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Branlo, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, God, wrestling and riding. He thought Covid was all a scam, and communism. Delta got offended, paid him a visit to correct the situation, enabling him to receive his award. Awarded


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u/starbetrayer 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Sep 16 '22

Message from OP:

Catching up on my awardee backlog. Don't be fooled by the lack of Covid
nominees, there are tens that I see being posted every day. I just
didn't go fishing recently. reposted with corrections


u/Alarmed-Honey Sep 16 '22

So I went digging on this one. Found a post about the wife on Facebook. Apparently she is already remarried, to a racist cop with similar facial hair to the departed, is on drugs, and shit talks the woman who is caring for her kids. These people, just fucking wow.


u/starbetrayer 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Sep 16 '22

Thanks for the links, good digging.

I know those people are just so f....ing insane, I lost my faith in humanity.