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Political polarization peer pressured people to pass on procuring proven prophylactic - The peer pressure compilation part 2 Meta / Other


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u/dandelionsRyellow 🥒 Qcumber Qonspiracist 🤪 Nov 26 '22

Explain to me your justification for these abominable posts? Also, how does it differ from Orwell's "the two minutes hate?"


u/maxreddit Nov 26 '22

Because that was hate, this is catharsis.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

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u/Nym-Sync AmBivalent Microchip Rainbow Swirl 🍭 Nov 26 '22

They’ll turn on you and your Pearl clutching hollier than cows attitude, ya essential oil slick. Seems like a positive outcome to me. Check mate, curd! ♟