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Political polarization peer pressured people to pass on procuring proven prophylactic - The peer pressure compilation part 2 Meta / Other


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u/stokedchunk Nov 26 '22

How many people took that MD’s advice to not get vaccinated because he’s a doctor? How many deaths did he cause?


u/FailResorts Nov 26 '22 Starry

Also the “I don’t trust medical professionals anymore”. My sister in Christ, you refused to get the vaccine, social distance, or wear a mask. Did you ever trust a medical professional?


u/C3POdreamer Nov 26 '22

Or when they di, it's Senator Rand Paul an eye doctor who created his own board vs. Dr. Fauci, an immunologist and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


u/maxreddit Nov 26 '22

Seriously, Fauci has decades of experience in infectious diseases and even saw through the AIDS crisis under """ St. Ronny""" and they'll still trust an eye doctor who isn't actually an eye doctor or just some non-schooled anonymous malcontent on the internet with the spelling and grammar skills of a heavily concussed kindergartener over him!


u/doctormalbec Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

I got my PhD in immunology in 2012. Throughout my time in grad school (and before and after, of course)l, he was always viewed as an absolute expert. I saw him speak as a keynote speaker at several conferences between 2007-2012. It saddens me to see him discredited by people who didn’t even know who he was until the pandemic.


u/jewdy09 Nov 27 '22

Fauci would fit in my pocket, but God damn does he give me a lady boner. Just thinking about him working ~90 hours a week in 2020 to get the job done and how the rubes want to repay him for that and his lifetime of keeping Americans safe absolutely boils my blood. You’d think the fact that their lord and savior Turnip didn’t fire him would suggest maybe he isn’t the Marvel Universe villain they are trying to portray him to be.