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u/Mysterious_Status_11 Stick a fork in Meatloaf🍴 Oct 23 '22

I remember that. About the same time those antivax pastors and radio hosts were dropping like flies. We lost a lot of police to Covid, too. Fortunately we didn't lose any good cops to the disease.


u/AgentEntropy Oct 23 '22

Fortunately we didn't lose any good cops to the disease.

Anti-vax cops are bad cops by definition.


u/xJellyfishBrainx Oct 23 '22

Exactly. Most anti vax people aren't those I would trust to react to a situation objectively, calmly and without certain biases and prejudices....


u/ecthelion108 Oct 23 '22

I remember it seemed to me at the time that peddlers of disinformation were just lying, because they questioned the vaccine publicly, but received it discreetly, like how Trump got vaccinated but didn’t tell anyone right away.


u/ecthelion108 Oct 23 '22

Unfortunately, we did lose good cops as well as bad ones. We even lost medical personnel who allowed their political beliefs to override their better judgement. These professionals were like the character in the horror movies that said, “I know, let’s split up!”


u/Mysterious_Status_11 Stick a fork in Meatloaf🍴 Oct 23 '22

Seeing as Covid was the leading cause of death among police two years in a row, of course it would reason that we lost some good ones. It's easy to forget that sometimes those who let political beliefs override their judgement also take innocents down with them, or occasionally it turns out that they were otherwise decent people.

My empathy is reserved for those who didn't reject the evidence in front of their faces but still succumbed to the disease.


u/ecthelion108 Oct 24 '22

I believe you’re in the right place. Medical personnel who were vaccinated, protected, and died because of their duty, and their sense of compassion, are rightly praised