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THEN THEY *** EAT *** THE GLUE Meme / Shitpost (Sundays)

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u/GreenbergIsAJediName Aug 14 '22

I find this state of affairs extremely concerning. In addition to the conspiracy theorist type of science deniers, there are a large number of religious fundamentalist science deniers who are deathly afraid that assimilating new knowledge will jeopardize and lead them astray of their faith. Much like a society can only sustain a certain percentage of the population as criminals before societal collapse occurs, much is the same with science deniers. A large percentage of one political party in the US (as well as their constituents) occupy this space. It will take a collective effort from all humanity to develop the new technology that will allow humanity to live sustainably on Earth while continuing to move forward with scientific/technological progress. If the science deniers tip the balance in their favor, human civilization will return to a different type of balance reminiscent of human society during the Dark Ages. Each of us individually and collectively has the choice: Do we want to move towards Star Trek or return to the life of A Game of Thrones (and I don’t mean in a romanticized sense)?

TL;DR: We’re not fucked yet, but we will be if we don’t do something about this soon.


u/Pandraswrath Curbside Prophet Aug 15 '22

This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw. And by saw, I mean read in a book written by Joe Hill. I don’t know if the bumper sticker exists in the real world.

“Voting is like driving. D goes forward, R goes backwards”.


u/GreenbergIsAJediName Aug 15 '22

That’s perfect! That quote needs to be made into t-shirts! I only wish that those who hope to be saved understood that praying for the acceleration of the decimation of humanity will not guarantee them anything more than culpability in the destruction of human civilization. Maybe if they understood this, they would choose to “save” the world rather than murder it. To choose to murder the world in the selfish hope of their own salvation sounds suspiciously like a violation of one of their own cherished Ten Commandments.