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Sins of the Father

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Dexter and Harrison try to live a normal life in a place that they have discovered is not as normal as they thought it was. Will they live happily ever after, despite all the threats coming their way? ​

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Dexter: New Blood - Season 1 Discussion Hub

Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.

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First official look at Michael C. Hall in ‘Young Dexter’, premieres September 28 on Showtime.

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r/Dexter 18h ago

Justice for Deb


I always loved Deb. Her life really was tragic it makes me so sad the further into the seasons I get.

r/Dexter 13h ago

How is it possible he was never caught by security cameras?


In the 2000’ the technology wasn’t as good as today ( people weren’t filming everything with their phones) but there were still many public cameras, how is it that he was never caught on cameras while he was poking people in the neck with his syringe and abducting them ? Like, never ?

r/Dexter 2h ago

My uncle says I remind them of Dexter


I haven't seen the show, is this a good thing?

r/Dexter 14h ago

Spoiler Why did Trinity body slammed Lundy?


That was some unwanted attention and lundy recorded that insignificant accident like wth

r/Dexter 12h ago

How many times all the way through have you watched Dexter?


r/Dexter 15h ago

I actually liked the two endings


Every warned me about the terrible finales so I went in with the my brains off. They had so many loose ends and hypocrisy in part of Harrison but it's nowhere near the level of got ending bad. The last episode was obviously rushed. I wonder why a few more episodes with the earlier pace was shot.

I would've liked it if he confessed to that camera and batista would be the one to shoot him dowm not Harrison to show he's different but whatever

Also that oil guy being forgotten by the writers was quite hilarious but they probably will bring him back to the next season so there's that

In the og ending there were too many twists for Deb's fate but she should've at least be killed in front of Dex. And did that pen have any foreshadowing I don't remember

r/Dexter 1d ago

How did Dexter find out who the Trinity Killer is?


I re-watched the fourth season last year, but I still forgot how he found out who the Trinity Killer was, lol.

r/Dexter 1d ago

Fan Art I made a synopsis for a concept.


So I maybe using the wrong tag, But Writing is a form of art. At least I think.

I was replying to a guy on this Reddit. But I got invested and made a story. Please feel free to comment on it. It was trying to "Fix" New blood's story in a way. If people like it, Maybe ill try writing again Lmao:


So, Dexter fakes his death in the storm, Becoming a Lumberjack Like at the end of season 8. He continues killing unlike in new blood but it's a big enough town with A lot of visitors/travelers so people mostly think these disappearances are mostly coincidences. Dexter since he's on the mainland uses a different way to dispose of bodies, mostly fire (Like in new blood for his first kill in the series), but he still uses his kill ritual in cases of blood. He starts to be a recognizable character in town as just a guy who works at a bar and sometimes works as a Lumberjack, giving himself an income. Harrison after years tries to find his Dad, And mostly plays the same thing as in new blood, he finds dexter after Travelling. Harrison is in his late teens (he's 18 in this) and is spiteful of his dad for leaving his mom for a separate life.

Dexter Tells Harrison that he Never wanted to hurt his family and friends but his existence in their sphere hurts them, like with Rita, Deb, and etcetera.

There isn't a killer in this, Tbh I would say Kurt Cawdell will still be interested in this. but I'll change his son, His son is still a druggy that uses Kurt's money for his own gain, But he's also a pretty smart guy in this one, more tech-savvy and a narcissist.

Also, I do wanna say, In the Ending Dexter killed Debra. The hospital would have Cameras and surveillance, So Kurts Son. After seeing Dexter in town for years without noticing, Hes been doing some digging since he actually really hates Dexter at the Bar that he goes to for years, Kurt's Son notices Dexter's "Off behavior" after becoming "friends" with him like switching to a different personality Like what Dexter does when he meets other people. Faking it. And after months and years, he finally finds this evidence, This man wasn't born here. He died in Florida and lived in Florida as a cop and in the old newspapers online finds that the man committed murder against his sister (aka taking her off life support without the doctor's knowledge). And since Kurt's son is a narcissist, he will use this to his advantage. He contacts law enforcement at the end.

Harrison When moving in and experiencing his dad, He starts to reveal himself more, Since he's been keeping it in for so long how has psychopathic tendencies of wanting to hurt people and kill them. Dexter knows this feeling obviously but Tries to calm Harrison down. Dexter is a bit conflicted about whether he wanted to show his son these slides/trophies or to keep it a secret.

