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Branlo, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, God, wrestling and riding. He thought Covid was all a scam, and communism. Delta got offended, paid him a visit to correct the situation, enabling him to receive his award. Awarded


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u/Blablasarcasm 🐞LadyBug2: 2Lady 2Bug🐞🐞🙏 Sep 16 '22

Remember the one where the wife just straight up said “we don’t have insurance because we’re never sick. We both have full time jobs and no savings.” Like, I would give points for honesty if she wasn’t publicly begging her acquaintances to literally pay for her mistakes.


u/kenxzero What A Drip 🩸 Sep 16 '22

Somehow, I don't feel a damn thing. Reap what you sow, and by golly. It's harvest time.


u/OwMyBalllz Sep 16 '22

My “fucks to give” silo has been empty for years now. The covid supply chain issues mean I probably won’t have any for quite some time.


u/ystavallinen Sep 16 '22

I spend every fuck I have on christofascism.