert 8h ago

Opinion Should song titles be retired like jersey numbers? Obviously it’d be impossible to enforce that, but this dog water is just disrespecting Uzi imo

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Warning: Loud Kai Cenat hits 100k Twitch Subs

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KaiCenat | Just Chatting Mizkif donates 100 subs to Kai.

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r/TheTryGuys 16h ago

Question Red flag since baby Wes


I am a huge try guys fan, from buzzfeed days and was so excited when Ariel and Ned got pregnant with Wes and they did the baby series as the first videos from second try. When they did the pregnancy diet video a huge red flag to me was when Ned just figured out during the video that he should’ve been doing the same diet the whole time.

It always bugged me because it was as if he couldn’t be bothered yet praised himself as such an amazing dad.

Does anyone feel like this?

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Meme (OC) title

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r/LivestreamFail 6h ago

Warning: Loud Twitch Finally Put Kai In The Front Page!

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To stop people from using a phone

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North Korea Trump's self-described 'love letters' to Kim Jong-un seized from Mar-a-lago have been published

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r/Overwatch 12h ago

News & Discussion Pricing for skins shouldn't matter (because you shouldn't even be thinking of buying them)


TL;DR: It's a cosmetic, it has no effect on the game. If you're bothered by the pricing, don't buy it. Locking heroes behind battle pass sucks, tho.

I understand being upset about the heroes in the battle pass thing, but straight up it does not matter what skins are priced at because it's not actual content.

I've seen people say "$60 for a full game and $20 for a skin what a sham". You're right. Why would in any world you spend money on a skin in the first place. It's a remesh of a skin that looked cool in the first place.

I know some people will talk about scarcity and how it's unfair to deny people of skins they want, but to me it doesn't matter. The default skins are cool enough and frankly everybody could be running around in polyginal masses and as long as I could tell them apart I still wouldn't care. The game is fun and it works and that's all that should matter.

The heroes behind the battle pass is a shitty thing to do to a community that's used to getting heroes for free. Especially since that will ultimately deny players of actual content in the game. I personally wish they had stuck to a full price game like OW1 but they're switching to this new monetization style in the hopes of making the game more accesible and to keep it alive much longer. And to me, it's worth it. Some people won't hop on just on principle and that's respectable, but I want to see the game succeed and hopefully continue to do so for a while.

I'm getting the battle pass to get the instant unlock, but I'm not getting any of the battle passes that don't have heroes. I cannot understand how someone would want to spend money on a cosmetic that they can't use outside of the game, brings no value other than social validation and a brief dopamine hit, and is just a drain on your wallet.

And that's not say that a lot of the skins aren't cool. I have almost all of the genji legendary's in OW1 because they're badass. But I got them from playing flex and grinding coins and XP. I understand the grind in OW2 looks to be harder, but I couldn't care less because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. It's a skin; sure it's cool but it's of no monitary or competitive value.

The only exception is if they do something like the Mercy cancer awareness skin. If it's for charity, right on. Otherwise, maybe take a step back and consider whether getting upset over stuff that doesn't matter is worth it.

r/Conservative 23h ago

It's Not Crazy To Think Biden Sabotaged The Nord Stream Pipeline -- Escalating with Russia might be President Biden’s only chance to save his failing administration. Don’t put it past him.

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r/kindafunny 21h ago

My Patreon Perspective


First, I want to say that I completely understand why a lot of you are upset about the changes. Specifically since Kinda Feudy has become one of the most popular bits on KF programming, suddenly losing that content unless you pay more $ is a tough pill to swallow. I would not be surprised if they end up specifically moving that show to a lower tier or release it a few months later for free on Youtube etc.

That being said I wanted to give my perspective on Patreon because I have been seeing a lot of people talking about the ”value” of the bonus content not being worth the money. To me Patreon is about supporting the creator because you enjoy their work and want to put your money behind it. I have been a patron off and on since they launched and at different times have been as low as $1 or as high as $50. But at no point was I calculating the monetary value of the perks and justifying my monthly sub in that way. To me it has always been I support what I can afford because I just love KF and the hours of entertainment they provide every week. The bonus content on patreon for me has always been just that- a bonus.

I wanted to post this not to say anyone feeling bad about the changes are wrong. But to provide a different perspective because so many comments are treating the changes like its malicious, or greedy, or mean spirited by KF. And I don’t think it is, I think they just look at Patrion the way I do. Not as a transaction of you pay X to get Y. But as pay what you can or want to support us and these extra bonuses are just fun things, not meant to justify the cost but just meant to provide a nice cherry on top for patrons.