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[Other] Pulled this insanity off by accident while doing mapcomp

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[Other] Why aren't unlimited gathering tools part of legendary armory?


Basically what the title says. Having to purchase gathering tools is a pain and realistically if you spend the near 3000 gems for a full set of gathering tools you should be able to use that set across your entire account. Have the Devs ever made comment about this>

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[Other] I keep seeing people say that AFK farming costs more in electricity than the cost of the gems to buy that same gold. Is it true? I did the math.


TLDR: No. It's not true. I'm no fan of afk farming, but the "gems are cheaper" argument just isn't true.

The average price of a kwh in the US is 12 cents. That means if you run something that consumes 1000 watts for an hour, you'll pay $0.12. If you use a kind of higher end pc, that's about 400 watts - so, about $0.05 per hour. That's assuming AFK farming pushes your PC to max capacity, which itself is unlikely - and that you're not using your PC for anything else - but let's be conservative in our assumptions. Let's assume that it costs 400 watts per hour to afk farm.

So it's $0.05/hour to run the computer. Assuming 5g per hour afk farming (that seems to be the number being thrown around, idk if it's true), that's $0.01 per 1g - one cent per gold.

Right now, according to GW2efficiency, $10 buys 169g, which is $0.06 per 1g.

Now, that's the average kwh in the US - many people are above that. So let's look at that: for gems to be the same price as the electricity, electricity would have to be 6 times the average - you'd have to be paying MORE than $0.78/kwh for gems to be more economical than afk farming. For reference, the highest kwh price in the USA is Hawaii, which is $0.34/kwh.


KWH price info comes from here:

I couldn't find a definitive source on average gaming PCs, so I used a few different mediocre sources, and they all seemed to agree on the 400W figure:

But even if 400w is low, the math shows: the difference is a factor of 6 - and there's no gaming PC running at 2400W - and if it is, the amount of GW2 accounts you could run with that much power would humiliate the 5g/hour figure.

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[Other] When you hear Mistlock Sanctuary theme

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[Other] IBS: Champions has broken me


I want to get through all of the story content before I start EoD and then I hit Champions. Ive read the threads referencing how disappointing IBS was when compared to the rest of the GW2 content, but my God, I wasnt prepared for this. I just stare into the void while I play as much as I can before burying my face into my hands and begin weeping.

"Rata Sum is under attack..."

"By the destroyers, yeah I got it..."

"Thunderhead Keep is under attack..."

"By destroyers??"



"Ebonhawke is under attack..."

"Plz dont..."




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[Other] Is going afk in PvP normal now? Dude gives up 60 seconds in due to his team not playing "meta."

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[Other] No Requirement LFG is an Adventure

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[Other] Scarlet Witch RP - How does it look? Any skin/dye suggestions? (light armor)

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[Other] So... I made the cocktail from Club Canach and it was actually pretty good!



Bartender Winn Schwartzmeier and a Kestrel Patron have some dialogue at Club Canach that you walk up to the bar.

"I heard you're good at surprises",

"mmhmm, but first I need to know what you like"

Winn asks a few more questions and and they arrive at "gin, lemon, grapefruit, elderflower, and a sprig of rosemary" - which actually sounded really good so I decided to try it out!

Here's my version:

1.5 oz of your favorite Gin - I used local one I like (Compass Gin)

3/4 oz of Elderflower Liqueur (St. Germain)

1/2 oz of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

3/4 oz of freshly squeezed Grapefruit Juice

1/2 oz of Simple Syrup (1:1 ratio)

Garnish with Rosemary

Start by muddling a few leaves of rosemary in the bottom of a Boston shaker. Add Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, freshly squeezed Lemon Juice, Grapefruit Juice, and Simple Syrup. Add ice and shake. Double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Please Enjoy! Let me know if you tried the recipe, made any changes or have some suggestions!

about me: casual player, big fan of the series, started playing in my late teens with the original guild wars. Thoroughly enjoyed EOD. Got into mixing cocktails/amateur bartending during Covid lockdowns (lol). Still practicing, learning! :)

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[Other] How long have we been in Cantha again?

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[Other] Summer nightmare is close


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[Other] Inexperienced players unite!


I've seen a number of comments here from inexperienced players who are timid to try end game content. Maybe you don't think you're good enough or you've had a bad experience with LFG.

Well, a group of us banded together after some similar comments on this very sub and are creating a space for players like you. We're a group of players with varying levels of experience looking to learn - and fail - together. We're not running comps or doing DPS checks or asking for abbreviated things we don't even understand. If we win that's great but we totally expect to fail and learn together.

We're open to both NA and EU players looking to run strikes, fractals, dungeons and maybe even raids. All we ask is that you be excellent to each other and accept failure as a real possibility until we learn together.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Qb9DfC7S

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[Other] Thats it Guys. I made it! My first step through the legendary weapon!

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[Other] PSA: 20 Ascended Salvage Kit in Fractal Reliquary today


Just in case you're not checking in on the reg: it's back.

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[Other] My Willbender.

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[Other] Hardstuck Guild attempting to trick players, making fake squads


Edit: Please see /u/MightyTeapot's post, this situation has been rectified. I'm glad this sort of mentality is being addressed. Thank you.

Greetings! You may have seen people ask in Dragon's End "Meta?" or claim they are fishing - this is a tactic used by guild Hardstuck to trick people into leaving their maps, which I've seen several of their squads and commanders do (whilst hiding their tag of course), but today they've taken it a step further.

