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Megathread [D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2022-09-30]


Trials of Osiris is LIVE

This thread is for all general discussion, questions, thoughts, musings, wonderings, etc. for the Trials of Osiris.


What are the Trials of Osiris?

  • Trials of Osiris is the pinnacle PvP activity. Every Weekend, the best players compete in 3v3 Elimination for one goal: Go Flawless.

  • To start, head to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar and buy one of the possible passages (see below).

  • To reach Flawless and get to the Lighthouse, you need to win 7 matches without losing one.

  • It uses Win Based and Weekly-Performance Based Matchmaking, which means you'll face teams with a similar amount of wins on their card. Matches will get harder as you win more matches on that same card, and for all cards, the matches you get will be based on your overall performance so far for that week.

  • There is fireteam matchmaking. However, we still recommend you find a team for yourself!

  • Power Level matters, however bonus power from the artifact is not enabled.

How Long do the Trials of Osiris last?

  • Event Starts: Every Friday at Daily Reset (1700 UTC).

  • Event Ends: Following Tuesday at Weekly Reset (1700 UTC).

Where do I go to find Guardians to team up with?

  • You can head over to /r/Fireteams, www.The100.io, Xbox LFG system, DestinyLFG.net or DestinyLFG.com, or go to the Bungie.net recruitment forum (also available through the Bungie App). Additionally, many Discord servers host fireteam LFG services.

What if I have a question about another piece of armor/weapon or general Trials question?

  • Use Control + F (Or Command + F if on a Mac) and search for keywords in your question. Someone may have asked it already. If not, ask below in the comments.

Trials of Osiris Map



  • Reputation Rank 4: Upgrade Module (2)

  • Reputation Rank 7: Enhancement Prism (3)

  • Reputation Rank 10: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)

  • Reputation Rank 13: Upgrade Module (2)

  • Reputation Rank 16: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)

  • Flawless Reward: Aisha's Embrace (Adept)

Reputation System, Trials Engrams, and Adept Farming

Win individual rounds within each match to gain Trials reputation. The amount of reputation you gain increases with each round you've won on your card. Earn enough reputation, and you'll be able to claim a Trials Engram from Saint-14! This engram can be focused into any currently available trials loot you have previously obtained, or it can be taken to Master Rahool for a random Trials drop. Your reputation increases after every match completion, based on the number of round-wins on your card, regardless of the result of that match itself (win or lose, 0-5 or 5-4).

Once you have gone Flawless, keep playing! Every win you achieve while at the 7-win level, even if you lose your Flawless, has a chance to drop bonus Trials Engrams, adept weapons, prisms, and even Ascendant Shards. There is no penalty for losing once you've made it to the Lighthouse!

When you're done, you can cash in your 7-win passage for one additional adept drop, granted you have gone Flawless that week. This resets your card so you can start anew.


Name Perk Cost
Passage of Ferocity Your third match win grants a bonus win. 10000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of Mercy Forgives one loss per run. 10000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of Wealth Increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket. 15000 Glimmer & 25 Legendary Shards
Passage of Confidence Grants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest. 20000 Glimmer & 50 Legendary Shards

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Megathread Daily Discussion - Salt-Free Saturday!


Howdy Guardians! Today is Salt-Free Saturday!

Wanna get your Destiny discussion going without worrying about negativity? Wanna talk about things you like in the game without anyone jumping down your throat? This is the place for you.

Our rules will still be enforced here, with the (hopefully obvious) addition of NO SALT ALLOWED. And remember, keep it related to Destiny.

(Note: This does NOT mean that salt-free posts are to be relegated here. Only that salt isn't allowed in this Megathread.)