It's getting a bit long but.

There isn't any skepticism with Harrison in this one. More than he's a lost child, he's different compared to everyone else in his life except for his dad. So he's actually happy with him. He found a place where he belonged with Dexter, sharing both of these tendencies and Dexter showing Harrison how to control this desire to kill actually becoming partners in crime as father and son (Also Harrison uses a Gun, a hunting rifle his father gave to him, He loves guns as it represents freedom for him (Not in the American way more like symbolically for him to let his urges out), But is told to never use it unless in a really sticky spot).

They do this for a while until Kurt's son convinces his dad about Who Dexter really is. And starts to slowly stalk them for quite a while, Until these 2 do a kill again. making a mistake since they are both here. They call the cops.

But Dexter and Harrison see this, Noticing they are here. Panicking Harrison Makes a decision to use a gun on Kurt's Father and his Son. But it was too late, cops have already been called as they went near the car hearing the cops on the line.

With that Dexter and Harrison use the time to begin rushing, packing up their stuff to leave. But something begins to slowly Click within Harrisons' mind after shooting these "Innocent people" and begins to reflect on his past actions. It's been going full circle, he feels guilt, not toward the people who died but, it got reminded of Dexter, his father as a person. Damaging people around him. Like an epiphany. When Dexter Dies he's only going to be by himself, Forever until he dies or starts damaging people around him. He tells Dexter that, He doesn't want to run, Telling his Father that he doesn't want to hurt people with his tendencies in a sphere of influence type way. but he doesn't want to be alone either once Dexter dies. He tells Dexter to do whatever he wants but, He surrenders. Dexter tries and tries again to talk to his son About it. but it's no use.

Dexter says one final goodbye, or til we meet again saying their goodbyes until Dexter Runs away, Driving off in his car. He does forget one thing though. His slides. But Harrison has been told to burn those. He was going to before it was too late.

Before all this happens let's go to the Crimescene with Kurt's Son and his father. The Police see The documents that were in the car. Photocopied newspapers with Dexter, And old photos of Dexter. And some notes that Kurt's Son made about Dexter killing his sister/relative? These cops know dexter to be a friendly guy Since Dexter wants to have a foothold within the police force but just not directly influence them or cooperate with them not like he was in the lab back then. But this ultimately makes Dexter The prime suspect for this. And after some time, The police raid the house Dexter used to be in. Harrison is inside as he fully surrenders to the police the box burning in the Sink having a massive inferno. burning the house down.

Harrison is arrested for admitting he's guilty of the Crimes. Dexter is nowhere to be seen. Harrison tells himself that He really had it coming in the end anyways. He was lucky to be with his dad before being arrested. But his request of burning the box made his mind at peace. Including him feeling happy to actually be turned in. His actions never caused anyone innocent to be harmed again. Because Never getting caught will always hurt those around him, unintentional or not.

I do wanna end Harrison's Character with this poem, It could be written by him or just as a poem:

"Never get caught, a fleeting dream,

Bringing harm to those, or so it seems.

Consequences dire, that cannot be undone,

A warning to heed, for all and everyone."


With Dexters Path, This would continue the series with Dexter Fleeing the cops for another few episodes. I wanted to mainly focus on Harrisons Character in this series. Since he was such a bland character in Newblood. I enjoyed making this though. Bad or not its up to you but. Im glad to write again.

There are probably some problems in this and maybe plotholes but. Please feel free to tell me.

If people would like me to expand on this a bit ill maybe write this again but In alot more detail and more descriptive about it. Because i was planning on just making this like a in general concept i was demostrating for people

but turned out to become a short story? idk but If people want i can expand this concept ALOT bigger and put it into actual episodic scripts if you like XD.

r/Dexter 2d ago

"Alright guys, how do we fuck up this beloved series for a third time?"

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r/Dexter 2d ago

Does anyone know where “Slice of Life” is nowadays? I know it sold on eBay back in 2013, but I can’t find anything else about it.

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r/Dexter 2d ago

New Blood canceled



It was expected but apparently network executives are looking into a prequel series… what do you guys think?

If they were to make a prequel series, who would you guys like to see?

r/Dexter 2d ago

I just started watching the show and deb is annoying the fuck out of me anyone else feel this way or is it just me?


r/Dexter 2d ago

Spoiler Please make new bloods ending not Canon.


