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What does it do to the body?

Should I go to hospital / contact NHS 111?

Unless your symptoms are severe, you should not go to hospital. If you have the symptoms of fever, and a persistent (new) cough, you should self isolate, and follow the official NHS advice:


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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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What life hacks have you found useful?


For me it’s placing a set of bedding all together in one pillow case when putting it away after washing. Makes it much easier to find everything when changing the bed. A bit boring but genuinely useful.

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Why is WhatsApp so popular in the UK?


I’m a British women living in NYC and I’ve lived here for more than a decade. Over here everyone uses the phone’s message app but all my UK friends use WhatsApp. Of course that’s fine but when I ask them why they always say “it’s just better”. When I press them as to why it’s better they don’t have a response. Both apps do the same thing - text, voice notes etc but WhatsApp won’t allow Live Photos. So tell me friends: why is WhatsApp better - I want to understand!

EDIT: 1. I am a British woman not women lol - it’s early over here (well, actually its 11am, I have no excuse) 2. I had no idea that in the UK you are charged money to send videos/pictures if you go over your plan or send to a different type of phone. It’s all included in plans here. This make a lot of sense. 3. Thank you this really helped me understand! 4. It seems that everyone I know is on iPhone and that in the UK there is more diversity regarding the type of phone people use. That’s probably the main reason I couldn’t see the difference

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Mentions London Have you ever encountered a serious criminal?


I was at work some years ago and got an email invite to go to this free drinks event in central London. I asked my ex-girlfriend to go along and she agreed to meet up. We went along. The venue had the most ridiculously expensive decor but it was a soulless atmosphere and no amount of free champagne could disguise that.

Eventually we decided to leave and just after we left Harvey Weinstein emerged onto the street. I was a little starstruck and was chatting about Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. He was more interested in my ex though and said we were free to jump into his cab if we wanted to go for another drink.

My ex just saw me chatting to a horrible fat American man and walked off. Have to say I'm quite glad about that now.

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Why do people litter so much in this country?


Everywhere, alongside the roads, even in natural areas like the woodlands and fields where I just wanna enjoy the views. So much litter, are people not ashamed? Lack of bins aren’t an answer for me either. No there are no bins in the woods, take your rubbish home like an adult and don’t spoil the experience for everyone else.

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Mentions Plymouth Applying for a study abroad in Plymouth, from your lovely bastard child (the land of school shootings and obesity, murica), any advice as a international student in Plymouth?


Title says it all, and how far from scunthorpe? I have a cousin out that way, would preferably like to visit him and his wife. Thank you

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Does over friendly driving annoy anyone else?


I can't be alone here. We all know the never ending talk of bad driving in the UK and how entitled the drivers are.

But I can't help but think much of the bad driving is caused by drivers being too kind, and those that use their right of way are labelled as entitled.


Car A is waiting to turn right onto main road. Car B on main road slows, either flashes or waves him out, Car A pulls out to turn right into a moving lane of traffic and has to come to a stop to in front of Car B. The another lane now has to stop to let car A in too, who was probably anticipating a better gap further back.

This causes two lanes of traffic to stop for one car, causes a dangerous unpredictable situation (seen many just pull straight into the moving traffic simply because another driver is letting them out), causes more emissions with multiple cars breaking and picking up speed again.

All because Car B took it upon themselves to be kind and direct traffic!

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You're now back to being 11-15 and it's the middle of the 6 weeks, what were you doing?


For me i was at my grandparents because my folks were both at work, i'd have a sandwich then go over to one of my nans neighbours front gardens and sit playing Pokemon Yellow in between riding our bikes up and down the cul-de-sac and playing kirby.

I remember my Nan had home made ice lollies that she'd make me eat sat in the garage otherwise 'the whole street will want one'

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I'm happy to 'layer up' this winter to keep my heating costs down as much as possible, but how am I going to dry my clothes?