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie, if you keep pushing for mOnOcRoMaTiC builds, arbalest will remain king


Dear Bungie, the push for monochromatic builds forces players to run a very narrow selection of weapons matching subclass type, which effectively makes it hard to deal with matchgame in endgame content. But arbalest solves that problem. In GMs I can run subclass, heavy and primary all matching the featured burn and disregard shieldtypes if i slap on ye goode ole arby because it sits in the kinetic slot anyway. Naturally its one of the most used exotics lately, especially when every GM has barrier champions this season.So if you dont want to absolutley neuter arbalest, maybe reevaluate your view on monochromatism. I personally think running just one damagetype is very boring and limiting anyways.

Give us mods to buildcraft for a full rainbow loadout instead of killing arbalest pls :)

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Discussion Core-playlists are dying due to lack of content. Check out the release dates.


Core-playlist additions over time.

*Vaulted content

** Content ported from D1


Cathedral of Dusk** = S18

Disjunction = S17

Cauldron**, Exodus Blue**, The Anomaly** = S10

Rusted Lands** = S9

Fragment, Twilight Gap**, Widow's Court** = S8

Convergence**, Equinox*, Firebase Echo*, Gambler's Ruin*, The Citadel* = S4

Meltdown*, Solitude* = S3

Pacifica, Radiant Cliffs, Wormhaven S2

Altar of Flame, Bannerfall**, Distant Shore, Endless Vale, Eternity, Midtown, The Burnout**, The Dead Cliffs, The Fortress, Vostok, Emperor's Respite*, Legion's Gulch*, Retribution* = S1

Out of 32 PvP maps we only have 24 active in-game & 9 ported from D1

Averaging 1.2 new PvP maps per season


Deep Six, New Arcadia = S6

Emerald Coast, Legion's Folly, Cathedral of Scars*, Kell's Grave* = S4

Out of 6 Gambit maps we only have 4 maps active in-game.

Averaging 0.33 new Gambit maps per season


The Arms Dealer, Savathûn's Song*, Exodus Crash, The Inverted Spire, The Pyramidion*, Lake of Shadows = S1

Tree of Probabilities*, A Garden World* = S2

Strange Terrain*, Will of the Thousands*, The Insight Terminus = S3

Broodhold*, Warden of Nothing, The Hollowed Lair*, The Corrupted = S4

The Festering Core*, The Scarlet Keep = S8

The Disgraced**, The Glassway = S12

The Devils' Lair**, Fallen S.A.B.E.R.**, Proving Grounds = S13

The Lightblade, Birthplace of the Vile = S16

Out of 24 strikes, we have 15 active in-game & 3 ported from D1

Averaging 1.16 new strikes per season.

IMO - If we got 1-2 new maps & strikes per season that would be awesome. Unfortunately , Bungie goes years & then dumps. I think if more time & resources were spent on the core-playlists over the seasonal public events - that the seasons would feel more filled out.

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Discussion Weird that the only place you can’t land in the tower is the hangar



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Guide Can I Interest You in the Gospel of End-Game Behemoth Titan?


The way of the Behemoth Promises to You:

  • 100% uptime for Font of Might and High Energy Fire, stacking to a permanent 50% damage boost to stasis weapons WITHOUT NEEDING ANY KILLS
  • On-demand Healing and overshields WITHOUT NEEDING ANY KILLS
  • On-demand damage reduction
  • Rapid grenade and melee recharge

Required Aspect:

Tectonic Harvest

  • Shattering Stasis Crystals now creates Stasis Shards
  • collecting shards gives melee energy

Required armor mods:

Elemental Shards

  • Stasis Shards now count as Stasis elemental wells

Font of Might

  • Picking up Stasis Shards now buffs your Stasis weapon damage by 25%

Elemental Charge

  • Stasis Shards also charge you with light now

High Energy Fire

  • Spend those light charges on making your weapons do 20% more damage, works on all elements

Required Fragments:

Whisper of Shards

  • Shattering Stasis Crystals now also speeds up your grenade recharge

Whisper of Rime

  • collecting Stasis Shards now also heals you if you are damaged, or gives you overshields if you are healthy

Whisper of Chains

  • Being near Stasis Crystals now gives you 40% additional damage resistance

Stasis Crystal Sources:

Glacier Grenade

  • Mandatory

Howl of the Storm (Aspect)

  • Take advantage of the fast melee charge from Stasis Shards in order to make even more Stasis Crystals

Hoarfrost Z (Exotic Armor)

  • turns your barricade into a wall of Stasis Crystals
  • not necessary

Headstone (stasis weapon perk)

  • Headshot kills spawn a Stasis Crystal

Shatter Sources:


  • Fast and convenient. Cast your Tower or Rally Barricade inside your own Stasis Crystals to break multiple at a time. Cast parallel to the crystal formation. Rally is recommended for faster recharge time and the ability to peek over it to shoot enemies.
  • Works with all Tower, Rally, Citan's. Does not work with Hoarfrost Z (that just makes more crystals)

Neutral Melee

  • 1 neutral melee can break 1 Stasis Shard

Whisper of Rending (Fragment)

  • Stasis and Kinetic weapons deal more damage to Stasis Crystals. In addition, kinetic weapons do more damage to frozen enemies.
  • Alright for shattering crystals from range, play style dependent

Cryoclasm (Aspect)

  • Sliding into Stasis Crystals to shatter them is convenient, but the aspect only grants 1 fragment slot for some reason
  • not recommended

Exotic Recommendations:

Heart of Inmost Light

  • You cannot escape its grasp. Cast Abilities in quick succession to buff their damage and cooldown rate

Mask of the Quiet One

  • Like HoIL but slightly worse. Take damage once every second to reduce ability cooldowns by 5%. Fully recharges all abilities in 20 seconds.
  • Also heals you a little when you go down to critical health, but you can't rely on it like you can with Lorely Splendor

Playstyle Notes:

  • Prioritize using your crystal generating options close to you. That way, you don't need to use Whisper of Conduction to vacuum the Stasis Shards towards you, and you don't need to equip Whisper of Rending to break Stasis Crystals from afar. When up close to crystals, barricade and neutral melees are quick and convenient for shattering.
  • Cast your barricade to the left or right of the Stasis Crystal wall (but still parallel). Doing so leaves 1 Stasis Crystal standing, giving you damage reduction. Break the remaining crystal before it melts though.
  • If you are careful, or are playing lower difficulty content, you can still use the stasis shatters aggressively for big damage. Stasis Crystals freeze enemies when they form and they also block line of sight, allowing you to close the gap safely for a melee shatter or barricade shatter, or to shoot those crystals with Whisper of Rending equipped. When doing this, it is best to equip Whisper of Fissures to increase shatter damage.
  • Behemoth's super is underwhelming in harder PvE content. Because of this, feel free to use Ager's Scepter or ammo finisher mods.

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Bungie Suggestion Seeking Wells (Mod) should behave like Ion Traces


Title. Seeking wells should use the wayfinding algorithm of Ion Traces. Also the range in wich they start moving is too low.

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Discussion Can we in the future please select our “main” weapon so that we can carry our head-cannon main weapon in the scenes?


I have my own thing going on along side the given story and it’d be so satisfying to see my other weapon in the scenes. This would elevate my role playing quite a lot. I don’t mind if heavy isn’t an option.

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Discussion Xur's Legendary Armor has been trash lately. What is going on with the mobility?


Seriously. The titan and warlock armor with 60+ stats all have had way too much mobility for weeks now.

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SGA Small tip to win more Gambit matches


After grinding out two Gambit reset's this week I wanted to give some advise for the most common mistake I see a large majority of players making.

At the start of the match when gathering Motes from zone to zone, ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS dunk your motes after the 2nd zone. It doesn't matter if you have 1, 4, 14, w/e dunk them. And then have a team member invade, it doesn't matter if you kill anyone, you can even hide. Your presents alone is enough to prevent the other team from moving freely. But ofc getting kills is idea.

Why you ask?
While the mode is technically a race to who can defeat their primevil first, the reality is the first team to invade, especially after the 2nd zone, has a disproportionately higher chance to win. And the first two zones (for each of the current maps) will ALWAYS give enough motes to invade.

