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I am looking for a new career, what’s the least I can invest for maximum profit? Education

I guess what I am asking is what kind of certifications and what not will pay out pretty decently. I am a struggling single mother and as much as I would love to go back to school I don’t think I can handle a lot of classes on my plate. Thank you for your time!


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u/sarahbae03 Jul 26 '21 edited Jul 27 '21

Just to give my 10 cents here I'm a third year unionized industrial electrical apprentice in ON Canada. By the end of my apprenticeship I will have spent 7 years working towards my license.

There are many factors that go into choosing a trade then working through it. It's exceedingly male dominated (less than 4% are woman electricians in ON) and you need to be prepared to deal with a lot of bullshit that that entails. Please do your research and talk to woman in the trades before diving in ladies. If you have any questions feel free to message.