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Daily Vent Thread r/HermanCainAward Daily Vent Thread - January 26, 2022


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IPA (Immunized to Prevent Award) Finally fully vaxxed.. thanks to this sub!

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Awarded As a cancer survivor, Hard Lee should have been first in line to get vaccinated. Instead he listened to disinformation and his body gave out.

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Awarded Family lost two siblings this month. He, of course, was a Joe Rogan fan. (Repost with missed redact)

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Awarded Red was pro Trump but anti vax. Her natural remedies didn't help her in the end.

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Grrrrrrrr. After ending up on a ventilator for weeks, this guy is using his second chance at life to get Facebook likes by spreading the same propaganda that landed him in the ICU in the first place.

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Grrrrrrrr. Iowa doctor goes national and stages hospital 'jailbreaks' for COVID-19 patients

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Awarded "Orange" passed away soon after his mother. Friends put the blame squarely on COVID Disinformers.

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Grrrrrrrr. Children's Museum of Denver closes for 10 days because of anti-maskers 😡

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Nominated The Alabaster Author hates vaccines, masks, the LGBT and Fauci. He does like noted news source sarahpalin.com. How does that work out mathematically? He claims he has a 50/50 chance of living or dying. Chance of a nomination? 100 percent.

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Awarded Brazilian philosopher and Bolsonaro guru, Olavo de Carvalho died of Covid-19 after saying that "this pandemic doesn't exist". I decided to translate some of his tweets

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Awarded Indiana Red earns a HCA

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Nominated Meet Senor Scarlet! He's had people around him die of COVID, but that didn't convince him to get vaxxed. He liked strawmen arguments and anti-vax memes more. Now, Scarlet is on a vent with a collapsed lung.

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Redemption Award Update to redemption awardee: the (literal) cost of covid, for 17 days on a vent. No redactions, as they’ve shared their story on the news.

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Meta / Other Blue Kidney Bean is mad that he is no longer "active" to receive a transplant because he refuses to get the vaccine. From his *fourth* FB account:

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Awarded A 55 year old man from St. Louis, Missouri collects his Herman Cain Award. He wasn't going to trust the "science". Instead, he chose to take his chances without the vaccine since there's a "99% survival rate". He's now been awarded his trophy as part of the 1% that didn't survive.

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IPA (Immunized to Prevent Award) There is always hope

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Meta / Other Quarantine is the period of time during which a person or animal that has a disease or that might have a disease is kept away from others to prevent the disease from spreading. Stupidity is when you refuse to listen to experts. - The quarantine compilation part 1.

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Grrrrrrrr. I will never get to see my grandmother again


Get vaccinated.

I just got off a video call to say goodbye to my grandmother who is currently dying of covid. My daughter will never get to meet her. She will miss my brother’s wedding. She won’t get to see my finish my PhD. I will never see her again. I’m not even able to say a real goodbye.

She is exactly the type of person that covid destroys. My grandmother is in her 80s, obese, starting to lose her memory, lower kidney function, difficulty getting around, was slowly getting worse in general due to age. Because of these things she had mostly been at home throughout the pandemic except for doctor visits and small family events, and was able to avoid covid for the most part.

Unfortunately, she veered heavily into various right wing conspiracies and also skepticism about the vaccines. I don’t have direct knowledge about what she thought, just what filtered through from my mom. These beliefs led her to not get vaccinated. Nothing we said could change her mind. Not her own work history, not my cousin the pharmacist or her husband the medical supply salesman, not my girlfriend the nurse or my PhD work in genetics, not even that everyone else in the family got the vaccine as soon as possible. Nothing was persuasive.

In her working life, she was a respiratory therapist. She knew intimately the procedures that many people have gone through to try to save/extend their lives after having covid. That is probably why she had it in her living will to forgo most of the potential treatments. She had the thought process that she had lived a long life and if it’s her time, then that’s it. Essentially one step away from suicide with her conditions.

Being unvaccinated finally caught up with her and she fell ill 11 days ago. Was able to get diagnosed and was given monoclonal antibodies within 24 hours, so we were hopeful. But 8 days ago they called the ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. Every day seemed to be a mixture of good and bad news, but definitely with a downward trajectory. This morning my mom called to say her oxygen was getting worse and they were putting her on “end of life care” so she wouldn’t become distressed.

My girlfriend and I live half the world away in her home country, and have been unable to see any of my family since our visit in the summer of 2019. Our daughter was born summer 2021, and due to the pandemic, none of my family has been able to visit. Changing travel rules stopped my family from visiting at the end of the summer and omicron caused the second attempt to be postponed.

Because of people won’t get vaccinated and/or take the virus seriously, my daughter might not be able to meet any of my family until she is a year old. There will be no pictures of my brother nervously holding a newborn or of my parents laughing at her first giggles. Of my daughter barely registering that there are new people around. I am devastated that we won’t have those memories.

So here I am, powerless to do anything as I watch my last grandparent slowly die. She was not alert when my family called from the hospital. All I could do was say a few words and hope she was able to hear them. They do not think she will make it through the day.

I will never forgive the people that spread these conspiracies, downplayed the severity of the virus, and undermined trust in science and healthcare.

Please, get vaccinated.

Edit: just got the call that she has passed. Hold those close to you and get them vaccinated

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Meta / Other Atlantic Monthly article - "The Anti-vaccine right brought human sacrifice to America"


Interesting article today in The Atlantic. They have a paywall but you can read a single article for free. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/01/human-sacrifice-ritual-mass-vaccination/621355/

according to the lede

Since last summer, the conservative campaign against vaccination has claimed thousands of lives for no ethically justifiable purpose.

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Nominated Update: Dear QT was intubated 11 days ago and hasn’t posted a word since. Get vaccinated folks.

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Awarded A friend gave him an extremely clear warning, but he ignored it. He leaves behind a wife and five children.

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Awarded UPDATE - "V" is for Viagra and for "Veteran" and Mr. V was a stand up kind of guy. His friend, Ms. Purple, was hoping he would pull through, but the Prayer Warrior Corp are batting well under .200 these days. Unfortunately, Mr. V has now joined the choir invisible, with so many of Purple's friends.

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Nominated Tennessee ‘Yellow’ walked away from Facebook last year to more conservative sites that embraced his conspiracies. He’s now in the ICU with covid pneumonia, blood clots, and a heart attack. Really should have listed to Fauci instead of Parler.

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IPA (Immunized to Prevent Award) Been lurking for awhile…wasn’t allowed to get vacc bc immunosuppressant meds for my Crohns, FINALLY APPROVED! Won’t be seeing me on here, back to lurking n liking🙌

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Awarded He chose... poorly. He and his friends fully believed God was in the process of healing his lungs. He couldn’t wait to share his testimony. He died a few days ago. Choose well. Get vaccinated.

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