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After Star Wars, My Biggest Fear for More Dune Is More Dune Fans


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u/dreffen Jul 25 '21

If that’s the case then I’m still 8 because I let myself be surprised and occasionally get awed.

You can’t let yourself be jaded by everything.


u/OneJobToRuleThemAll Now I am King and Queen, best of both things! Jul 25 '21

Not everything, but the world stops being filled with the same type of wonder it used to be filled with when you understand how stop-and-go motion filming or 3D image composing work.

What I actually take issue with is the idea that society doesn't enjoy things anymore because of a "everything wrong with x" fad of youtube criticism. Yeah, that fad is annoying, but it's not stopping you or the rest of the world from enjoying things, which has in no way or form fallen out of style. The age where not caring was cool was the 90's and 2000's. Even South Park has moved passed that, caring is cool again. Society has moved in the opposite direction, so it seems like it's you who's either jaded or overly habituated and only occasionally awed.