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[Question] Weekly /r/GuildWars2 Question Thread - May 21, 2022


This thread is dedicated to questions that you've never really felt the need to start a thread for, but would still like to see answered/discussed.


Please also consider sorting the comments in this thread by "new" so that the newest comments are at the top, since those are most likely to still need answers.

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[Mod post] Code drop off point


Any other posts about the codes will be deleted

Leave your promo codes here. Do reply when taking them.

We also have people doing code giveaway management in our discord: https://discord.gg/guildwars2

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[Fluff] When you accidentally leave the tag on.

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[Art] Recent commission. If the fern hair were cherry blossoms:

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[Guide] Kaineng CM strategy



After doing my kill + title last night, I would like to explain our strategy that brings a lot of constancy on the orange laser phase. Based on u/ZhaitanK post yesterday and u/Awesumness comment, I found an idea that is quite simple to implement that does not depend on a specific tanking/skill stuff or cheese. This strat looks like the dhuum placement at 10%.


There are 7 possible towers for the sniper, the Li minister's platform can't be used by the sniper. Between each shot the sniper will move clockwise/anticlockwise on a tower and will target the player who was closest to his previous tower before shooting again. Be careful, the sniper can return to his previous tower and move between the tower to the left of the minister (tower 1) and the tower to the right of the minister (tower 7).



The first player targeted before the sniper teleports is always quite difficult to predict (it's better if it's not the tank), so I suggest that players place themselves in anticipation on the marks to facilitate the fight knowing that the DPSCheck is null if almost nobody dies. This anticipation takes place at two moments: after the double green push and after the numbers on the mech. For the mech numbers, the players must be in their positions by the fifth attack of the mech.



Now let's explain the strategy of the marks. Let's assume that all 10 players are alive when they arrive on the mech/sniper phase. The two most confident players for tanking (2*ham/hfb usually) + a bu (specter) will go to the center (on the mech) during the orange laser phase. The other 7 players will go to their own defined mark before the fight. This way we avoid all possible ricochets.


In the following, I call position X, the position of the zip-line to go up to Minister Li.


Once the players are in place, there are three rules:

  1. No one moves from their marker until the end of the 3 shots (everyone can easily take a shot/and often even two). It is the ricochet between close players that is fatal.
  2. If a rez has to take place, it is done at a distance by a signet as long as the orange laser phase is there. Normally, if you are full life, you should not be knocked down.
  3. The first player targeted by the orange laser, and only him, will move quickly to the X position so that he will never be shooted a second time since it is not a tower. He has approximately 7 seconds to make this move, so don't panic. During this time the bu will go and take its position.


Practical cases:

  • If the first player targeted by the laser is the player of the tower 1 for example, this player moves to the X position and the bu will take his tower 1 place.
  • If it is the non-tanking heal at center who is marked, he moves to position X and the other players do not move.
  • If the bu at center is marked, he moves to position X and the other players do not move.
  • If the first player is the tank (this case should not happen if the anticipation of the placement takes place), the tank goes to the position X and the other heal takes over the tanking, the other players do not move from their mark. The bu stays in the center.
  • If someone dies in the arena near a mark, you can consider that this mark is already filled, and the player who was in that position before the death, if not him, must take the vacant mark.
  • If a player has to deal with the orange laser and the laser mech at the same time, he has to move slightly outside his mark without entering the other players area.

This way you can be sure not to get into a ricochet, easily distribute the shots without having to think about the first sniper's tower. Moving the first target to position X is important because it is the only free position in the arena that will avoid ricochet and will allow him not to be retargeted. Don't forget that it is only the first one of each orange laser phase that moves and you have to announce the bu mark to replace if necessary.


Once you are comfortable with the sniper's towers movements mechanics, some players on the marks will know that the sniper can never move to them and target them. These players can move to the center earlier.


TLDR; Strategy based on marks which allows to better apprehend the mechanics of the orange sniper laser without panic


EDIT: As discussed in the comments, this strategy won't last long, but it will give you a stable idea of how to make your first kill until you understand how the sniper movements and its ricochet work. In the coming weeks a more intuitive strategy will take over with double tanking, queeuing as Teapot explains or another cheese.

