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u/Apprehensive_Hat8986 Oct 23 '22 To The Stars

Dude, it's horse dewormer, not pig dewormer.


u/Cum_on_doorknob Oct 23 '22

I mean, it’s ivermectin. As a doctor, I hate seeing it called anything but it’s proper drug name. It’s an ineffective medication for Covid. That fact is enough, no need to get hyperbolic and make it sound even worse, just hurts our credibility.


u/FrillySteel Oct 23 '22

But it is a horse dewormer. That's like saying "I hate it when people call a banana a fruit... it's a banana!"


u/Cum_on_doorknob Oct 23 '22

It's an anti-parasitic. It's the first line treatment for many parasitic infections in humans.

It's like calling amoxicillin "cat uti medicine." Yea, it's given to your cat, but it's also a standard antibiotic for humans.