r/HermanCainAward 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Sep 16 '22 Helpful 1

Branlo, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, God, wrestling and riding. He thought Covid was all a scam, and communism. Delta got offended, paid him a visit to correct the situation, enabling him to receive his award. Awarded


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u/FatherPyrlig Sep 16 '22

Go Fund Me? I thought God will provide.


u/CaraintheCold Team Pfizer Sep 16 '22

He’s a workaholic, shouldn’t he be rich? Isn’t that what these types say hard work will get you? Guess he wasn’t working hard enough. Should have pulled up those bootstraps.


u/FatherPyrlig Sep 16 '22

Yup. Obviously he didn’t work or pray hard enough.