Sorry for weird white boxes, tried to remove other peoples names.

This is one of their big commanders as I understand it, named pang. He created a fake squad on his other account JUST to trick people into joining a dead map.

They don't want this meta to be nerfed, and say it's ok because they have 100000% win rate, but they trick people with such underhanded methods to get those win rates for open world content?? wasting people's time by tricking them into joining a dead map isn't cool..

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[Other] Here's my Trahearne cosplay character! Very happy with how he turned out!😄

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[Other] Dragon's End bonus chests aren't even worth opening (no spoiler)

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[Other] This game is so beautiful . I'm not even on ultra graphics!

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[Other] [CnD] Crits N Dips | Vale Guardian | 1:43


Hello Reddit,

We are happy to present to you an EoD Spec only (ignore the two Soulbeasts) Vale Guardian kill in 1:43.






Subgroup 1 Subgroup 2
Catalyst — Sven Catalyst — Lunar
Virtuoso — Tipcat Catalyst — Yulian
Harbinger — Aphrodite Lady Bladesworn — Nagy
Soulbeast — PardoBear Soulbeast — Frenzy
Specter — Bovan Specter — Cineq


Specter was the Core of our Strategy. This spec has amazing group healing without investing anything into it, which allowed us to skip the healer. They also covered Fury and Swiftness, as well as 3 Stacks of Might for their respective subgroups.


The Virtuoso was mainly taken for the knockback via Psychic Force. Additionally, the Virtuoso also brought Boonstrip for the Blue Guardian, which made the entire Splitphase way safer as we didn't have to meet a DPS check there.


The Bladesworn supplied us with Banners and Might. In addition to that, the Bladesworn deals amazing damage in every phase and split, while also doing 500 breakbar damage during the splitphase without losing any damage. Due to the Specters already covering Fury and Catalysts providing a decent amount of Might, the Mightsworn was able to drop "For Great Justice!".


Our original plan didn't involve a Harbinger, but as time went on we realized that we needed one. The red guardian needed a support class to not fall behind the other guardian and Harbinger became the obvious choice, as it can also provide 20 Stacks of might. In addition to that, the Harbinger was also our tank.


The Soulbeasts were taken for their amazing damage through One Wolf Pack, the ability to provide Frost Spirit and Moa Stance to compensate for the missing third Catalyst in one subgroup.


We originally had all 3 Catalysts in the same Subgroup, but once we started to take a second Soulbeast we split them up. Catalysts have a lot of hits, which makes it more likely to trigger One Wolf Pack on cooldown, therefore increasing the DPS of our Soulbeasts. Two Catalysts were enough to provide quickness in Subgroup 2 with the help of Moa Stance.

We've had great fun working on this kill! See you next time! <3

— CnD

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[Other] PSA: If you are having trouble keeping an enemy targeted, disable "Right click to attack/interact"


Made an alt account, couldn't figure out why I suddenly keep targeting clones. Turns out having this "Right click to attack/interact" enabled causes you to target random things when repositioning your camera in combat.

It's in the combat options

Having this option enabled by default explains why I see so many streamers struggle to target bosses (Dragon's End in particular).

This option is enabled by default and is one of many default options that make combat a horrible experience, next to camera shake, double tap to evade, melee attack assist, auto targeting, no lock ground target at maximum skill range, no skill cooldown numbers, disabled effect lod and more.

Edit: Propably get rid of "Double click to attack/interact" as well unless you actively use it.

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[Other] Fishing post-Cod feels a lot more relaxing.


No more achievements to chase. No more tight dusk/dawn FOMO. No more saltwater fish grind till my eyes bleed. No more Orr and Ascalon Fishing requirement. Just fish until I get bored.

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[Other] A while ago, i did a Thor cosplay, just wanted to share it


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[Other] It's 3 am. I'm hunting for my Skyscale scales half asleep. A burning chopper falls out of the sky, insta kills me and doesn't even let me respawn. I am subtly reminded that I had University tomorrow and that I needed to go to bed. Goodnight fellows gamers :D

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[Other] "Do your own LFG" - Perspective of a new commander.


Some words about me: Bought the commander tag when it was 100g and I barely organized anything other than some world metas. Playing this game on and off and I have 150Li. Experienced in W1-W4 and wanted to make my own group.

I wanted to do LFG on my own to do a W1 full clear just to gate some LI and have fun. I asked in my guild what is the meta and what should I look for. 2alac 2quick 1 tank 1heal and 4 DPS. Easy.

People started to Pop in pinging LI and saying roles. After a while due to waiting and other things people started to leave, or swap character or not saying anything. I put people in subgroup2 who defined the role. Almost 15 min (we did it in afternoon) the group filled and I was happy.

We had 4 mech 2 mirage 2 FB 1holo(me) and 1 scourge. Here is the problem. I lost What does what. Which mech is the tank? Which Fb is dps? WHo gives alac? And later it was worse because someone switched to druid for gorse. Had complaints about alac uptime. Who to switch? Then a mirage kited. Had a guildmate who was a Lieutenant but without him and the experienced people it would be a hot mess.

I felt useless as a commander and was frustrated. I don't know if I should have a paper and pen and write everything down by hand. We cleared the wing without issue, but with the current UI I won't organize any raids or strikes in the future.

In WoW on the other hand the UI helps a lot and everyone can select the role. Do we have anything, an option or an addon to help organize groups? Like sorting the groups by concentration stat or something?