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Locked What are peoples thoughts on the queue?


I cannot wrap my head around it. Standing in line overnight-up to 30 hours to spend a minute looking at a coffin of a woman you have never met and who never gave a fuck about you. It’s absolutely nanas. If anyone can provide me with any good counter arguments I would be keen to hear them.

Imagine the line when Attenborough goes….

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Locked Pregnant EX what are my options?


Hello I’m a 20M and I’ve received the news that my ex partner is pregnant. I’m really worried and don’t want to be a father she’s insisting on keeping it.

She’s 5 weeks and went for her scan today they said it had no heart beat yet so they need a scan in 1 week. She has a few unknown health problems too.

I was just wondering realistically what are the chances of this actually happening and what advice can be given?

I’m an emotional wreck right now and I’m not looking to be scolded I just want real advice.


Thank you to most responders you have really helped me I’ve come to the terms that there’s not much I can do apart from wait and let time do it’s thing. I’ve ceased contact with her as she’s trying to keep me around giving my false hope about a abortion. I have not decided if I want to be involved in the child’s life which I understand is the most controversial subject here but It is my choice even if it’s morally wrong.

Update 2:

For everyone saying I should’ve wrapped it before I tapped it I did but there was a few times on substances where we didn’t ):

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Locked Is it theft if someone put food in the charity box inside a supermarket without paying?


I had seen a post the other day about food/fuel prices and someone had commented that they take food from the shelf at the supermarket and put in the charity box for food banks without paying for it.

Now is that theft ? as they never actually took the items from the shop but obviously went past the tills without paying for the items to get the charity box.

The morality and law on this are abit ambiguous.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't intend todo this I've just been thinking about it recently.

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Locked People, who don’t like foreigners moving to the country, what’s your main concern/problem with us?


As a foreigner living in the UK, I have met all kinds of people, some with a high opinion about the diversity of the country’s demography, whereas some others weren’t happy with foreigners coming to the country to settle in.

I am asking those who don’t want so many foreigners in the UK, what the reason is behind it?

By the way I am from Hungary so if someone has special hatred towards Hungarian people, I’m extra curious about that.

Don’t hold back, feel free to tell me to fuck off, just give a reason too.

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Locked How do women feel when asked out for a drink by a guy you don't know?


At the moment I find it quite hard to meet women as my work is a male dominated profession and I don't have any friends to go out into town with but would really like a girlfriend.

How do women feel by being approached by someone they don't know or met before during normal day to day life, like at the gym or in a shop and asked out for a drink by a guy, if you're not interested or taken?

Do you feel flattered, embarrassed, find it rude or desperate on the guys behalf, do you respect the guy for asking, knowing the rejection just given or is there an element of disrespect felt towards the guy for asking, interrupting you? Or do you feel indifferent, unbothered or even forget when you get home that someone just asked you out?

What's the general feel?

Edit: Thanks for all the replies. I'm just a normal guy, millennial, no social media, none pushy who respects women and would politely wish someone well if there's no interest.

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Locked Do you think it’s immoral to put dogs on a vegan diet?


Noticed that Lewis Hamiltons dog is a vegan and just though it was an interesting topic to be discussed.

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Locked What is so wrong about cultural appropriation?


For info I am F29, straight white British, about as plain as they come.

I consider myself very liberal, accepting of all people, so this isn't coming from willful ignorance but genuine lack of knowledge and I'm trying to learn and hoping AskUK can help.

I don't understand cultural appropriation. I mean, I do - it's when people adopt the habits of another culture e.g. dreadlocks or Bantu knots on white people, or Polynesian style tattoos on men. What I don't really understand is why it's a big problem when it happens? I would have thought that as long as the roots of the culture are celebrated and understood and it is worn/done with respect, it wouldn't cause offence so I'm hoping someone can explain.

ETA: obligatory didn't expect this to blow up yada yada. More importantly edited to add thank you so much for the largely positive comments. It's really been fascinating to hear what other people have to say on the matter and to get insight from BAME people as well as the wider society. Lots of food for thought, I appreciate it.

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Locked Those of you who are football fanatics who aren’t watch the women’s euros. Why?


We’ve been watching it as my wife wants to support the sport for women. I don’t really care about football but it’s a good thing to support. However none of my normal football fan friends have seen any of it. There are no pubs around here showing it. Obviously this is in contrast from last years Euros which I couldn’t get away from it. We’re in the semi finals and I have heard no one mention it!

If you love football but aren’t bothering. Why?

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Locked Pay my neighbour for neighbourhood pension. Is this normal?


Since I moved in six months ago I’ve been paying my neighbour £25 a week. When I moved in he said he was the local pension collector and that all the funds would contribute to an area based collective pension scheme. Is this normal? I ask because I told a lady from work today and she raised her eyebrow. Thanks

Edit: as I’ve commented I’ll be going round in an hour. I’m not the most socially adept person so I don’t appreciate the mockery, everyone makes mistakes every now and then. I will NOT take a baseball bat like another Redditor suggested but I will dress in black

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Locked Do Scottish and Irish people really hate English people?


I’m an English fella and I always thought Scottish and Irish people hate us, but is it actually true? I felt it in particular when the Scottish lads came down during the World Cup.

Edit: could Welsh people stop messing the same thing over and over again repeatedly in the comments. NO, you weren’t forgotten about. I haven’t personally seen or heard of anti-English sentiment from Welsh people. Sure, it exists. But it comes across predominantly form Irish and Scots, and I’ve seen it personally, but not from the Welsh, hence why Wales isn’t included in my Q.

