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u/Ramza_Claus Oct 23 '22

I mean, yeah, the guy is dumb and he earned his award, but:

Can we stop calling it "horse dewormer"? That's a bit dishonest since Ivermectin is prescribed to humans to treat parasites too. It's not exclusively used in horses.

Idk where he got it. I know some dummies have gotten it from vets or animal hospitals. I'm just saying it's also used in humans too so let's stop acting like he put on a flea collar or something.


u/moisheah Laughing giraffe 🦒 Oct 23 '22 edited Oct 23 '22

Posted August 14 (two weeks before his death?)

"OK Folks Wayne’s Feed and Seed has some liquid and paste Ivermectin get it while supplies last," he wrote on Facebook.


u/Ramza_Claus Oct 23 '22

Fair enough. This guy took horse dewormer.