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[News] Cinematic Animator Da-Hee Im has left ArenaNet

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[Art] Fell in love with the game a year ago, decided to draw my main and share some sylvari love!

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Why Am I So Bad At Being Good?

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[Art] Geralt of Tyria!

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[News] -- Developer response Fix incoming for Zhaitan Legendary Collection

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Noob ? - Whats the floating cloud thing I see everywhere?


Its not a very big cloud, and it looks like little shocks of lightning in it. But I cant interact with it or do anything near it. Ive seen at least one in every zone so far?

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[Other] I would love to see a Geotastic-/GeoGuessr-inspired game based in Tyria πŸ—ΊπŸ”


I got into Geotastic (which itself is inspired by GeoGuessr) a while ago and really love it. If you never heard about the game: You get thrown to somewhere in the world in Google street view and have to guess pick your location on a world map.

A friend of mine told me earlier that some kind of Guild Wars 2 geo quiz would be awesome and I have to agree! I came across Where in Warcraft? which is pretty much this idea in WoW.

What do you think?

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[Art] A commission of Cali's Elementalist!

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[Fluff] As a new solo player, i finally reached my long term goal.


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[Other] Inexperienced players unite!


I've seen a number of comments here from inexperienced players who are timid to try end game content. Maybe you don't think you're good enough or you've had a bad experience with LFG.

Well, a group of us banded together after some similar comments on this very sub and are creating a space for players like you. We're a group of players with varying levels of experience looking to learn - and fail - together. We're not running comps or doing DPS checks or asking for abbreviated things we don't even understand. If we win that's great but we totally expect to fail and learn together.

We're open to both NA and EU players looking to run strikes, fractals, dungeons and maybe even raids. All we ask is that you be excellent to each other and accept failure as a real possibility until we learn together.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Qb9DfC7S

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[Event] [Muse] invites to their game themed concert on Saturday! 🎢

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[VoD] Solo Arah P3 - Bladesworn [12:47]

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[Art] Commission for my main Deathblade. Credits to Yuki!

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[News] World Linking 5/27/2022

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[Other] These 2 screenshots are less than an hour apart. Nice start of the day!

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[Discussion] Let's talk LFG, general UI/HUD and combat issues

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Let me start by saying that GW2 is a great game - but even great games can have issues, so in an effort to make this game better, i want to talk about what i feel are some of the most glaring issues. Hopefully these get adressed before the Steam release, as they will impact new players comming from Steam as well, which in turn could harm the reputation of this wonderful game unnessecarily.


The LFG tool desperately needs an overhaul, no doubt. While things like Raid sellers may be a thorn in the side of some players, they don't actively disrupt your ability to join a group and play with them on the same map - unlike the process of joining a group via LFG, then joining their map, only to find yourself in a different instance.

When this happens, it's still not clear if the instance where your new group plays is already full, so you have to try to join their instance. It really is hit or miss. This is currently the only way to see if an instance is full - by not being on said instance and communicating that to the people in said instance.

However, smaller groups for instanced content such as Raids, Strikes and Fractals have their own issues. Mainly the absence of player roles, as currently the commander has to rely on their memory or writing things down externally. This becomes even harder and more annoying to manage when someone leaves and doesn't state the role which just left the squad.

  • Solution:

  • Implement a way to see in advance if a groups map instance is full. If the instance where the commander currently plays on is full, add a symbol to that groups LFG listing.

  • Implement player roles in a similar way that moving between sub groups is handled. Allow players to self assign a role which then is visible in the group window and allow commanders to lock that feature so they can do it themselves if the situation requires it.

General UI/HUD:

The current UI of GW2 has no meaningful customizability, apart from being able to move the radar and chat from one corner to another.

Half the window positions don't get remembered, like bank and crafting for example, while other window positions do get remembered, even across sessions, like inventory or vendor windows. Most windows can't be resized, some can't even be moved around.

This results in some awkward situations, to give one example: The bank vault has an inventory view on the left side, however this displays your inventory only in rows of 4, which is borderline unusable if you have a big inventory that is somewhat filled up. So personally, i use the bank vault interface alongside my normal inventory window, which then presents the issue that due to the bank window position not being remembered, it overlaps positions with my inventory window. So every time i want to use the bank, i have to move the bank window to one side by about as much as the useless inventory view on the left takes up in the first place. Naturally the bank window isn't resizable and the 4-row inventory view can't be disabled, so i have no way to solve this issue myself.

