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u/DiamondplateDave 😷 Mask-Wearing Conformist 😷 Oct 23 '22

IIRC, Ivermectin won a...Nobel?....prize for being extremely effective against certain parasites in animals and humans (eye worms? Blech, the Boy George earworm I got from the above posts is bad enough). It's a great drug, and I would approve of its use for things it is known to be effective for. There is NO valid evidence that it is useful to prevent or treat Covid. People taking Ivermectin formulated for animals are potentially threatening their health, in addition to the fact that the same people are eschewing known-safe vaccine(s), reasonably effective precautions (masks, social distancing) and usually promoting all kinds of inconsistent mis/disinformation. Personally, I don't think I've ever listened to RM, although I can't say for sure.