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Discussion Half of single men report not approaching women out of the fear of being seen as creepy

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Discussion Got banned from r/WhitePeopleTwitter for a comment on a Keffals post. Can’t believe I didn’t realize the whole subreddit is solely leftist politics now

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Discussion Lefties who dismiss/make fun of Jordan Peterson for crying deserve little to no empathy.


I’m not a fan of him myself but I know he has an impact on other young men. I think it’s worth exploring if you want to understand his appeal. I fail to understand how a crowd that recognizes the need for representation in movies misses the mark on a real life role model. What’s wrong with him being a hero to incels if he gets them to aspire to be better? He can be wrong about something but that doesn’t mean condemn everything he says. Its like they think they should approve of the male role model first which is weird.

Ps: I’m super serious if they don’t hold to their morals just because they disagree with a dude I don’t believe in empathy towards them. Any legitimate mental or emotional breakdowns they have should be dismissed in the same petty fashion.

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Discussion Something doesn’t sit right with me when Dr. K click baits like this

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Discussion Blatant transphobia in the comments section of the most recent Destiny video. I don't know shit about Youtube moderation. Can these dumbfucks be banned from commenting on the channel?

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Discussion Progressives sucking at messaging episode 765

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Discussion KiwiFarms Is Blocked

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Discussion Do you think this is inherently racist?

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Discussion Sneako, being a leader fucking sucks


This could be cope, but Sneako made a comment like "Why don't your viewers actually try and make money on the internet instead of watching Destiny all day", like my dude, we are a community that is notorious for having a shitton of law and comp-sci professionals. I'm really not crying about needing more money when the average salary 93k a year... this dude has really only had ONE specific way of earning money and now thinks its the only way.

Why the fuck would I wanna be a leader? There's like 0% incentive for me to be one when I can just listen to some senior devs instruction on my zoom call, do work for a few hours and then watch Netflix and earn ~$90k a year. Have fun dropshipping my dude, have fun grinding crypto and losing all your money. I'm going to be sat here with my feet up next to a pool following all fucking day long. Being a follower is fucking awesome, you get 75% of the same benefits a manager gets with less work and less brainpower, this is what I don't understand. It's not even true that we are "programmed to be bots" anyway, when I was younger I wanted to be a video game YouTuber, I wanted to be a movie maker, now even if given the opportunity I'm not sure I would. A YouTuber has the pressure of losing their audience and has to keep up this exhausting energy that I am not built for, a movie maker has to constantly network. I can still make movies on the side as a hobby if I want to, I still have a lot of free time and I get to just zone into something I love doing at work in the meanwhile and listening to Destiny VODs. Hell, I'm typing this while I'm currently at work, I have the fucking life unironically.

Here's the real red-pill: I think these dudes are the real bots (as in Sneako fans who think they are going to be leaders.) They are brainwashed into thinking that it's all that being a leader when in reality a lot of us have a much easier life than them. As long as you're not poor, and can afford everything in your life, and don't mind working the job you work at most of the time, you're fucking set. It doesn't matter what that job is. That's all I ever want in life, if you wanna have that pressure of being a YouTuber or be an editor for 8 hours a day as you monotonously smash some clips together that's fine and if you enjoy it that's fine also. You could describe my line of work as typing a bunch of lines on a screen and spending half of your time fixing a random problem no one cares about. The difference is, I earn a lot of money doing that and I am autistic as fuck and can just zone in on something like that and have fun doing it. There's no difference between me, an editor, or a retail worker if we all enjoy those jobs and are passionate about it

Would I love to be earning 500k a year? Fucking duh, but I wouldn't love the grind and luck that comes with getting to that place. In all honesty I'd probably kill myself, I'd choose my college degree any day with those odds.

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Discussion Destiny is incorrect. Nick Fuentes does outwardly meet his definition for "nazi"


Destiny's personal definition of "nazi" he explained on stream had 3 core elements:

One: High level of conspiratorial antisemitism (ie insidious plots, plots against your native race)

Two: Institution or a desire to institute some sort of outward violence or state sponsored violence against ethnic minorities or other 'undesirables' (ie plans to export or kill 'undesirables')

Three: Desire to build some form a fascist state.

Destiny said that so far as this definition is concerned that Nick Fuentes' positions are not there on any of these 3 elements. He's triple wrong.

One: High level of conspiratorial antisemitism:

A pretty clear picture is painted that Fuentes openly insists that Jewish people are consolidating power through nefarious, dishonest means in various institutions with the intent to do harm to white people. This is false and conspiratorial.

Two: Institution or a desire to institute some sort of outward violence or state sponsored violence against ethnic minorities or other 'undesirables'

Pretty clear picture painted from before that the 'Jews' are the people in power and that we should fight and commit violence against them and other 'undesirables'.

Three: Desire to build some form a fascist state.

Speaks for itself mostly and even Destiny acknowledged that Nick Fuentes could fit this element.

