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u/LayneCobain95 Oct 23 '22

I work in urgent care. I get phone calls all the time when I’m working the front desk (mainly at X-ray), with elderly people like “hey, we did a uhhh come Covid test, which came back barely positive” (no dude, even the slightest positive line is the same as the most clear positive line). Then he continued- “we just aren’t sure what to do. I mean it was barely positive. We tried that horse medicine and everything, we aren’t sure what else we could do. I mean we aren’t taking the vaccine of course”.

I mean I could give them a lecture like “you’re being lied to, that shit won’t fucking work”. But they are too old and too far gone into the Republican Party to be reasoned with. So I just had to go for the “we could see you for your symptoms if you like”


u/tejaco Grandpa was in Antifa, but they called it the U.S. Army Oct 24 '22

You are a good person.