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Discussion Just got my wife into Destiny 2 but she will only play gambit


What do I do

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Discussion All Activities in Destiny Should Have Optional Matchmaking


Nightfalls, Raids, Dungeons, Seasonal Content and even Patrols should have OPTIONAL matchmaking even on the hardest of difficulties. I see no reason why in its current state we don't have the option of matching with other players.

Obviously for Master level content and Raids it would be better to have comms, but let me take that risk of having terrible teammates. Don't force me to solo it or go to some exterior site/discord to find others EVERY time. The seasonal content included but even something like Dares should have an optional matchmaking for the harder difficulties.

Just keep the default as is and let people turn it on if they want. Empower the players

Edit: I see a lot of focusing on Raid matchmaking specifically being a bad idea and that I can understand, but even still its not hurting anyone already pre-making groups. It would just give the OPTION to those that WANT to matchmake. ALSO, some of you seem to ignore how I specified I think the DEFAULT settings be how they are now, with an OPTIONAL setting to turn on and off at your will. I'm not suggesting you be FORCED into matchmaking for Raids/Dungeons etc. but to give those that have the desire to, the ability.

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Discussion The game feels like it is on auto pilot/just copy paste every season


Destiny’s narrative and story telling has VASTLY improved. But since they’ve found success with the seasonal model and dialed it in, it feels like the spirit or soul of the game is just getting diluted.

The game feels like it really needs something to shake it up (and not just UI changes and stuff coming with Lightfall). We need something like SRL (get ready for people to say BuT BuNgIe SaId No OnE pLaYeD iT). Just something to shake up the core gameplay a little bit OR an actual focus on the core gameplay modes like strikes, crucible, and gambit. It seems that with the introduction of F2P those modes have suffered greatly or stopped being a priority, which is a bummer.


To people saying it’s just burn out, it’s not. I take regular breaks throughout the year whenever I feel myself getting burnt out from the game. I want to play it, I don’t feel burnt out. What I am burnt out on, is how formulaic each season has been and unexciting.

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Discussion Google is shutting down Stadia on January 18th 2023


"Google will be refunding all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store as well as all the games and add-on content purchased from the Stadia store"

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2022/9/29/23378713/google-stadia-shutting-down-game-streaming-january-2023

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Discussion If Destiny had a show, would you prefer it to be live-action or an animation?


Title. EDIT: After looking at a lot of the comments, it seems a lot of people seem to favor an anime, especially after Edgerunners and Arcane, both amazing shows, which is totally cool. However, while I am impartial, I would like to raise to you all the official live action trailer for destiny 2. Would you be happy with a series of that quality?

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Discussion Prestige Raids were a lot more fun than Master raids.


I’m honestly getting tired of every season it just being, okay! let’s throw in all these champions and add match game!

Before the old raids were sunset we had prestige raids, and the encounters changed a little and you had to use certain load outs (which no one cared for)

Flawless! Where you actually had to pull levers to initiate it. (Wasn’t in prestige raids but is still cool)

Basically my rant is, I’m tired of this every new or rereleased raid just being champs and match game.

Also most people literally just get the CP, do challenge and leave in Master.

They really need to change the current situation and obviously the rewards are not that great.

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Discussion Titan mains need to remember they played this game for 4 years before loreley splendor was released.


The helmet was nasty, too nasty. It made reckless stupidity the best strategy inside PvE and was a crutch inside PvP.

It's still viable now. It needs to be used more as a warlock healing rift and activated by you when you need it. If it goes off on it's own that's fine too but you need to acknowledge when it's time to run and hide with your restoration x1.

It's nerf was a ghost "buff" for solar warlocks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but now that loreley was nerfed warlocks are the only ones with access to restoration x2 which should've been the case from the beginning. They are the "healer" class after all.

Get creative with your solar builds everyone. There's a lot of potential waiting to be weaved out. If you aren't feeling it then that's fine, go with the tried and true HoIL or Synthoceps and tiny hammer. Or just pull back your play style just a little bit.

Sincerely, a Titan main.

Edit: been seeing a lot of comments about how warlocks didn't get buffed because of this. That part of the post was more or less sarcastic intended to express my frustration with the healer class still not being all that good at healing. Yes warlocks still need healing buffs IMO.

Edit2: been notified a few times that loreley has been resto x1 in PvP for a while now. It used to show x2 but only healed x1 supposedly. I can't prove or disprove those statements because I didn't use it in PvP, but I wanted to make sure it was something people were aware of.

Edit3: fantastic video made by "Pluderthabooty" on YouTube. https://youtu.be/gDoiuuVhp3I A really potent unkillable build for solar Titan with some leeway on exotic and aspects. Showcases its potential inside solo master duality caiatl.

