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Political polarization peer pressured people to pass on procuring proven prophylactic - The peer pressure compilation part 2 Meta / Other


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u/terrierhead Continuous 5️⃣G Emitter! Nov 26 '22 edited Nov 26 '22

Slide 5: “…from so called Covid”

Imagine the degree of self-importance needed to believe a whole pandemic was invented and now a hospital is involving your family.


ETA: I’ve noticed most of the awardees are from last year. Has Covid attenuated, treatments improved, are people finally, finally getting vaccinated, or a combo?


u/Jazzlike-Ad2199 Nov 26 '22

In the US about 300 people a week are dying from Covid, this was a few weeks ago so it could be changed. I think the focus of attention shifted to politics instead of Covid so that’s why there’s less memes against Covid.


u/Jazzlike-Ad2199 Nov 26 '22

Jeepers, how many times can I fit “Covid” into two sentences?


u/JeromeBiteman Nov 27 '22

So "Stop the Jab" became "Stop the Steal" ?