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Political polarization peer pressured people to pass on procuring proven prophylactic - The peer pressure compilation part 2 Meta / Other


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u/CatsPolitics Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

In what world does “natural immunity” fend off a lethal respiratory virus? Are people so far gone that they don’t understand that Fauci’s specialty is, in fact, immunology, and he’s considered to be among the world’s best? People choosing to disregard established science because they saw a Mercola video just astound me. Never gamble with your health. It’s always a FAFO.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

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u/CatsPolitics Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

Fauci is the reason there are patient advocates in drug trials at NIH. You’re a troll who is quoting from a Facebook post that has been proven false. It’s on you to provide the actual evidence of your claim.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

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u/DramaticEar6379 Nov 27 '22

You are making extraordinary claims, based on specious, anecdotal evidence. Therefore it is on you to provide evidence. By asking us to do our own dive is a sign of a lazy, narrow-minded, overly gullible troll.

Show us evidence for your bullshit claim.

BTW anecdotal evidence is very unreliable and very susceptible to confirmation bias and embellishment . It is viewed with suspicion by all legitimate academic disciplines.

Yes, I know I waste pixies and time explaining things to a numpty like yourself.


u/CatsPolitics Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

You spend most of your time in r/conspiracy and you’re here telling us to “deep dive”? Troll.