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u/deebeefunky Oct 01 '22

I’m not convinced. This has to be coincidence. In business the only color that matters is green. You could be purple and have genders coming out your nose, as long as you can make them money then there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ color.

Also, we’re not living in the 20th century anymore. We have BLM, the gender equality movement, Netflix adaptations,… I’m sure there must have been other things wrong with your resume like for example typo’s.


u/profgreybush Oct 01 '22

Just because we have those things doesn't mean systematic racism doesn't exist anymore. It means it still does.


u/deebeefunky Oct 01 '22

I’m sure racism still exists in certain places, but that 200 companies wouldn’t hire OP because they’re the ‘wrong’ color… that’s bullshit.


u/profgreybush Oct 01 '22

Or it actually happened and it's interesting enough to read on reddit. Lot of people in the world. Lots of chances.