r/HermanCainAward πŸ’°1 billion dollars GoFundMeπŸ’° Sep 16 '22 Helpful 1

Branlo, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, God, wrestling and riding. He thought Covid was all a scam, and communism. Delta got offended, paid him a visit to correct the situation, enabling him to receive his award. Awarded


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u/A-man-of-mystery Covidious Albion Sep 16 '22

It would be easier to battle this awful disease if you trained your immune in advance with, you know, a vaccine.


u/lousylakers Their new hoax is get the vaccine, I did Sep 16 '22

The (fake) history of vaccines is a liberal brainwashing to try to take god away from healing our country in this terrible time of hoax. /s


u/JeromeBiteman Sep 16 '22

God provided GoFundMe, Social Security, SSI, interstate highways, vaccines, collectivism, and Joe Biden.

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