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Discussion If Dungeons are gonna be a separate purchase going forward, then fixing their bugs should be a priority


I’ve lost way too many “Everyone lives and nobody dies” Duality runs to jank, and it’s rarely from a consistent source. Sometimes it’s the bells, sometimes it’s an absolutely cracked Phalanx, but most of the time it’s just weird, unexplainable and unavoidable nonsense. My last “Everyone lives and nobody dies” run ended because my teammate jumped into the vault at the end of the second encounter. 10 foot drop, full health. Dead on impact.

Duality has the most visible and persistent bugs in Destiny, by FAR. If the next dungeon’s stability is anywhere near as bad as Duality’s then I’m just gonna save $20 and skip Lightfall’s dungeon key. Seriously, it’s been 4 months and the stability has only gotten worse. We don’t even have a timeline for when these issues will be fixed.

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Discussion It's crazy that I've already crafted 2 raid weapons and have yet to craft any seasonal weapons.


Bungie really needs to reevaluate the red border grind this season. It also doesn't help that this week's only guaranteed red border with Ketchcrash is bugged.

Edit: This blew up more than I thought it would and thanks for the awards. The whole point of the post is that it shouldn't be easier to craft the season's end game activity weapons than it is for the seasonal weapons themselves. The raid gives you 2 guaranteed deepsights a week with one of those being focused whereas the seasonal activity guarantees only 1 unfocused.

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Discussion I kind of miss the “mystery” Destiny used to have


I guess it might be normal when the game has been going on for such a long time.

Still I remember that time we went in to the infinite forest to find the grave of Saint-14 (who was still only a legend back then), or the mission in taken king to unlock shadowshot where we find a dead guardian, …

It was surrounded by mystery, left me wondering what else there could be, what else (or what legends) could be discovered.

Sorry I don’t know how to explain it properly but to me it felt nicer when we weren’t the center-point of the destiny universe, but rather lived in that universe discovering other stories.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you like the new story style more where we are part of the center in almost every story arc?

Edit: Like some people pointed out, this includes secret missions like the whisper and zero hour. But I mean more than only that, kind of like the “mindset” where stories are told from has changed I feel like

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Discussion People who raid; what’s something you absolutely cannot stand when raiding?


One of my biggest pet peeves is taking a “break” after every single run/wipe. It’s unnecessary and causes flow issues, making the raid go even longer. Bathroom/smoke breaks are totally understandable, don’t get me wrong, but I am trying to complete a raid.

EDIT: Man, you guys really blew this up. It’s good to see a lot of you are passionate about how raids go, and what to expect from them.

2nd EDIT: WOW. This post ended up being in the top 25 of all of Reddit today. I promise I try to get around to reading all the comments, but there’s over 3K at this point! That’s so absolutely crazy to me! And shout out for the rewards! You guys are seriously amazing.

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Discussion When it was discovered that Phoenix Dive healed you more based on your framerate, it was fixed within a month. Ground fire, hive boomers and a handful of other damage sources still damage you more based on your framerate and the big post made about it was almost a year ago. What is the excuse?


I am aware that it was fixed for Cabal slugs and Shrieker projectiles, however it was never fixed for anything else which is especially clear from testing.

I get it, game design/development and coding is hard. But once again when it benefited players it was patched almost immediately, whereas we've gone over a year with certain endgame activities like GM's being made significantly harder because you take more damage just for having a high framerate. Master Lightblade a couple weeks ago was especially noticeable with the amount of hive boomers being used by enemies there.

It would be nice if there was some communication from Bungie and we at least got some acknowledgement that they're aware that the problem still exists. Because it genuinely feels like they've just hoped we forgot about it and never bothered to try fixing the rest of the damage sources and stopped at Shrieker projectiles and Cabal slugs.

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Discussion what is your least favourite weapon type?


personally, i get instantly bored using scout rifles.

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Discussion If you could have a set of weapons to be brought back, what would you pick?


Mine would be the Season of Dawn weapons. Don't know for what reason they would be brought back but those weapons were beautiful and some of my favourite seasonal weapons in Destiny.

Obviously would prefer to get brand new stuff over reissued but I'd almost make an exception for these. Especially if they were craftable.

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Discussion Why Are People So Defensive of This Game's Financial Barrier?


I'm currently having trouble getting friends onboard to buying any additional content. They feel like they already paid enough entry by buying multiple expansions and the season pass, and then locking more content behind an anniversary bundle and the dungeon key seems ludicrous.

That being said, 90% of the people that I've spoken to in the Destiny 2 community get extremely defensive when I try to bring up how awful the system is. Sure, Bungie needs recurring revenue for a live service game, I get that, but the value of content just doesn't make sense to me.

