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Discussion BBBY Megathread for August 18th, 2022


Please keep the discussion about $BBBY in this thread so as to not spam the subreddit with this ticker.

Many memestocks have made their way on /r/wallstreetbets radar over the years. Each made its way at different times and came with some great memes, some big wins, some mind-boggling losses, and some great memories, and each one brought on many new members to our community and to retail trading.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect back during Jan. 2021 from behind the scenes. As we were just about to hit another milestone of 2 million subscribers. GME popped on our radar seemingly out of nowhere and very quickly gain a lot of traction similarly to $BBBY.

/r/wallstreetbets was a bigger story than covid. Every major publication and media outlet in the world rushed to make some sense of what was going on, all requested interviews with us and what I noticed was happening, each was not looking to report the news but every journalist had their own version of a story and was only looking for us to go on record on many things that were just made up and just not true. With the amount of media coverage 7 million new members flooded into /r/wallstreetbets, the ethos of our community became extremely muddied as many outside our community came in to speak for us as the media rushed to get their version of the story out.

I think it is exciting and amazing to see so many new members but let's not forget that a majority of members are new so take what is said with a grain of salt and do your own research. Not everything is a short squeeze, not everything is a cryptic message.

/r/wallstreetbets first and foremost is about the come up and getting that bag. The stories about what some people are willing to risk to get the bag and stories about their success or failure are what make this place amazing and fun. It's your money and your own responsibility for how you choose to use it. Get in, get out, move on and repeat the process.

Ty Have Fun.


We are giving away some new /r/wallstreetbets deskmats!

Winners will be picked at the end of the day.

Post what you think the price target BBBY will close at today ? ( Cutoff will be 2 hours before the market close).

Post the best BBBY Meme

Post your gains.


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Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull

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This most likely breaks the rules but it needs to be said

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What should I name my fantasy football team this year?

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Poll: Majority of Americans Approve of Search on Mar-a-Lago for Files Trump Took

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Smart dog helps his human move tires, and figures out how to carry four tires in one bite

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Biotech A 99% effective Birth Control Pill for Men Could Start Human Trials This Year

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Her moms reaction to seeing her lip tattoo that says daddy

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Apartment neighbor blasting music with full bass for hours, making myself and my pet uncomfortable. After knocking on their half open door 8-10 times, they couldn't hear me (that's how loud it is). After I slid this note under their door, they turned it up. What should I do?

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Misleading NSFReddit? Sex Workers Say the Giant Platform Is Quietly Banning Them

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Still doing better than you

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PM Marin: "I danced, sang, and partied - perfectly legal things"

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Riding a bike in the middle of a storm.

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Rich getting richer

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M TIFU by opening my fiancé's dms


The wound is still fresh so bear with me.

The Discovery

I had a rough day and my fiancé's algorithms are top notch, so I was scrolling through his apps to entertain myself hoping for a pick me up. He went to take a shower. I opened his Instagram (got bored with Reddit, so sorry) and noticed he had a couple new dms. We don't snoop through each other's phones, but we don't hide anything either (or so I thought) so I clicked on them just to see if they were important because he doesn't check Insta that often.

WELL. I see the dms are from a deleted account???, thus sparking my interest. So I click, and I scroll. Messages go years back--maybe twenty to thirty messages total. Some winky faces, some slightly sexual memes, and a few photos of lingerie. Nothing outright incriminating but... who is this bitch? My heart dropped. We're getting married in less than five months. These messages aren't okay. He's not a cheater??? Never once have I questioned that, nor has he given me any reason to. I start to see red.

The Confrontation

I put on my big girl pants, wipe my tears, and storm into the bathroom. Rip open the shower curtain, revealing this idiot's (albeit glorious) naked body. He, though quite startled, raises his eyebrows and smirks. "Looking to join?" He says. Wrong move buddy.

I go off. You know, like a badass.

He denies it. You know, like a liar.

I hold his towel hostage and toss him his phone so he can see for himself. He scrolls and pulls off this wildly confused demeanor. I literally see the blood leave his face. He just kinda says stuttering "...baby I don't know?"