BuT hE's JuSt JoKiNg you might say? He isn't.

Special thanks to Rose Wrist for making a pretty comprehensive google doc that I'd suggest checking out if you're somehow still on the fence.

The fact of 'Nick Fuentes is a nazi' being this significantly contentious here is a pretty clear warning post that this community has already changed and not for the better. Nazis aren't an enemy anymore, it's people who are 'soy' or 'woke' that are the real problem here apparently? Huh?!

This community used to give a shit about society progressing into a safer, brighter and more inclusive future so much so that it went and campaigned for politicians who were striving to do the same. Now look at it.

EDIT: o7. I'm happy to chat with whoever banned me; I think I've been pretty good faith about everything I've put forward.

EDIT 2: Hi! I've received some good pushback to parts of this post (and some not-so-good) but unfortunately as I am perma'd I can't actually reply to them and I don't want to drown this post in edits. Feel free to message me if you have questions or want to talk about any specific bits!

Edit again: I've had a few messages now about the last comment I made:

This community used to give a shit about society progressing into a safer, brighter and more inclusive future so much so that it went and campaigned for politicians who were striving to do the same. Now look at it.

What I meant by this is that DGG used to positively organize and champion awesome causes and now we're fighting tooth and nail over something that, in my view, is a well documented fact even by the definition that Destiny gave on stream (I didn't have a link before but here is the timestamp of Destiny's definition that I referenced). It wasn't meant to mean that wE'rE bEiNg BrAiNwAsHeD but more that I think it's sad looking at where this community is now vs where it was.

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Discussion Anyone else afraid of dying, more than anything else?


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Discussion Destiny x Joe Rogan is almost 100% certain now.


Destiny’s gonna talk with Peterson on Saturday, and Lex Friedman said in YouTube chats that he would like to have a convo with D asap. Both of these are close mutual friends of Rogan and there is no way they are not gonna recommend D to him. Destiny checks of all boxes for rogan. controversial, often ‘silenced’ figure; yet still is a progressive on issues regarding things like LGBT issues, vaccines, policing, relationships etc.

At this point unless an accident happens, we are gonna see Destiny on rogan at least by the end of this year.

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Discussion Don't hold your breath, the manifesto is not coming

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Discussion MrGirl now fully deplatformed from YT (MrGirlReturns taken down)

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Discussion Destiny should lightly brush up on some Canadian politics before his talk with Jordan Peterson


JPB will almost certainly shoehorn in a dig against PM Justin Trudeau, and to be fair he hasn't been perfect, but JBP has aligned himself with Pierre Poilievre who is an absolute clown.  Poilievre is basically repackaging America's right wing strategy and implementing it up here.

Would love for him to be able to push back a little, instead of conceding that he doesn't know alot about Canadian politics.

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Discussion They unbanned me on r/whitepeopletwitter when i said i wasn't anti keffals

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Discussion I got banned from r/whitepeopletwitter just for having posted on r/destiny before

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Discussion Another anti-science Walsh take. How is this retarded shit-cunt so popular? With Peterson and Ben Shapiro they at least have something going for them, Peterson has Psychology knowledge, Ben has debating skills, everything Matt says is soy and retarded and he has no charisma, why is he popular?

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Discussion Saw this BANGER at my school. Thoughts? Prayers?

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Discussion Destiny is wrong about Jordan Peterson crying


Destiny said here that if Jordan Peterson were a woman, everyone would be shitting on her for crying. How could this possibly be true? A man crying societally, is viewed as weakness or "soy", but the same isn't true for women. Also, Jordan Peterson crying doesn't strike me as coming from a place of self loathing so it hits a little differently. He is crying because people tell him that they were in a dark place, but that with effort and dedication, they were able to overcome and transform themselves. The tears come from a place of empowerment, not self loathing. So yes, I respect Jordan Peterson's tears more than Ana or Kaceytron, but its not because i'm sexist.

As a side note, yes I agree with dgg that Jordan's takes on everything, except for self help/psychology is cringe af.

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Discussion it's happening guys

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Discussion DGG, gimme interesting fiction and non-fiction books to read to expand my horizons and whatnot. Used to read like a book per day in middle school, want to return to doing at least some reading in Uni now. Thanks!


Anything self-improvement, anything fantasy, classics, I don't care.

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Discussion The official who is Destiny debating thread?


Clues so far

  • Destiny's biggest debate by far.

  • Whoever you think it is it's not it.

ok throw some names out here.

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Discussion I don’t like the way streamers, including destiny, talk about men’s issues


Just to get this out of the way, I am one of the sexually inexperienced men that frequently gets talked about in this space by streamers. And as the title suggests, I have some issues with how these discussions typically go. This schizo post is part venting, part plea to ‘Tiny to think about how he talks about this subject, and part call to my fellow ‘Tiny watchers to see if they feel the same way and what they think can be done about it. Anyway let’s get into it.

