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u/fruit_meat Sep 09 '22

Can't help noticing how the women of color are all animals or malevolent spirits in his eyes, but the white guy is a white guy.

Now excuse me while I take a deep breath of fresh air.


u/lousylakers Their new hoax is get the vaccine, I did Sep 09 '22

They have the last laugh too!


u/Elteon3030 Sep 09 '22

Pretty sure the donkey's teeth are actually Ocasio-Cortez's teeth enlarged and rotated. I am fairly certain that donkeys do not have human canines.


u/gypsyjackson Sep 09 '22

I thought it looked like a photoshop too - harsh you’re getting downvoted!


u/fruit_meat Sep 09 '22



u/Elteon3030 Sep 09 '22

In order to compare this woman to an equine, the equine first had to be given human features. There is no bottom floor on the elevator to stupid.


u/randynumbergenerator ☠Did My Research: 1984-2021 Sep 09 '22 edited Sep 09 '22

Lighfoot's head is shopped, too.


u/Elteon3030 Sep 09 '22

Ah, that's Ms Lightfoot. It may be shopped to exaggerate or it may just be bad lighting and the angle of her head. She does have very dark circles around her eyes, so a bad picture does bring a resemblance to Beetlejuice. With no additional context I'd find it humorous, but when combined with the animal comparisons for the other women an intent does become clear.


u/randynumbergenerator ☠Did My Research: 1984-2021 Sep 09 '22

Oops, corrected. Yeah I know she looks unusual but it looks exaggerated somehow. Could be the lighting or angle though.


u/Elteon3030 Sep 09 '22

That's my suspicion, as her complexion is also a lot darker than the photo conveys. Bad photography can wash out dark skin and still highlight blemishes. Still not giving these dirt bags even a micron of doubt. We know what they're saying.


u/maxreddit Sep 09 '22

I'm well aware that "Democrat" and "minority" are not synonymous terms, but pretty much every republican "anti-democrat" thought is basically one notch away from racism. Again, I know that democrats do not own the concept of diversity and racial harmony, but to republicans they do and their racism and political tribalism freely intermingle with each other.


u/KnotNotNaught Sep 09 '22

Except the white guy is the inbred, banjo-playing redneck from Deliverance.


u/ricochetblue Team Pfizer Sep 12 '22

An insult based on a comparison to themselves.