r/AndroidWear Jun 08 '21

Best Wearable for $100?

Trying to find something cheap that looks at sleep and recovery from working out. SpO2 monitor would be nice too, but I know that's for the fancier units. I'm willing to spend a bit more for something I feel like I really get value out of.


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u/elcantinazo77 Jun 08 '21 edited Jun 08 '21

Fitbit charge 4: Link

I have one and its great for tracking sleep and oxygen levels during sleep with its integrated SpO2 sensor, workouts with integrated GPS , and it has continuous heart rate tracking. The battery life has been pretty great as well and I like that its waterproof as well as swim proof.


u/okanagantradingco Jun 08 '21

Do you need to pay a monthly membership for it?


u/elcantinazo77 Jun 08 '21 edited Jun 08 '21

I don't pay a monthly membership, all what the band offers and your stats from it shows up for free for you to see in their app. They do offer a premium subscription option that gives you a few extra things but it's not really much and I think it's not worth it.


u/jwill65389 Jun 08 '21

Yes if you want Fitbit Premium