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[Question] Weekly /r/GuildWars2 Question Thread - October 01, 2022


This thread is dedicated to questions that you've never really felt the need to start a thread for, but would still like to see answered/discussed.


Please also consider sorting the comments in this thread by "new" so that the newest comments are at the top, since those are most likely to still need answers.

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[Guide] Steam Launch FAQ! Full Steam Ahead. Coming to Steam August 23rd.


Steam FAQ. I'll add to this as needed as I see useful stuff to include!

When is the steam launch going live?

Tuesday 23rd August at around 19:00 UTC. That's Midday Pacific in the US, 3PM Eastern, 8PM UK time, 9PM for most of Central Europe. Anyone else, google's that way ->

Can I move my existing account to Steam?


Will Steam have regional pricing?


How much will the game be on steam?

Base game is free to play, or "play for free" using GW2's phrasing. Lots to do in the base game, thousands of hours of stuff to do. But the expansions cost money. Steam doesn't have prices up (yet) so keep checking. When I know I'll edit this. My army of discord helpers will prod me I'm sure ;)

Anything else to buy?

There's Living World. This is the content in between expansions broken down into Seasons. Each season provides different content. Eg: New maps, new mounts, new achievements, new cosmetics, new titles, new places to farm, new stories, new mastery points, new masteries, new ways to gear up, and so on. This is not included with expansion purchase. You can buy it later, and even pay it with gold -> gem converting! (f2p cannot convert gold to gems though)

Will there be new servers?

There's not going to be any new servers/worlds. You do not need to worry about login queues or being told the map you're traveling to is full, or any of that nonsense. The way GW2 works is that new instances of a map are generated and closed as needed. Wizard.

Will Steam players only play with other Steam players?

Nope. You get thrown in with everyone else. Regular accounts and Steam accounts all play together. This however does mean that you might need to be a bit creative with your unique character name. If you wish to have lore friendly names then the wiki has you covered. The asura naming scheme, for example!

I started my character. Now what. Where's my story?

Your first experiences in game once out of the short tutorial instance will be to explore! Story starts at level 10, and you get a few missions to do, then back to making your own fun. Story continues every 10 levels, a few missions at a time. In the mean time, explore, gather, craft, try structured PvP if you want! (The other PvP mode World vs World will open up later / be more relevant later on!)

Was that a mount? I want a mount.

Nothing in the core game needs a mount, but they are fun! At level 10 you will get your first mount, the Raptor. If you are a f2p player then you only get this for a 10 hour trial. If you want to keep it, you'll need to buy Path of Fire or End of Dragons. Remember, nothing in core needs a mount, and you wont be able to upgrade it or get other mounts until Path of Fire or End of Dragons anyway. So don't fret too much!

I bought the game and got a level booster. Should I use it?

This is a very divisive Q&A in the community. Generally speaking, don't boost your first character. Go through the 1-80 journey taking your time, learning things bit by bit. Even the most grizzled MMO veteran can get confused on how Guild Wars 2 does things, so my advice.... just enjoy the ride. If boosting to 80 and getting started from there is a deal breaker to you, sure, go ahead. Just be prepared to do a lot of reading of the wiki and other player made resources.

A Wiki you say? Is it good?

The GW2 Wiki is amazing. It's hosted by ArenaNet, meaning we don't have to deal with ads or other obnoxious things, but all the contributions are by players. Discover something new? Add it to the wiki! Found an error? Edit the wiki! The wiki lives here by the way: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page

Where else can I get help? Or just meet people to chat?

GW2 has a vibrant and diverse community that makes content or just generally aims to make your life in Tyria a much better one. I couldn't possibly list all the creators, but if you're looking for starter guides, look towards the Hardstuck community lead by Mighty Teapot, or streamers like Mukluk Douglas Bartholomew Reginald Esquire the Fourth, or just.... Mukluk. A quick google will bring up tutorials by these people and many many more. (I love you all and want to list every single content creator but I'd be here til the cows come home <3) Please though, recommend your favourite content creators or some video samples in the comments!

Where can I chat to players out of the game?

Pretty much every content creator will have their own little community. And there's plenty of general or niche discords too. We have communities for artist, for roleplayers, for PvPers, for Trading Post Barons, for achievement hunters and event spammers, for chasing shiny things for.... you get it.