TLDR: ALWAYS dunk your motes after the 2nd zone

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Discussion Screw it, make Collective Obligation’s Catalyst give the gun Repulsor Brace. Don’t be cowards.


This gun is super fun in Void builds. Repulsor Brace makes sense.

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Discussion Prestige Raids were a lot more fun than Master raids.


I’m honestly getting tired of every season it just being, okay! let’s throw in all these champions and add match game!

Before the old raids were sunset we had prestige raids, and the encounters changed a little and you had to use certain load outs (which no one cared for)

Flawless! Where you actually had to pull levers to initiate it. (Wasn’t in prestige raids but is still cool)

Basically my rant is, I’m tired of this every new or rereleased raid just being champs and match game.

Also most people literally just get the CP, do challenge and leave in Master.

They really need to change the current situation and obviously the rewards are not that great.

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Discussion I purchased the Star Chart upgrade that is supposed to occasionally provide Plundered Umbral Energy after completing other activities. After 10 crucible games - not a single one has dropped.


I'm assuming this isn't working as intended either.

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie please bring back the mini quests for seasonal ornaments


I've gotten so tired of trying to just mindlessly grinding ritual activities to fill a reputation meter TWO times a season per activity just to get a seasonal ornament for the ritual weapon. It's painful and so much more tedious than the previous system of getting a small quest from the respective vendor, getting some kills with the weapon type matching the ritual weapon in whichever playlist it happens to be then getting your ornament.

Please go back to that system or make it that you do a quest from banshee to get the ritual weapon then get the weapon ornament from your first level up with the vendors.

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Misc Silly bug with Touch of Malice


If you equip a Special ammo weapon (fusion rifle, breach launcher, shotgun) then switch back to ToM and then back and foward a bunch of times you can kill yourself, if you do this on the tower you can even crash your game.

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Bungie Suggestion Ticuu's Divination Explosions should spread scorch/cause an incandescent explosion as well,


heck you could make the catalyst damage buff also increase the stacks applied

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Question Why would i want to use Vortex Nova Bomb over Cataclysm? (genuine question)


I have been a warlock main for months now and i still don’t know why would i want to use Vortex over cataclysm. Tried to google/yt it and didn’t find answers. Maybe for the projectile travel speed?

Edit: since this thread received an unexpected amount of attention. I’m surprised of how many people actually prefer using Vortex Nova. I wanna say that im a fellow Vortex enjoyer as well, it satisfies me more than Cataclysm.

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Question Can't log into D2


Anyone else on PC not able to log in and just get an error code WEASEL?

(edit: This might be due to east coast weather causing damage and connection issues. But I would keep checking Bungie Help twitter as they are looking into it.)


Try restarting steam or your Xbox/PlayStation. I got in the game.

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Media Next Week in Destiny 2



  • Stop a vex incursion in The Glassway Nightfall
  • Enjoy bonus Nightfall rewards!
  • Showdown comes to the Crucible
  • Crucible Labs: Zone Control returns

  • Raid: Garden of Salvation
  • Dungeon: Prophecy

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Bungie Suggestion Can we get Day/Night cycles again in the Crucible?


I was re-watching some old saved D1 Crucible matches and some of it took place on Bannerfall at night. I had completely forgotten that we used to have Day and Night versions of Crucible maps.

With D2's presently stagnated Crucible attenion with regard to map selection/rotation/weighting; having Day/Night cycles again in PvP would, admittedly, not be enough spice to quell the salt. But in my opinion it would be enough of a welcome change 'cause it's, ya know, variety. Anyone else remember sniping into the glare of the sun on Burnout? And deliberately putting your back to it in Trials for an obnoxiously effective advantage?

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Discussion Season of Plunder killed all my hype and excitement to play Destiny 2


Note: I do not count King's Fall with Season of Plunder. KF has it's own ups and downs that I may address elsewhere, but not in this post.

