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UPDATE: today "Finch" got his award after a short stay in hospital. Awarded


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u/Hilarious_Haplogroup Sep 09 '22

So many good things about this moron being a 2022 recipient of the HCA:

  • Rebel Flag posting
  • Two separate "Can I get an Amen? I bet you won't re-post!" slides.
  • Misuse of Sam Elliot's likeness as a meme.
  • Whinging about gas prices
  • Anti-gay posting after using slide with image of Gay Porn actor.

Yeah, I'm betting he didn't leave his kids anything except a pair of Oakley sunglasses and some Ed Hardy shirts...and some stickers that say "Blue Lives Matter" and "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ".


u/Haskap_2010 ✨ A twinkle in a Chinese bat's eye ✨ Sep 09 '22

He appears to own a tractor. They'll probably have to sell it to pay the hospital bills, but it's probably worth something.


u/justlikeinmydreams My horse covets your paste 🐴 Sep 09 '22

Tractor are EXPENSIVE! Our POS tractor was $5k and a steal at the price.


u/Hilarious_Haplogroup Sep 09 '22

I wasn't sure if the tractor picture was with Robin as a kid, or Robin's son. Anyhow, the tractor will probably go for a discounted price to a farmer that got his vaccination for Covid.


u/Haskap_2010 ✨ A twinkle in a Chinese bat's eye ✨ Sep 09 '22

Robin? Do you mean "Finch"? It is him. He isn't all that old (40s or 50s, I think) and unlike a lot of them, wasn't size extra-huge.


u/dumdodo Sep 09 '22

Amazing. This guy was only 50.

Based on his memes, he moaned like someone who was 80.


u/Rapn3rd Team Moderna Sep 10 '22

Im not convinced he didn’t leave them with considerable debt. Medical debt alone would be substantial, assuming he didn’t have other debt.