We go back and forth. He swears up and down he has no idea who this could be. "I'm just as surprised as you are!!!" He claims, criminally. So, I take his phone so I can quote this "other woman" for emphasis.

The Reveal

I ready my best valley girl voice and scroll to the most recent received messages. I notice for the first time, inconveniently so, a picture she sent of a Guinea pig. I think, "Aw hell, I love Guinea pigs." Then I remember... I have seen this Guinea pig before.

Then I realize. She is me.

I deleted all my social media almost a year ago. Neither of us remembered any of the messages we sent. I start laughing and happy crying. My fiancé looks as if he just won the lottery and received the death penalty simultaneously.

The Aftermath

Now we sit, both recently showered, debating whether or not we should welcome a Guinea pig into our family. I am so embarrassed. He is so relieved. We are crazy, stupid, and so in love.

TLDR; Found cheating-indicating messages on my fiancé's phone. Turns out it was my old deleted account. I'm an idiot. He's a keeper.

Edit: Didn’t wanna edit because I didn’t wanna make the hate worse. My fiancé commented somewhere in here a few minutes ago, I just picked up my phone & WOW was not expecting all this. I did apologize to him fully, and I’m sorry I didn’t know I should’ve included that. Most posts I read on here don’t usually include a full resolution. I wrote this quickly not expecting it to blow up. Looking back I would’ve changed a lot of my wording. I could defend myself for a lot of things but that likely wouldn’t help. All of this story is true, it was so odd which is what prompted me to post it. He’s not leaving me, there’s so much more to our lives than this. I didn’t assault him. We are naked at home more than we’re clothed. You’re all not in my relationship, but I can tell you that him being in the shower was not a violating aspect. He was annoyed, but not hurt or degraded. I’ve never blown up like this & intend never to again. I’ve also never worried or accused him before of cheating. This was my first experience and I didn’t know how to handle it. I understand concern for him but there’s no reason to say I deserve xyz. Not sure how to prove this story is true? But think what you will. I didn’t mean to sound so cavalier; I wasn’t very conscious of my tone of voice. I always write dramatically but understand that if you don’t know me it’s different. Wasn’t expecting to be called psychotic. Lastly thanks to the few commenters who left Guinea pig info.

Final edit only for clarity bc it got worse after my first: His comment said this but it’s lost. He handed me his phone. He goes on Instagram maybe once or twice a year? We have an open phone policy. I didn’t snoop because our boundaries are: I don’t look at texts with his mom, brother, or therapist. He doesn’t look at my texts with my sister, brother, therapist, or best friend. I don’t have social media besides Reddit & he’s rarely active on his. To my knowledge, the boundaries we set have never been broken by either of us. The lingerie pics weren’t of me. They were pics he sent to me that he thought I’d like. I wrote this using the exact language of my thoughts in the moment. Sorry if it’s cringy but it’s accurate for what I was feeling/thinking. I’m not a creative writer & I’m not trying to be.

And disclaimer: if you keep stigmatizing mental illness like you are I’m going to delete this if I can. I’m not here for karma I’m here cause today I fucked up. It’s absolutely horrible to use illnesses to describe behavior in such hateful ways, please think about the people you could hurt, besides me, who might read your hate & feel shame because of it.

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CATS Kitty Sleeves ... 😺💗

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Linus Sex Tips communist👍

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This guy catching a woman falling off her front stoop


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Asked her out to Minigolf and pizza and suddenly it went from date night to family night lol. Her profile didn't mention being a parent.

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New California law now mandates that the school day start no earlier than 8 a.m. for middle graders and 8:30 a.m. for high schoolers.

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r/AskUK 7h ago

Locked People, who don’t like foreigners moving to the country, what’s your main concern/problem with us?


As a foreigner living in the UK, I have met all kinds of people, some with a high opinion about the diversity of the country’s demography, whereas some others weren’t happy with foreigners coming to the country to settle in.

I am asking those who don’t want so many foreigners in the UK, what the reason is behind it?

By the way I am from Hungary so if someone has special hatred towards Hungarian people, I’m extra curious about that.

Don’t hold back, feel free to tell me to fuck off, just give a reason too.

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Discussion Pick the best two Halo games but they need to be 5 years apart from each other!

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