For context, we live in a first floor, 1 bedroom flat. It's very small and we have no additional space for a tumble dryer. We also don't have access to outside space like a back yard/garden. We do at least 2 washes a week, and this could easily go up in the next few months with bad weather. Last winter the heating was on almost constantly especially with drying clothes. Heavy items, jeans, jumpers, towels etc can take hours to dry and I'm worried about how much this is gonna end up costing us. I have considered buying more clothing items so we dont need to wash as regularly, and buying a heated air rack, but is that just going to add to the heating bill? So I'm looking for any tips, suggestions or advice on how to dry my clothes in a cost efficient way in winter. Thanks in advance for any advice

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Mentions London Why do so many British male tourists wild out so much when they are in Spain?


I am born and raised in Spain now living in London for a few years. The Spanish economy relies on tourism heavily. I would regularly see many nationalities in Spain but among these, British men in specific were wild beyond understanding drinking wise and everything really. To a point where it was problematic for everyone else. Especially the locals.

Mind you, I know it is a generalisation but I've seen it happen for over a decade back to back to back. We had germans, french, dutch and British visit (mainly). Among these 4 nationalities, British men did things you would not believe if I told you, and it was usually related to heavy drinking.

Why? (Asking those who have either done it or know people who act like that on holidays)

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What can Nans do that normal people can't?


I am going to be a Nan next year. I was inspired today to find out via a comment on another post that as a Nan I will be able to pack crazy stuff in my suitcase, like a hoover.

What other things will I be able to do as a Nan, that I can't do now?

(reposted, as removed by modes for rule 2)

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Will it be too expensive to have children in the future?


I am in my mid 20's and I was always planning on having some children around the age of 30. However, the current cost of living crisis is really squeezing a lot of people's money and I am starting to think that having kids will be too much of a financial burden, which is a horrible way of putting it but essentially that is what it has come to.

I was just wondering if anyone else in this age group, or others, feels the same way that they may not be able to afford to have children.

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Where can i buy decent jeans that arent too pricey?


I keep wearing the same pairs of primark and they arent nice on nights out etc but i dunno where to get good pairs.

I get some on depop but i kinda wanna try some on? What stores are best

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How exactly is Love Island as popular as it is, yet Jeremy Kyle got axed?


To be clear, I enjoy(ed) both, and fully acknowledge that I have no taste. If you hate both that’s logical too. But I genuinely don’t understand the people that adore one and used the other as a punchline. Especially when you consider the reason it got pulled off air- a previous guest committed suicide. How do ITV even reconcile the two?

The public too, they absolutely love it when Islanders get into massive spats, drama, tears etc. You realise that what you were looking for has been here the whole time?

I don’t even think it’s classism. People like to bandy that word about but I don’t think it applies here even though one is obviously loaded with toffs and the other was not.

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Mentions Cardiff Rent increased over agreed amount. What are my options?


I was wondering if anyone could help with this.

I live in Cardiff, UK.

My landlord increased our rent from £700 to £750 last year, with a written agreement that I would start paying £800 the following year. I have it in writing this was the agreement, but now he wants to increase it over the agreed amount to £900! Do I have a leg to stand on in terms of getting him to adhere to the promised amount. We have been there over 2 years, so are long term tenants.

Any advice would be appreciated as with the cost of living going up, this is a really scary prospect.

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Dehumidifier: What size for 3bedroom flat?


We live in a 3 bedroom flat, roughly 85 square meters, and last winter had to have a window or two open to decrease the humidity and moisture.For this autumn, we're looking at buying a dehumidifier. For the size of the flat, how big of a dehumidifier do we realistically need?

We were looking at the Meaco dehumidifiers, that have ones that extract 10, 12, 20, 25L per day.

Which size do you think we need for our size flat?I'd like to be able to have the window closed since the flat is then either freezing or you have to run heat to compensate for the cold air coming in.

Edit. I know the descriptions of the products tell you what size room they're for - I am looking here for people's actual experience with dehumidifiers.

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Whatever happened to Ricicles?


Who remembers this cereal? It was absolutely brilliant then all of a sudden it just disappeared off the shelves. Worst day of my life that was. Gutting.

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How do I escape minimum wage?


I'm 24, with basic C grade qualifications and a couple qualifications I will most likely never use. How can I escape minimum wage?

