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Question Why dativ is in this sentence


Ich hoffe,du magst Eier.Ich habe dir nämlich auch ein weich gekochtes Ei bestellt.

why dir?

appreciate the help a lot.

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Meme I think I pirated the wrong game

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Pictures what's yalls opinion on compost teas on coco perlite

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I want to be Commissioned Commissions Open. I need funds to do an OC collab with Millennium Loops for a new game called Luturas Battle Royale

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upvote me and ill upvote you back ty


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[Gigwatch] "Skitjobb och superskitjobb"

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Dale Wilson

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Frenzy Barb Oath base?


As mentioned in another post I just managed to get my Lawbringer offhand weapon in a Phase Blade however I have nothing good enough to put in my Main hand therefor I am still quiet stuck in Act 1 Hell. (Singleplayer HC SSF). From what I've been told the mandatory weapon would be an Oath that's possible to farm from countress. I am fine with that, however I am curious as to which base I should be striving for?

I have searched quiet a bit and see discussions about Eth Balrog Blade, Eth colossus sword and Cryptic sword I have never really figured out how the drop table works in D2 in terms of area levels, item quality level etc.. so my question is basicly,

what base should I be looking for to my Oath? I have access only to Hell Act 1 at this point.

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PERFORMANCE SWF Second Class Mission "Booty/Mi Gente" Dance Practice Video (released by Rian)

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Oh thank god!

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Lovely Inu Coin Burning Plan Leaked😱 Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction 2022🤑Crypto Currency in Hindi?

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Discussion German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he could hardly imagine stopping the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians. He announced this during a summer press conference. So Russians can kill Ukrainians and then relax in Europe?


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Discussion Legacy seasons


Hey guys with the last update they added season 8 legacy season, im a new player any predictions about when they’ll gonna add season 9 to legacy seasons? Thanks

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ALTCOIN Chihuahua | Listed on CoinMarketCap - Coingecko! | Each transactions 1% will be going to Animal Funds!


Chihuahua | Listed on CoinMarketCap - Coingecko! | Each transactions 1% will be going to Animal Funds!

A new cryptocurrency was born by fans of the Chihuahua meme community. It's just simply pets love and keep 1% from each transaction which will be automatically distributed to the loving animal fund. Chihuahua want to build a fun meme community to spread awareness about animal adoption. Rennounce contract ownership. No liquidity control. 2% will use when the price drops to ensure a sustainable increase in value. All burns and safety . All burns and safety.

You missed shiba, pitbull, floki? It's okay! Chihuahua will give you another chance

We have a lot of experience and money. Market Cap 100M or 500M is not difficult for us! Just need the community to hold together. We'll take you to the moon.Shiba inu, Pitbull,floki etc. all of them are successful and x10000 because of their community strength and developers work. Stake will soon, launch within 5 days and CEX exchange.

Chihuahua $CHH is the next Shiba on BSC!!!

Some events about Chihuahua $CHH:

- Chihuahua is top gainner on CoinMarketCap today!

- Chihuahua has 3,333 holders after 2 days!

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- Chihuahua is trending on dextool!

- Chihuahua is trending on coingecko!

Official contract: 0x2fd6c9B869Dea106730269E13113361b684f843a

Token Name: Chihuahua

Token Symbol: CHH

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000

Buy/Sell Tax: 10%/10%

CA: 0x2fd6c9B869Dea106730269E13113361b684f843a

- TG: https://t.me/ChiHuaHuaGlobal

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chihuahua_bsc

- Web: https://chihuahuabsc.io/

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Roleplay Chakra Paper


Training Ground 13

Akira had managed to snag a chakra nature testing paper thingie and wanted to use it. He sat under one of the many trees in the forest. Ushiwakamaru was curled into a ball next to him.

"The instructions said to channel chakra into the paper and it will show you your chakra nature."

He did just that as he held the small square of paper between his fingers. As he poured chakra into the paper, it wrinkled. He stared at the reaction for a long moment.

"Gah! I don't remember what that means!" He yelled in frustration, much to Ushiwakamaru's consternation.

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2010 Science discovers your mother, 2010 colourized

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Deck CLASSIC JACKPOT adjusted for patch 10.8 - deck description inside the link

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Minifigures Jessi, we need to build! So happy that I finally get my Lego Heisenberg. But now I need a hat for him. Any suggestions?

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Feedback | 01:42 | WorsTV Gus Fring Death NOW IN ANIME STYLE! Took the idea to add some subtitles after someone mentioned it last time I posted. How did I do?

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[Health] - Ambulance calls for most serious conditions hit record | BBC

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New from the Springsteen archive: August 19th, 1984 - East Rutherford, NJ

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General need help with adobe acrobat reader dc for internship registration


luckily i landed an internship (yay for those who remembers my last post about struggling to get an internship to graduate lol)

anyways, i am now in the process of filling out my internship registration for credit and i know NSCM at least is really strict with using adobe acrobat reader dc to fill out the form.

so i download and save the form to my mac, it automatically opens in preview so i open it in adobe acobat and start filling it out and saving it, but i noticed that when i pick the drop down options and view the document in preview again, it doesn’t have the correct drown down options that i picked. and for some reason i can’t save the pdf as its own adobe acrobat file because it automatically saves in the preview form (which shows the incorrect options). does anyone know how to fix this issue?? thanks!!

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Play testing game i thought of called gem island.

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As you can see im using componants from the raptor game and sagrada game. I have thought of a game where players go around the board collecting different coloured gems (dice).. 6 square tiles are 4 player game and the 4 square tiled is a 2 player game..eventually i will design my own playing tiles and art work as i work further into the game

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Question Macbook Files Disappeared?!


So yesterday when I was saving a document on Word, I saved it to my downloads folder (on my Mac) and saw that it was suddenly completely empty. I had years worth of files in there, with backups, and all of a sudden it was all gone? When I went to go open a "Recent" file in my Word history, which I worked on hours earlier, I got the message "Can't Open _______. This document is either deleted or not currently accessible".

I went to check out the Storage on my Mac, and it looks exactly the same, as if the files are all still somewhere, but I can't find them or see them? They are NOT in the trash. Lol. I tried doing the "Hidden Files" trick, and nope - nothing. Somehow those files aren't in my iCloud either. And no, I don't have the newest iOs system update because I don't have enough storage on my Mac to download it. I also use DropBox and have some folders which are shared with coworkers, but the personal folders/files in question were NOT accessible to the coworkers so they couldn't have deleted it from their end.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I literally used my Mac hours earlier and everything was completely normal, I truly don't understand and feel like a total idiot I can't figure it out.

Any and all help would super appreciated!!! Thanks