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UPDATE: today "Finch" got his award after a short stay in hospital. Awarded


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u/[deleted] Sep 09 '22

What a hateful person. We’re all better off without him.


u/Glitter_berries Sep 09 '22

That one about women making their choice in the bed, not the doctor’s room made my blood boil. Like women are the only ones there in the bedroom. Urgh!


u/Ragingredblue 🐎Praise the Lord and pass the Ivermectin!🐆 Sep 09 '22

He should have made his decision at the pharmacy, not the hospital. If abortion is strictly forbidden, hospitals should be strictly off limits to Jesus freaks who think they get to make medical decisions for other people. These assholes should go to church when they get sick.


u/TheKnobbiestKnees Sep 09 '22

God is everywhere. Bet u won't repost