1: Where are the Incels?

Whenever Destiny invites Aba, Erudite, that PUA guy, or even Brittany on for a chat, oftentimes the conversation will steer towards incels. Btw, I will be using incel as an umbrella term for men struggling with dating and sex in general as it’s just easier to type. I’m trying not to use it in a loaded way. Anyway, for the most part I don’t have very many issues with how they talk about this problem. I agree with most of what they say and I think they have the right attitude on the issue. The problem I have is I feel like there’s one person who always gets left out of these types of conversations on incels and that’s the FUCKING INCELS!!

And every time I see a panel show on the issue, where the stream title is “Panel on Men’s Issues” or something like that, it’s a similar issue. None of the panelists are incels. None of the panelists ever talk to or have talked to incels. Or at least it’s exceptionally rare if they do. And yet, here they are talking about this issue they claim to care about. WHaT dO We DO wItH All ThESe DuDEs wHo CAn’T GEt LaiD?!?!?!?!” It’s always the most milquetoast boring shit takes. It’s the same thing every time and the one voice whose always missing is the one type of person everyone is talking about.

Time and again I see panels of streamers, none of whom are sexless, and about half of whom are women, talking about incels like an abstract concept. A curiosity. A spectical. As opposed to people that they can maybe, you know, invite on stream and actually talk to.

I can count on one hand the amount of times Steven has talked to an incel. It’s happened twice, that I can remember. One of them was about four years ago and Destiny was not engaged in the conversation at all. The other was either this year or last year and it was the Jubilee guy. That’s it. I don’t watch the dating advice shows so he might have talked to another incel there but I doubt it.

Whenever trans issues are discussed, there’s often a trans person in the panel to weigh in. Same for women, and ethnic minorities. But whenever there’s issues surrounding incels, where are the incels? I realize that among streamers it’s not exactly easy to find incels. But that’s if you ignore the audiences. Quite genuinely there’s plenty of lonely sexless men who watch these streamers who would kill to get on and speak their peace. If nothing else it would help humanize the men who are struggling. Simply talking about incels in a non-negative way doesn’t really do much to humanize them imho. But actually talking to them on stream does. If none of these dudes are being brought on stream to talk about their lives then they, and their issues, will only remain an abstract concept in the minds of non incels rather than an actual thing that’s happening to real people.

I just want to see more incels on stream. That’s all. Either that or political streamers need to stop talking about the issue as if they care.

2: “The virgin shaming needs to stop!! And if that means -”

To be blunt here, I don’t like Destiny’s attitude towards virgins and incels. I don’t think it’s as extreme as “he just doesn’t care, he fucking hates us” but at the same time with all the virgin shaming he engages in it’s really hard for me to not come away from his stream, sometimes, thinking “man Steven kinda thinks virgins are dipshit losers, doesn’t he?”. Seriously, the amount of times he uses virginity as an insult really gives me that impression. But, admittedly, I am a pretty sensitive person so I could just be reading into things. I hope I am.

But, then again, and not to sound TOO oversensitive, it kinda does suck to have virginity used as an insult like this, especially from someone who I feel generally gives the best takes on any streaming platform bar none. Like every time someone says something about relationships or sex that comes off as ignorant to Destiny he immediately jumps to the virgin attacks. It’s the biggest insecurity and biggest shame in my, and many other men’s, lives being used as an insult yet again, towards someone who most likely isn’t even a virgin at all.

I’m reminded of that conversation he had with the PWF guy against ajw and that other fundie christian guy. Specifically the part where Steven asked if them if they’d ever had bad sex. Ajw answered no and Steven’s response was something like “you’re either lying or that’s the saddest answer ever”. Really driving home the impression that it’s something to be ashamed of to not be a glorious fuck god like Steven.

I am all for incels taking personal responsibility to better their lives. It’s something I’m trying to do, myself. I have a therapist now. I have a full time job. Got my first credit card a few months back. I tried a bunch of new things this year that I either never considered trying or only dreamt of doing for the longest time. I have somewhat of a friend group that didn’t even exist at all before last year. I’m exercising. Blah blah blah.

But at the same time I feel like the non incels can do their part as well. That part being not contributing to the stigma of male sexlessness. You don’t have to start coddling incels and treating them like little babies. Just try to react with something slightly more positive than complete scorn upon getting the slight inclination that some dude somewhere isn’t fucking. It might just ease the mental burden placed on these men long enough for them to actually get a lady.

This is something I’ve wanted to post here for a while. You guys tell me if I’m reasonable here or if I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I might be making a bigger deal over the virgin shaming language than is warranted but I really feel like the first part of this post is a reasonable complaint.

Anyway, that’s it. Goodbye.

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Discussion Destiny Vs Hasan


I can't be the only one who wants to see a real debate between these two, but I'm late to the reddit page so can someone explain why they haven't really debated in a while?