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u/OnkelEgonOlsen Horse Paste Oct 23 '22

Access restricted in your country.Tried with wayback, same result.


u/College-Lumpy Oct 23 '22

He was 57 and left 3 children and 8 grandchildren behind. Why are the dumb the most prolific breeders? #Idiocracy


u/eatmorechiken Oct 23 '22

Because they are convinced from birth down a long line of lineage that if they adhere to religious old ways and traditions, they will somehow be morally superior. They do this in place of learning and growing, and they pass it down to their offspring and so forth. They also sin like devils above and beyond all others and use this so called commitment to religion excuse to contrary their bad actions.


u/Boldpoker1085 Oct 23 '22

My friend says that most “saved” evangelicals were either sluts of druggies. They adopt this worldview to excuse their previous life choices.