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Discussion zhongli vs ganyu c0


Im f2p and have 185 wishes to use but idk who to pull for. Its been forever since Ive pulled so i have no idea what my pity is at lol. Im planning on getting kazuha later so I want to save a little for his banner.

Main team is c1 keqing, c2 bennet, c2 xinqiu, and c0 diluc.

I don't have any other actual 5 stars (rip) or any 5 star weapons and my only leveled weapon for these is dragonspine for rosaria... so there's that factor too. For both though, what do you think is their best f2p weapon overall?

Bows: stringless, favonius, rust, sacrificial

Polearms: dragonspine, favonius, dragon's bane

For me its definitely getting a new character>>>>>pulling for cons. I just don't know who to get at all, is one more worth building at c0 than the other??? lol help please.

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/r/worldnews - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/27/elephant-kills-saudi-tourist-viewing-wildlife-in-uganda


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An odd question. How would you feel about a hero that spares all the henchmen but kills the villain?


Fiction often has different ways and tones of how the hero deals with the goons and the main antagonist, whether separately or consistently.

There's the hero that spares both henchmen and the villain (Batman method)

There's the anti "hero" that kills both the henchmen and the villain (Punisher method).

There's the protagonist killing henchmen but sparing the villain for moral reasons. (A common complaint in online discussions, on TvTropes called "If You Kill Him You Will Be Just Like Him")

However, how would you feel about the reverse of this trope? Where the hero spares or sneaks past henchmen but has no issue killing the villain?

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This brussel sprout shaped like a snail

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/r/worldnews - https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/27/pyongyang-fires-two-suspected-ballistic-missiles-south-korea


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So this is fake right?

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Can anyone tell me what optic is on this Sig 556?

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Pressure is a privilege video


Does anyone have a copy of the video they played in the stadium pre kickoff this year? It starts with Steve Young saying the title, but I can't find it

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New York Surge baby surge 😂

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When rent is late

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Why did my lightbulb just explode?

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Selling [Edmonton, AB] [H] Asus GeForce RTX 3080 Ti TUF OC [W] Cash, PayPal


$2215 (Cost) + Shipping (Prolly $30). I have a found a cheaper card. This one is within newegg return period and opened.

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/r/worldnews - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/27/the-new-normal-new-zealand-braces-for-shift-from-covid-zero-to-covid-acceptance?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1643245203


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News Native Women Face the Highest Rates of Stalking, and it Leads to ‘Missing and Murdered’

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IRL NFTs "The Dragons Revenge" www.opensea.io/0xdca66abc1526a9e3d10bdae842cfb0bf7885afe8

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Question Not quite sure how this happened. Was already planning on returning. Do you think Dell will still take it? Everything else is flawless. Tried everything to remove..

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Other I am blown away!


As the title says. Have been an Evernote user for the last 7 years or so but discovered Notion a month ago and I am awe-struck! So versatile and so full of features. Not shitting on Evernote, it is great too but Notion opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities. I can create task boards for my personal projects. I can create trackers, notebooks, embed weather apps and so much more. I am already thinking about creating a personal site using this. Has anybody tried that? Sorry I am rambling but I just want to say I am so elated to have found the app and this community. Have a great day you beautiful people!

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Check out me and C Riley 97 attempt to beat a custom zombies map on Cod Black Ops III

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/r/worldnews - https://www.thedrive.com/news/42611/carlos-ghosn-calls-nissan-thugs-says-theyll-pay-a-high-price-for-his-downfall


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Official Post #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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You can catch me, you can hold me, but you can never touch me.


What am I?

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EXPERIENCE Anyone actually using Mercari local?


Has anyone actually sold anything on Mercari local? How did it go? Do I understand it correctly? They send an Uber driver to pick up the item and deliver it to the buyer?!? Why does that sound kind of nuts to me? Just wondering if people are using it and if it’s working well?

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I just recently rewatched spiderverse and i forgot how much of a masterpiece it is!


The attention to detail is so perfect, for example, when miles is late to class, he stands in front of doc ock's name to block out Octavius as to have a greater reveal, stuff like that makes me remember how much I loved this movie!

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Poll Was Gaara scarier in the anime or the manga?


I’m just curious because I just read an article about ten things you’d miss out on if you only watched the anime and it said that Gaara had a higher body count in the manga.

Now, I can’t comment on the manga because I’ve never read it (ha) but I still want to hear your opinions. :)

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