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u/Apprehensive_Hat8986 Oct 23 '22 To The Stars

Dude, it's horse dewormer, not pig dewormer.


u/Cum_on_doorknob Oct 23 '22

I mean, it’s ivermectin. As a doctor, I hate seeing it called anything but it’s proper drug name. It’s an ineffective medication for Covid. That fact is enough, no need to get hyperbolic and make it sound even worse, just hurts our credibility.


u/Apprehensive_Hat8986 Oct 23 '22 edited Oct 23 '22

I'm not a part of anyone's "our". And calling out bastards is a pretty routine activity of mine, so my credibility isn't going to be particularly damaged by calling them a "pig" once, for a joke.

Absolutely, in a more formal context, I'd speak with more propriety. On occasion it is useful to provide citations to support an argument about both the recklessness of advocating the use of ivermectin, as well as the advantages of reducing police funding in favour of social services. But this is not that time.

This. is. Sunday!

p.s. Unrelated to any of the rest of it, if you are an M.D., thank you. You lot have been through absolute hell, and the work you do to provide health care and save lives is deeply appreciated.


u/Cum_on_doorknob Oct 23 '22

Your point on it being Sunday is fair. I just see it so often all the time, and it gets on my nerves.

And thanks for the kind words. Covid has made this job pretty rough.