The Reddit Community Discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/guildwars2

The GW2 Discord Hub Discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/yF8WD5ZKGj

Some more useful links and stuff:

GW2's Steam FAQ: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053416353-Steam-FAQ

Explore GW2: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/explore-the-world-of-guild-wars-2/

Dunno what to play?: https://youtu.be/y4D2dqG0eoE

Dak's new player guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/User:Dak393/New_player_Guide (Dak is an extremely wonderful community member who helps out with the Wiki and the Guild Wars 2 Discord server. I gotta give him a shoutout <3) There's so much information in one place I highly recommend bookmarking this. Just don't try and read it all at once :D .

Welcome to Tyria. We're so glad you popped by. We hope you enjoy your time with us! :)

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[Discussion] Story mode dungeons should be solo-able.


They are huge part of core game story: the destiny edge members’ history with each other and their dynamic shown in these optional area, how they hated each other and how they learn to grow to get to the end fight with Zhaitan. It is such a shame that these dungeons are so tedious and unrewarding that basically no one plays them. Hope there is more reason for players to revisit them outside of dailies, or at least make story mode easier so that you can solo it for the storyline.

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[Discussion] Grouch Appreciation Post


Grouch, you have been a blessing so far and as a player who has played since the start, I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times. Since you’ve taken over I’ve seriously had hope for the first time in a while. You’re making good choices and putting the right people in charge, looking at you CmC <3.

Truly, thank you for the level of passion you bring and your level of interaction with the player base.

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[News] -- Developer response GW2 Outage for F2P Players - Anet is looking at an emergency fix

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[Fluff] Gen 3 Legendaries go well with Vindicator

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[Discussion] Suggestion : change "Endless Reinforcing Contract" to "Permanent Jade Bot Workbench Access Contract"

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[Art] Imperial Sniper

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[Article] Pcgamer.com ranks GW2 at spot 35 in 'Top 100 pc games of 2022'! :-)

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[Other] I'm sitting here all sad meanwhile my friends is laughing at me

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[Art] WIP of my norn with her cute dragon scarf~

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[Art] Made a GWtwober prompt list! Feel free to recreate some of them as art/screens/edits/fashion ~

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[Request] Anet, please mute open world npc conversations when story conversations are active.


I dont know how many times while not in an instanced story the open world npc have their own conversations intertwined with the story one. Then i have to wait for it to be over so i can read the chat to understand what he said. especially when theres a meta event and some npc is on the comms.. If anybody know how i can solve this please tell me

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[Art] What I want as a Mech Option

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[Fluff] Less youthful faces?


Maybe this is a beaten-to-death topic across the years, but I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one who wants less youthful faces available during character creation, or even with Makeover kits.

No matter what I do, every human female face ends up with the mostly smooth-looking skin of a 25-year old, with no way to age the character aside from gray hair. I want my badass old lady Scrapper aesthetic to stick, but the game makes it really hard.

Just a bit bummed out. Not a dealbreaker, but it still sucks.

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[News] Cardinal Sabir: 4 Men by Completely Trash [cT]


4 Men Cardinal Sabir | 6:49 | DPS Log 💀

cT YouTube Channel

cT Discord


Cardinal Sabir is a raid boss in wing 7, to whom a lot of raiders fell victim, due to his cruel coordinated CC bar and wisps. But we decided to avenge the lot of you!

Spec Player POV
Scourge MoonMoon
Berserker Dean
Alac Specter Kobi
Specter No POV 😔

Our Approach

  • CC Bar: Sabir CC bar demand a coordination of 6 raiders with special key so this was the main challenge. We used 4 special keys and added personal CC as well most notable from the Scourge and the Alac specter. Further more we chose Specter and Scourge as they could rush the CC bars as fast as possible. Not to mention we added Sigil of Paralyzation.
  • Vuln: With this set up there is an issue with Vuln so the way we countered it is having a Scourge with passive vuln, 2 specters with 'Even the Odds' and the berserker leap. With this approach we managed to sustain almost 25 stacks of vuln at all time.
  • Wave: While Sabir has a CC bar he gains reduced damage stacks so in order to avoid that as much as possible we used a scourge portal to portal in and insta CC break the CC bar instead of flying up and delaying the CC.
  • Sustain: Most sustain came from the Alac specter barrier and a little bit from the DPS specter, Scourge and Berserker banner of defense.
  • Jumping Puzzle: We used Scourge portal to skip one platform instead of a thief portal because with 4 men 60 seconds were very tight to get to the position you can actually portal without losing DPS. Therefor we decided to skip an add and use super speed with banner to hasten that jumping puzzle.


