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Branlo, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, God, wrestling and riding. He thought Covid was all a scam, and communism. Delta got offended, paid him a visit to correct the situation, enabling him to receive his award. Awarded


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u/SignificantName59 Sep 16 '22

Yeah I'm a little confused by that one. The conspiracy is that the CIA shot JFK and then covered it up. But the conspiracy for 9/11 is that it was rogue Mossad agents from Israel. And the conspiracy for covid is that it was China using funds from the Democrats.

Unless he is trying to say Democrats carried out all 3 attacks. Except JFK was a Democrat....and Bush was a Republican and was in control during 2001. Although I guess Trump was also in control in 2020 and somehow it's still the fault of Democrats for covid.


u/ecthelion108 Sep 16 '22

If you can successfully weave together all three, and blame them all on democrats, then the writer position at Breitbart is yours


u/[deleted] Sep 16 '22

“Hillary Clinton invented AIDS to blackmail JFK into funding the terrorists to commit 9/11, then killed him to keep him quiet, which gave China the opportunity to become a superpower to create a global pandemic with the aide of Bill Gates”

Actually wasn’t even that hard.


u/SnooPickles467 Sep 16 '22

WRONG!! WRONG!! Obama, allowed 9/11 because he was taking to many breaks https://youtube.com/shorts/AyN34sFko9w?feature=share


u/SuperDoofusParade Sep 16 '22

It’s true, he was never in the Oval Office! I have proof!


u/ecthelion108 Sep 16 '22

Goddamn Super, you’re right! That’s some damn good reporting!


u/SuperDoofusParade Sep 16 '22

I did my own research!


u/ecthelion108 Sep 16 '22

We need more people doing their own research. Too many people in America are listening to scientists and CNN. /s

I have an assignment for you: Could you find me a picture of Barrack Obama, wearing a turban, performing a live love act with George Soros? I’m trying to get promoted at Breitbart, and this could really help me.


u/SuperDoofusParade Sep 16 '22

Yes, I’ve seen the video but I’m not going to do your research for you. Do your own research /s