Season of Plunder is just bad. This is the first time since December 2017 with CoO that I've been so disappointed with a D2 content drop that all my desire to play vanished. Not to say there hasn't been lackluster seasons since then, but none of which that have completely deleted my desire to log in weekly. Both the quantity and quality (in my opinion of course) is terrible this season, and very nearly the opposite of what I've come to expect from Bungie and the D2 team.


As far as quantity goes, 20-30 minutes a week to complete the story steps is just not enough to make me want to sign on. On top of that, none of the weapons or armor added with this season are good enough (let alone better than other options I already have) to make me want to grind for, both asthetically and practically. Also, I'm not afraid of the letters L, F, and G, so requiring me to do Master Ketchcrash doesn't artifically increase my playtime like it might for some others. Ultimately, there just isn't anywhere near enough substance in the seasonal activities (or their rewards) to make me want to get on and play.


Again, this is my opinion, but the quality and theming of this season is just so boring. Bungie just had a solid season with one of the biggest antagonists in Destiny's history making a triumphant return, released the trailer for the next big expac in which said antagonist is getting a huge power jump and becoming 2nd in command to the penultimate villain of the saga... and then told us to go dick around with Drifter and play pirate for 4 months. And you can tell me about Mithrax and Eramis and Nezarac all you want, it all seems completely pointless and "side-questy" compared to Calus rolling up to the Sol system with the Darkness in a few short months.

For theming, it just seems silly. Pirates? Really? I know canonically they've been a problem in the Reef before but it just seems significantly below a Guardian's paygrade. All this season's theming has made me want to do is boot up Assassin's Creed IV or Sea of Theives.

Everyone has their own opinions. If space pirates are your thing, more power to you and I genuinely hope you're enjoying your time playing. It's just not mine. At least not mixed with Destiny.

Breaks or "Off-Season"

Finally, I realize the collective response to this season being less than stellar has been to just take a break from Destiny, which don't get me wrong, I am. But I want to be playing Destiny. Destiny has been my favorite game for nearly a decade now, so I want to be playing it. But I can't force myself to log in to grind half-assed and lackluster content.

I'm also aware that people have theorized that this season is like a break season for the devs as well. However, if that's the case, don't market and sell this season as the same price as the rest of them. Or give us the option to not have to pay for this season in the bundle. It's so annoying that I pay the same price for Season of Plunder as I do for other seasons that are much better in quality and quantity.

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Discussion LF Group is just Tinder


I've been going on an LF Group streak for the past week, it feels like I'm constantly hooking up and every once in a while I have a bad experience but they are not frequent enough to warrant me stopping. At the moment I just want a stable raid team but I don't know how to turn a casual 'hook up' into a long-term thing.

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Question Anyone who has "Thinking Headache" emote, what does it display in the feed?


I want an emote to show my frustration during gambit.. before I spend the bright dust, I'd like to know. Hoping for:

(Enter player name) has a headache

Or something along those lines lol


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Discussion Just got my wife into Destiny 2 but she will only play gambit


What do I do

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Megathread [D2] Xûr Megathread [2022-09-30]


Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr's motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the Nine.


The Last City, Earth

Exotic Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Cerberus+1 Kinetic Auto Rifle
Hawkmoon Kinetic Hand Cannon Arrowhead Brake Quickdraw Combat Grip
Dead Man's Tale Kinetic Scout Rifle Fluted Barrel Accurized Rounds Subsistence Composite Stock

Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Exotic Armor

Name Type MOB RES REC DIS INT STR Total Cost
St0mp-EE5 Hunter Leg Armor 4 22 6 12 2 16 62 23 Legendary Shards
Dunemarchers Titan Leg Armor 7 26 2 12 2 12 61 23 Legendary Shards
Astrocyte Verse Warlock Helmet 18 7 8 16 7 9 65 23 Legendary Shards

Exotic Ciphers

Name Description
Xenology Complete Vanguard playlist activities, or win matches in Crucible or Gambit. Extra progress is awarded for more challenging activities and for succeeding with clanmates.