If there was anything remotely interesting I'd go to Uni but I won't go to Uni unless I know the course I study is what I want and something I will still want to do after 4 or 5 years.

I have worked in construction (currently in production) and its not my thing, not my environment. The job I have now is fine because I have alot of time off and good holiday each year, except I want more from my life than minimum wage.

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: First off, thank you for all the advice. I am working my way through them all now and sorry if I miss your comment. I just want to clarify on some things. I am working 3 12 hour shifts over the weekend so that in my 4 days off I can learn to drive and learn whatever else I can. I have had my name put forward for a promotion at work to supervisor and I had planned on trying for that, getting the training and reviewing my options from there. But even though leadership isn't what I want for my future I'm jumping on all opportunities out of curiosity.

Also the comment on Uni is purely money based. I like to make the most out of things, I would be devastated if I did 4 years, accumulated debt and didn't use my degree to its full potential.

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What should you do if you see someone litter?


There's been a couple times where I've seen teenagers/young adults blatantly littering things like throwing bottle and packaging casually on the pavement/road/fields. If I see it right in front of me should I react? I feel like social anxiety gets the better of me and even if I said something it could escalate or just ruin my day but I'd really like to tell them off. I'm no saint but the act of littering so casually pisses me off

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Does anyone actually find the meerkat on TV remotely funny?


Oleksander the meerkat is the most annoying running joke on tv and has been going for more than 15 years now it seems. If you find this funny, why are you the way you are?

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Other than dogs, what animals have you been chased by?


I have been chased by a cat, geese and have been mugged for a doughnut by a seagull on Llandudno prom. I wasn't chased exactly but I was definitely stalked and then robbed without mercy. A very tame squirrel once climbed my leg in Chester. Wasps love dive bombing my head.

Not chased exactly but there is a little cave at the top of kinder scout. I went for a nosey in there and found one dodgy cunt of a ram just staring at me with satan's eyes. It didn't run but it lurched. I lost my shoe in my haste to get out and made my brother go back and get it for me.

Other people I know have been chased by a bull (scary) mugged for their nuts by monkeys on Gibraltar and chased by an octopus in greece (they swim fast and can recognise people).

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Anything from your past that you blew off at time but now realise was prescient?


And if so does it freak you out when you think about it?

Early in my current job, so in the first years of this century, we had a cleaner/fetcher/carrier/odd-job fellow who was employed on a scheme and was, well, not quite one hundred percent on the mental front. No idea of the actual disability but he'd mutter to himself constantly and make occasional statements which would make HR wince but which were frequently hilarious also.

Amid claiming sexual conquests and trials for Man United, he would, while emptying the waste paper bins and such, come off with gems in the nature of "Jimmy Saville fucks kids'', ''Jimmy Saville built a kids hospital so he could fuck them'' and a range of others that included allegations of necrophilia. Totally written off at the time with wry amusement, but looking back you have to wonder what sparked it.

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How do you change a habit of a lifetime?


I’m (28f) really struggling with my mental health and loneliness whilst pregnant. My two best friends live in other parts of the country and my husband (28m) has a much better social life than me (he has hobbies! Actual hobbies!). I do not have hobbies, or many other friends for that matter. We’re both saving for a house so our living situation is a bit crap. So I guess my question is, how do you make friends or find a new hobby as a pregnant, (temporarily) sober, 28 year old woman in the uk?

Tia x

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What can i do about an antisocial motorcyclist?


Theres a guy on my estate who keeps driving his motorcycle at ungodly hours for example he drove up and down our street at 2am this morning ans he will just ride around the estate for an hour to wake everyone up then vanish. He doesnt wear a helmet and the bike has no reg, and i dont know where he lives. He doesnt do it every night though and its only an hour joy ride and then he goes but it wakes me up and i have to be up for work at 6am. I tried ringing 101 but ive just been on hold for an hour. Any advice?

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Mentions Manchester Hi wanted to check is leicester a good place to live for a single female ?


So I recently moved to UK and currently in up in north east near Marske. So now I have to move in a month. I was thinking Manchester but now I’m confused.