Tbh don't know why I'm even asking not like the writers are here lmao. But seriously i prefer season 8s ending by a mile compared to the more illogical ending of new blood.

r/Dexter 2d ago

what’s the song deb is listening to when Rudy calls her on the phone?


it’s season 1 ITK she’s like dancing in her room listening to music and he calls her and he makes a joke about the music she is listening to but i can’t remember what song it was.

r/Dexter 3d ago

Happy 52nd birthday to legend Michael C. Hall!

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r/Dexter 3d ago

Meme Now I know where the guy’s key came from.

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r/Dexter 3d ago

Meme You're going to regret sharing that information with me

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r/Dexter 3d ago

Me finishing Dexter Season 8:


“Well that ended poorly, but at least Deb’s gone for New Blood.”

Me starting Dexter: New Blood

“God damn it.”

r/Dexter 3d ago

I asked chatbot to write Batista catching Dexter. It came up with something better than the two endings.


Detective Angel Batista walked into the warehouse, gun drawn, as he searched for Dexter Morgan. He had been hot on the trail of the notorious serial killer for months, and he was determined to bring him to justice.

As he entered the room, he saw Dexter standing at the other end, his back to the door. Batista cautiously approached, his heart pounding in his chest.

"Dexter Morgan, you're under arrest," Batista said firmly. "Turn around slowly and put your hands up."

Dexter turned to face him, his eyes cold and emotionless. Batista could see the blood splatter on Dexter's clothes and he tightened his grip on his gun.

"I know what you've done," Batista said. "I know about all the people you've killed. It's over, Dexter. It's time for you to pay for your crimes."

Dexter didn't move. He just stood there, staring at Batista with a blank expression.

"I don't have a choice, do I?" Dexter said finally, his voice barely above a whisper.

"No, you don't," Batista replied. "It's time to face the consequences of your actions."

For a moment, the two men stood there in silence, facing each other across the room. Then, without warning, Dexter lunged forward, a knife flashing in his hand.

Batista fired his gun, and the sound echoed throughout the warehouse. Dexter crumpled to the ground, his body lifeless.

Batista approached Dexter's body, his heart heavy. He had finally caught the Bay Harbor Butcher, but at what cost? He knelt down beside Dexter and closed his eyes, offering a prayer for the killer's soul.

It was the end of a long and bloody chapter in Miami's history, and Batista could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Dexter's reign of terror was over, and justice had been served.

r/Dexter 3d ago

New Blood S2 is a better idea than Young Dexter


What else is there to learn about a young Dexter, I think we learned everything we need to know in the original series. I know y'all are bitter at the finale of New Blood, but I think a series following Harrison could breathe fresh air into the franchise. Harrison is a new chance at the serial killer anti-hero idea and it has the ability to go anywhere, whereas Young Dexter has little to explore and is limited from his childhood to the beginning of adulthood

r/Dexter 3d ago

What would you rather watch?


r/Dexter 4d ago

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Is Dead as Showtime Eyes Prequel Series Centered on Young Dexter


r/Dexter 3d ago

Why was debra excited thinking Rudy was going to propose


They start dating around halloween he plans to take her out around Christmas she thinks he wants to propose and she’s excited literally wtf even when ppl get married quick they wait at least 6 months or something y wasn’t she creeped out she only j found out where he lived 🤦🏻‍♂️

Also side note why didn’t dexter share his theory on the ice truck killer he helped try to catch him before and this evidence with Rudy’s lip and angel visiting Rudy wouldn’t incriminate him like the doll would’ve and he has expressed no interest in killing the ice truck killer so y won’t he talk like he did abt the ice truck in the first place

r/Dexter 4d ago

I’ve had time to think about the prequel series and I’m interested in what they do.


A part of me is just excited for more dexter. I loved every season of dexter, even the ones people hate and any new dexter is exciting for me but I also don’t know how they can make it captivating when there’s no suspense or threat of getting caught. Unless they mean it’s a reboot but focusing on a younger version of the character then I think I would like that much more since they wouldn’t have to be restricted to the original canon.

Any show that’s similar to dexter will be great so I’m excited for the prequel, I just hope they can surprise us somehow. And obviously make a series long plan so it’s not rushed at the end. New blood was great but it feels like they were forced to kill Dexter by Micheal so they had to do it in one season. It could probably go down as one of the best seasons if it was the same story but just longer and more fleshed out. If they fix that problem from new blood then I would feel better about it.

Overall I’m very optimistic but I hope they surprise us. (And I secretly hope it’s a reboot of young Dexter so it has more freedom)