I played WoW for years, so I tried putting it in the context that "WoW costs $200/yr, so Destiny isn't that bad of a deal." My friend followed up with a fairly good point, that each expansion (usually) comes with several fully featured content patches that equate to about the same amount of content as an entire Destiny expansion, on top of over 15 years of content that wasn't removed from the game. Adding to the sting that he's bought every D2 expac and the base game on release, and half of that is just gone.

My original gripe was when I first returned to the game from vanilla, and seeing a really useful exotic being locked behind a paid season pass (Witherhoard), and nobody was batting an eye. Has the community just become absolutely desensitized to this, or is there some actual defense to this that I'm not seeing?

Even thinking about the dungeon key from a logistical perspective, I essentially bought it for an extra Pinnacle every week as Duality only takes about 20-30 minutes to do, and the primary goal is just to fly through it as fast as possible. It just seems like a subverted pay-to-win system, and it doesn't seem like the people that I've spoken to understand that.

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Discussion I guess Bungie wants Linear’s to be top boss damage with the Daughter change. Not calling them out but different boss fights should have different means of damage.


I guess the Daughters were coded as majors instead of bosses, since Majors don’t get the rocket damage reduction. With the hot patch that just went live, this was changed, just cementing that Linears are the top dog. This isn’t a rant or anything but I just thing more boss fights need to have more outcomes than just Div (which is fine) and Linears. I think it would be better and healthier for the game if raids had different bosses with unique ways of dealing damage. Like have special ads being sent to you and you kill them to damage the boss so LMGs and HGLs have a place in a raid, or in the case of daughters rockets can shine. I’m not calling Bungie out for their incompetence, but we need boss fights that are more than just bullets sponges/DPS checks.

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Discussion Eido is aware that the Guardian is basically a mass murderer, right?


I mean, she seems pretty upset after this weeks mission but we're standing there, thousands and thousands of kills under our belt going "Uh, yeah.... preeeeetty bad. All that killing? Oof. Yeah wow."

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Discussion I can't bring myself to use exotics that I don't like the look of, even when they're OP


I'm a hunter, and there's only a handful of exotic armor pieces, easily less than 6 for hunters, that don't look ugly to me. I know I won't even see my guardian 99% of the time, and the others that I play with obviously don't care what I look like, yet I just can't use exotics that I dislike the look of. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Discussion Destiny is way more enjoyable when you just ignore bounties


To be clear the post is a little bit of a hyperbole. I've done the minimum amount of bounties that were required for the seasonal quests but outside of that I don't touch them. I will grab the clan bounties with I'm with friends and equip the xp ghost mod.

Bounties only give you xp. Some give a smidgen of bright dust but that's pretty much it. At 10 bd a bounty you're gonna do 30 bounties for a shader. It's just not worth it imo. So I just stopped doing bounties all together. When I load up I play the modes I want to play, I use the weapons I want to use, I use the subclass I want to use and I don't have to worry about competing with my team mates because I'm just playing for fun.

I still end the season at roughly +19 - +21, I mostly grind out raid loot and try and farm red boarders. I am always at level by the time GMs are ready. I also main one class and pretty much only use the other two as loot fodder for raid exotics.

I might do a bounty grind for a day 1 raid or if I really wanted to go hard on Master content. Though I haven't had too much issue being under leveled a little for those encounters. It is a shame that most master content just isn't rewarded enough for the effort. The only thing that has any amount of worth that requires xp outside of master content are are bright engrams and those have always been shit. Eido needs to see if there is any interference with Tess...

I recommend trying destiny while ignoring bounty grind. It's so unenjoyable and unnecessary. I find it takes more away from the game than it provides. The only redeeming quality of bounties is that I gets you to try out new guns.

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Discussion Core-playlists are dying due to lack of content. Check out the release dates.


Core-playlist additions over time.

*Vaulted content

** Content ported from D1


Cathedral of Dusk** = S18

Disjunction = S17

Cauldron**, Exodus Blue**, The Anomaly** = S10

Rusted Lands** = S9

Fragment, Twilight Gap**, Widow's Court** = S8

Convergence**, Equinox*, Firebase Echo*, Gambler's Ruin*, The Citadel* = S4

Meltdown*, Solitude* = S3

Pacifica, Radiant Cliffs, Wormhaven S2

Altar of Flame, Bannerfall**, Distant Shore, Endless Vale, Eternity, Midtown, The Burnout**, The Dead Cliffs, The Fortress, Vostok, Emperor's Respite*, Legion's Gulch*, Retribution* = S1

Out of 32 PvP maps we only have 24 active in-game & 9 ported from D1

Averaging 1.2 new PvP maps per season


Deep Six, New Arcadia = S6

Emerald Coast, Legion's Folly, Cathedral of Scars*, Kell's Grave* = S4

Out of 6 Gambit maps we only have 4 maps active in-game.