Name Description Cost
Exotic Engram An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any of the possible rewards remain to be collected. Preview contents for possible rewards. 97 Legendary Shards

Legendary Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Whispering Slab Kinetic Combat Bow High Tension String // Natural String Fiberglass Arrow Shaft // Natural Fletching Killing Wind Opening Shot
Timelines' Vertex Energy Fusion Rifle Impulse MS3 // Torch HS3 Accelerated Coils // Ionized Battery Lead from Gold Disruption Break
Jian 7 Rifle Energy Pulse Rifle SPO-57 Front // SPO-28 Front Armor-Piercing Rounds // Flared Magwell Full Auto Trigger System Rampage
Sojourner's Tale Energy Shotgun Arrowhead Brake // Full Bore Appended Mag // Light Mag Moving Target Opening Shot
Lonesome Kinetic Sidearm Full Bore // Hammer-Forged Rifling Armor-Piercing Rounds // Light Mag Zen Moment Demolitionist
Friction Fire Kinetic Submachine Gun Extended Barrel // Full Bore Appended Mag // Extended Mag Auto-Loading Holster Wellspring
Falling Guillotine Heavy Sword Hungry Edge // Jagged Edge // Tempered Edge Burst Guard // Heavy Guard Tireless Blade Surrounded

Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Legendary Armor

Name Type MOB RES REC DIS INT STR Total Cost
Wild Hunt Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets 16 2 12 9 11 12 62 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Plate Titan Chest Armor 16 2 12 23 8 2 63 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Mark Titan Mark 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Helm Titan Helmet 16 10 2 2 7 20 57 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Greaves Titan Leg Armor 2 19 9 6 6 18 60 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Gloves Warlock Gauntlets 2 10 17 14 15 2 60 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Vestment Warlock Chest Armor 20 6 6 19 6 8 65 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Bond Warlock Bond 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Hood Warlock Helmet 13 6 12 6 20 6 63 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Boots Warlock Leg Armor 13 8 10 14 2 15 62 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Grasps Hunter Gauntlets 6 24 2 18 2 9 61 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Vest Hunter Chest Armor 22 7 2 10 12 9 62 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Cloak Hunter Cloak 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Mask Hunter Helmet 6 12 10 2 20 7 57 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Wild Hunt Strides Hunter Leg Armor 13 2 16 2 14 13 60 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer

What's a Xûr?

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a Public Sector on one of the Worlds. Xûr sells Exotic equipment and only takes Legendary Shards in exchange for them.

TL;DR: He's the Santa Claus of Destiny and every weekend is Christmas. Sometimes he brings you what you want, sometimes he brings you coal. Mostly it's coal.

When does Xûr visit?

Xûr visits every Friday at 17:00 UTC and departs at Weekly Reset (Tuesday 17:00 UTC). If you would like to see all the live conversions of Time Zones, please follow this link here.

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Discussion Nightfalls


I don’t know if it’s just me but I would play Destiny ALOT more if there was a nightfall playlist, like the normal strike playlist. I wouldn’t mind grinding for whatever if I could just play different strikes that I actually get something useful from. Normal strikes are way to easy and gives you nothing except for the weekly engram. Playing the same nightfall for a whole week is insane.

r/DestinyTheGame 20h ago

Discussion I spend more time in raids waiting for other players to step up and take initiative than I do actually doing encounters


Most of my time spent seems to be at the start of encounters where people seem too scared to want to do anything other than “do damage” or “ad clear”.

Take the relics to open the portal in King’s Fall for example. It’s the simplest thing ever, grab ball and dunk and don’t die to the few ads. Yet people will stand there deathly afraid to do anything. Warpriest is just as bad when it comes to who gets knights.

I’ve had Vow runs where people let the timer tick down 15 seconds before grabbing a relic because they’re scared or spend minutes discussing what they want to do on Caretaker because they just want to kill thrall.

I have no issue with people who are new or inexperienced but the only way to learn to know what to do is to actually DO something. If you say you know what you’re doing then step up.