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Google broke Play Music, I need a new way to listen to MP3s on Android Auto by voice command

I used Play Music as my primary music player on my phone to play the 64GB of MP3s off my SD card.

Now with the release of Youtube Music, Google has decided to break all Play Music functionality, specifically:

  • I can no longer tell my car's Android Auto to "play music" to pick a random song, it now says "playing music from Spotify" (which I don't have)

  • I can no longer tell my Google Mini to "play The Beatles", it now says "You might like this great Beatles radio station on Youtube Music!" (I don't)

All I need is an MP3 playing app that works with Android Auto, Google Home Mini, voice commands, and supports things like playlists or playing an entire artist, or playing all 64GB of MP3s on shuffle.


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u/elcantinazo77 Oct 19 '20

You can cast your local library to a home mini using the free version as i'am doing right now.


u/Reacher-Said-N0thing Oct 19 '20

Weird, it says "YouTube Music Premium members can also cast uploaded content or play it from smart speakers"


u/elcantinazo77 Oct 19 '20

try this, go to the youtube music app and click on your profile picture then settings , library and downloads and toggle the show device files and it should show the music on your sd card in the app.


u/Reacher-Said-N0thing Oct 19 '20

my hero

now if only I could get it to work with voice commands...


u/elcantinazo77 Oct 19 '20 edited Oct 19 '20

unfortunately the only way to use voice commands for your own music is by making a song playlist and having YT music premium. This voice command won't work in the free version ,i have tried to do it but it just opens the youtube app.