Averaging 0.33 new Gambit maps per season


The Arms Dealer, Savathûn's Song*, Exodus Crash, The Inverted Spire, The Pyramidion*, Lake of Shadows = S1

Tree of Probabilities*, A Garden World* = S2

Strange Terrain*, Will of the Thousands*, The Insight Terminus = S3

Broodhold*, Warden of Nothing, The Hollowed Lair*, The Corrupted = S4

The Festering Core*, The Scarlet Keep = S8

The Disgraced**, The Glassway = S12

The Devils' Lair**, Fallen S.A.B.E.R.**, Proving Grounds = S13

The Lightblade, Birthplace of the Vile = S16

Out of 24 strikes, we have 15 active in-game & 3 ported from D1

Averaging 1.16 new strikes per season.

IMO - If we got 1-2 new maps & strikes per season that would be awesome. Unfortunately , Bungie goes years & then dumps. I think if more time & resources were spent on the core-playlists over the seasonal public events - that the seasons would feel more filled out.

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Discussion Titans got Touch of Thunder because Striker is the Titan grenade class and has been so for years. Please stop posting about it.


Every other day, a new post from a confused or salty Warlock reaches the front page of the sub asking, "Why did Titans get Touch of Thunder and Warlocks didn't?" Because Strikers are our grenade class, and it's been that way forever. Yes, Strikers are a melee class, but they also specialize in cataclysmic Arc explosions and grenades. Before Arc 3.0, we had an entire tree dedicated to grenades. It made our grenades last longer, gave us an extra grenade charge, and our shoulder charge ability returned grenade energy on hits. The Spark of Magnitude fragment, which increases grenade duration, was literally pulled from this Striker tree. Touch of Thunder is the Arc 3.0 manifestation of that tree. Remember the striker double pulse meta from Y1? Even in D1 we had a perk that increased grenade duration, and Armamentarium was a popular pick for double pulse or lightning grenades. Striker is about turning yourself into a weapon and causing catastrophic arc damage. See: our supers.

Why did you get enhanced Storm grenades and Warlocks didn't?

Because storm grenades fit the identity of Titans a lot more than flux or skip grenades. We are all about "bringing the thunder." Literally. We have lore about entering the battlefield in storms. Bungie wanted to buff a 4th grenade, like they do with all the grenade aspects (except Stasis of course) and Storm was the perfect fit. Mind you, Warlocks already have two aspects that buff grenades like Touch of Thunder does. Hunters had one for stasis, so if any class was going to get one it was going to be us. I've also seen suggestions that Warlocks could have at least gotten the enhanced Storm grenades and nothing else. That was never going to happen, because if they buff one grenade, you would only use that grenade, and it's just an awkward design choice in general - you would want more than just that. I'm not saying enhanced storm grenades don't fit Warlocks, I'm saying they definitely fit us.

Please stop posting about this and do any ounce of research into Strikers, I'm begging you. Yes, Warlocks got the short end of the stick with Arc 3.0. Touch of Thunder is not part of that.


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Discussion Whats your most shameful lack of Destiny knowledge admission? I'll Start:


I dont know what Handling does in PvE. Like seriously, do I need it? Why is it good? What weapons is it better on? Why is it better on weapons (for ex as a Masterwork) than Range or Reload or Stability? I just dont get whats good about it in PvE...

Anyone else got anything like that they should know but dont, and until now were too afraid to ask...

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Discussion In your opinion, which raid encounter takes the most skill/coordination?


I never did Riven legit, so i have to go with the Ghalran final fight in Crown of Sorrow, it had a lot of moving pieces and mechanics happening all at once making the encounter very hectic.

We had to kill ads, destroy crystals, kill ogres, stun and smash the bathers, stun ghalran hands and swap buffs for buffed and non-buffed player interactions, and while every single player had to participate in all the mechanics it still allowed for hero moments to happen.

What do you guys think?

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Discussion Killing 50 champs is not as hard as people make it sound.


Master ketch crash, lost sectors, nf, etc. there’s countless options to kill champions, and the amount that spawn in all of them makes it so much easier than people are saying

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Discussion The bounty system makes a bad teammate more desirable than a good one.


Title. It's so much easier to complete your bounties when you have blueberries walking about with double primaries and no sense of a build whatsoever. It's frustrating when you wanna complete some bounties, especially in DoE, and your teammates just clean the room instantly. When will we evolve past competing with our teammates over bounties? We already have the system in place to count the team for bounties because we have a handful of bounties that do just that. Just make the numbers a little bigger and make every bounty count the whole team please.