Edit 2: could you stop sending me hundreds of messages along the lines of “you need to read some history” and all this kind of thing. I’m well aware of our history, i know about the oppression and colonisation along with the advantages we’ve had. I know about The Troubles. But that doesn’t explain why people just hate “The English”. I’ve already explained past experiences I’ve had. Even when The Troubles happened, I was just a child. So like the majority of other English people, I don’t see what we’ve done which has harmed others? It’s like you are saying I need to pay a price for things my ancestors did? And even then, maybe they didn’t. Maybe they were also completely unconnected from any atrocity.

Edit 3: okay folks, I will need to just ignore all messages sent to me that keep telling me things like I’m a “knob”, “dumb fuck”, “cunt” for “being ignorant about history”. I’ve already explained numerous times that I’m well aware of history. But it doesn’t give anyone the right or justify abuse being dished out to people simply because they are English.

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Locked What word instantly annoys you if you hear someone use it?


For me it’s holibobs, chrimbo and furbaby

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Locked What American trends do you hope that the UK never adopts?


Personally, American prices drive me mad. You wouldn't think you could break something as simple as a price tag, and yet here we are.

You have the price next to the product, which is what you'd expect to pay right? Nope! Any VAT or additional costs are tacked on AFTER you've taken your stuff to the till. How ridiculous is that? What's the point of the price tag other than to make your product seem cheaper than the other products also lying about their price?

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Locked What would you ban from pubs?


Something currently allowed but should be banned

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Locked What has 2 years of COVID changed about you?


I used to want to do so many things, and now all I just want to do is lay in bed watching Tick Tok eating ice-cream

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Locked People who have flag poles/flags outside their houses but don’t live in a castle, Why?


Seeing this more and more. I’m not talking a St. George’s cross hanging from your window during a World Cup I mean the full on flag pole in the garden with a proper flag.

Is it a show of support, and if so to what? I just can’t imagine being that patriotic that I need to erect a 15ft flag pole and Union Jack to let my neighbours know.

Looks okay on a castle, not so much on a 3 bed semi.

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Locked What is a massive British scandal that most people seem to not know about?


For me it has to be the post office scandal. The post office when it was still owned by the government, wrongly prosecuted hundreds of people for theft. It actually sent 39 people to prison.

However, it was revealed that the fault was with the post office computer system that was full of bugs and these people were innocent. When the post office found out about this they instigated a massive cover up and it took the people nearly 20 years to get their convictions overturned.

People went to prison for years, some committed suicide, one women lost her kids and no one at the post office has ever been held accountable.

Whenever, I mention this to people it always surprises me how few have heard about it or don’t know the full extent.

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Locked Why are there so few public trash cans in London?


Recently took a trip and it was a hassle to find one within a mile radius, if there even was one. Why is this? In the US there’s at least a small bin at every minor junction to dispose of trash.

Thank you guys for all the responses! They’ve been very interesting to read through

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Locked I’m an American who just moved to the UK, any advice?


Hello there,

I’ve just permanently moved to the UK for work, and I’m just looking for some advice on the best way to blend in. I want to be gracious to all of you as I am now living in your space and want to be as respectful as possible and not make an ass of myself. Growing up I enjoyed a lot of British media and am a huge F1 fan so I think I am okay with humor and some sports but I don’t want to assume.

Do you have any tips or advice for an American living in England, and also being in England for the first time?

Edit: I want to thank everyone for all your comments. All the advice I have gotten is amazing and I appreciate it so very much, I cannot keep up with all the comments but I am reading each and every one and I am very thankful you have taken the time to make me feel welcome here!

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Locked Which Brits are "low key National Treasures"?


We Brits love to call people national treasures. We all know David Attenborough and Judi Dench types are constantly mentioned in this regard.

But who for you is a "low key" national treasure?

I'll start:

Sue Perkins.

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Locked What was the moment you realised your local high street had died?


For me it came late, this week in fact. My headphones have finally given up the ghost and I've realised I'm going to have to do an hour on the train to the next city if I want to replace them in person (quickly) rather than ordering online and making Bezos even fucking richer.

We literally have clothes shops, Boots and WH Smith left.

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Locked What’s your most controversial (non-political) UK opinion?


Mine seems to be that thin bacon is better than thick and streaky is better than back.

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Locked So what/who has ruined Christmas already?


My kids are not up yet so I’m sat here all excited waiting for them

*EDIT. It’s now 14:30 and I still haven received a LYNX AFRICA set. Surely one will come soon.

**FINAL EDIT, I’m not sure if I completed Christmas or not by not receiving a LYNX AFRICA set.

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Locked Why do smokers just toss cigarette butts just about anywhere?


If I have trash like a candy wrapper, I try to find a bin, or just hang onto it until I can dispose of it. Smokers on the other hand seem to believe that the world is their ashtray. Including folk in cars who rather than use a car ashtray, just toss buts out the window. The worst sight I saw was at a car park, was a driver who did use a car ashtray tipping it out onto the tarmac next to his car.

Totally disgusting.

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Locked What are some of the dumbest myths you’ve heard about your country from Americans?


Or anyone else, including my fellow Canadians?

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Locked Has anybody from your school ended up in the local newspaper headlines for a petty/weird/awful crime?


So, I was browsing through my local rag today and was taken back when I read that an old School acquaintance (We weren't really mates) was arrested for a string of thefts from all of the local convivence stores.