Every dynamic HUD element is fixed in position, with no way to change it, other than to completely disable it. This results in a number of minor annoyances with overlaps of announcements on unmovable windows, but the big one (for me at least) is the enemy HP bar. Especially when playing WvW, it can make it basically impossible to target certain enemies on walls when close enough, because the HP bar of another enemy is in the way.

The boon and buff display is too cluttered with all kinds of map effects, banners, and more.

  • Solution:

  • Fully implement the "remember position" feature for ALL windows in the game that can be moved around.

  • Generally implement UI customizability in the way that already exists in GW2s 17 year old predecessor, Guild Wars 1. There, each and every UI element and window can be resized and moved around with near infinite freedom, allowing each player to tailor it to their needs.

  • Implement a way for players to put boons and other effects into seperate groups, which they can then move to different positions to clean up the boon&buff interface.

  • Bonus: Allow players to move around their weapon skills, as already possible with utility. Extra bonus for character/class specific keybinds.


The combat in GW2 mainly suffers from bad targetting. Clicking on targets is unreliable at best, tab targetting sometimes outright ignores enemies that are in range and "select nearest target" happily locks you to a Moa that is minding its own business half a mile behind you while a big Zerg of enemy players is in the center of your peripheral view. Sometimes tab targetting is also ignoring enemies right behind you, even if they are completely unobstructed.

Some targeted skills automatically turn your character towards the enemy before activating (even while moving) while others go on a short cooldown if you are moving while pressing the button. This feels inconsistent.

  • Solution:

  • Implement an option to prefer enemy targets over neutral and allied targets, for all click, tab and nearest-enemy targetting. If technically possible, improve click targetting, as this is what new players comming from Steam will mainly use in the beginning.

  • Make the way in which targeted skills sometimes turn your character or go on cooldown consistent across the board.

Also please finally do something against afk farmers, at least before all the new Steam players have to see this.

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[Question] How to enter guildwars2 game key on the website?

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hey As in the title, I have a question if someone can provide a tutorial on how to enter the key for guild wars 2 elite edition in the launderer or on the website?

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[Question] I can not see my Nevermore anymore

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Hi all

Is someone else having this problem: I cannot see my Nevermore on my back when it is not drawn. I can see my Exordium on my back but not my Nevermore. It is on all maps. I only see Exordium when undrawn... but just not Nevermore.

Can someone please tell me if you see Nevermore when not using it/idle?

Thank you :-)

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[Question] Are dungeons not usually ran?


Hey I'm a brand new player, and have been leveling normally farming mobs. I've tried finding groups around the dungeons and using the lfg tool, but it took me like 3 hours to find a group.

Is that normal or is there other content I should be looking to group with? Thanks for any info!

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[Shout-out] Shout out to that dude yesterday that did Sandswept Isles north meta with me and a few


I was working towards vision, and kinda got stuck cause no one was in the map, mostly due to my time zone (+8:00), and people mostly moved on from LS4 maps.

Tried tagging up in LFG and slowly solo the meta, prediction were I would get blender-ed by the echos as usual and go to bed. No, this dude jumped in from lfg and joined the map.

He/She had a rather.....jolly personality, commenting he was just looking for a group to do the meta with, saying I was the "best commander ever", despite I got my tag just 2 weeks ago. He made fun of the idea of the echos swirling us around so much it made him barf, commented on the landscape and the richness of ores around the map.

I chuckled in front of the monitor a bit but didn't response in game. It was past 00:00 am at my time and a bit past night night time for a random old dude such as I. English isn't my first language, and my brain is slowing down, I just wanted to get through the meta and call it a night.

I slept, woke up, got to work, and somehow remembered "hey that was actually a fairly nice person" that I failed to respond to.

So here we are, if you're reading this, great job last night, sorry I was kind of a mute, and may your travels be adventurous but safe.

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[Art] DEADEYE in a NUTSHELL(Nother dumb comic thingy with one of my mains)

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[VoD] Kaineng CM - minstrel Heal scourge POV

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