Completely Trash is a Beginner Hardcore Raid/Strike guild which targets low men and speed clears. Feel free to join our discord or follow us as we are trash 🗑😄🗑 If by any chance you want to join our guild make contact!

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[E-Sports] Hardstuck Griffon Masters Competition Stream!


Hey everyone,

The Hardstuck Griffon Masters Competition Stream is starting at 12:15pm EST!

Watch the stream here


A lot of great entries will be showcased on stream, showing the best the Griffon flying community has to offer!

Winners will be announced on stream!

For more info on this event you can check out our last reddit post here:


Prize Distribution is as follows: Community chest codes & Gems are Sponsored by Arenanet!

1st Place: 3,000g 1,200 Gems , X1 Community Chest Code

2nd Place: 2,000g 800 Gems , X1 Community Chest Code

3rd Place: 1,500g 400 Gems , X1 Community Chest Code

4th Place: 1,000g X1 Community Chest Code

5th Place: 500g X1 Community Chest Code

6th Place: 400g

7th Place: 400g

8th Place: 400g

9th Place: 400g

10th Place: 400g

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[Question] WTF with Drizzlewood lagspikes


Crazy man, I think it started what, 2 patches ago?

Tonight I was just in there doing map complete, and twice precisely at the cave exit east of the northern waypoint just locked up for a good 4-5 seconds. Then when I jumped in the meta the fight didn't have any but flying away post loot - a couple of times again.

It NEVER used to be like this.

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[News] servers are back


Source: just logged in

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[Art] Illustrated some of the World Bosses!

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[Art] The New Kaineng City Skyline as seen from the North Peninsula in Seitung Province.

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[Discussion] Guild Armor/weapons should not be locked behind HoT guild halls


With the influx of new players i recommended to get the recipe for guild armor. It is cheap to craft and offers free stat selection, so you can get otherwise harder to get stats like diviner.

There is just one problem. In order to craft guild armor or weapons you need either shimmering crystals or tenebrous crystals. They can be aquired by gathering the nodes in Lost Precipice and Gilded Hollow respectively. You might already see the problem here. If your guild owns a guild hall from PoF or EoD you wont be able to acquire these materials and so you wont be able to craft guild armor/weapons.

Of course you could join some second guild that owns one of the HoT guild halls, but why should you have to? Something like GUILD armor/weapons should be accessible for all guilds regardless what kind of guild hall they choose. Therefore i suggest a minor change. Each gathering strike in a guild hall should have a rare chance to yield either a shimmering or tenebrous crystal no matter in what hall you gather them.

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[Question] Elegant Canthan Outfit: Is there a female body type that actual fits the outfit? (sale ending soon)

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[Request] Can we please get some rework on the buff/boon bar?

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[News] F2P account issue upgraded to All accounts. Emergency Fix being worked on.

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[Discussion] Will the infusions for Verdant Brink and Dragon's Stand ever be added?


It was confirmed before that all 4 maps were supposed to drop an amulet with a special effect like the ones from Tangled Depths and Auric Basin. Here is the link for the one from Verdant Brink, their APIs were made but they were never implemented: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Charged_Quartz_Orichalcum_Amulet_of_the_Sky

Do you think they should add the infusion? Anet added an infusion as a possible drop to Dragon's End to make players more likely to play it, right now Verdant Brink meta is dead, most players only kill matriarch then leave, it could be a nice way to revitalise the map if they added the infusion as a rare possible reward for completing the last tier during the night meta. And peopel do Dragon's Stand only to craft the ingots for leggy weapons. Also I like the liquid aurilium and chak infusion effects, they are auras and arent too flashy and it would be cool if they could add the infusions that they couldn't complete back then before HoT expansion. I don't think many would be doing the Tangled Depths meta nowadays if the chak infusion didnt exist, so why not add the rest and make HoT more popular as it is also the first expansion that the new steam players start.

I think Anet may add them if enough players asked for them and it would make the old maps more popular again. What do you think?

Edit: I know some people hate infusion effects and will be completely against the idea of new infusions, but Anet will continue to add them, this is more about completing an old item and revitalising an old map.

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[Question] -- Developer response I was kicked out and now I cant even login back to game


Please if someone can help me... Recently I was doing personal story, drinking competition, when the window in game showed up and said something about how my f2p char is about to be logged out, because there is some dlc event. I was surprised, but ok.. my game crashed and now I can't even log back in, its saying...

I tried to restart it, but no fix..