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Political polarization peer pressured people to pass on procuring proven prophylactic - The peer pressure compilation part 2 Meta / Other


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u/CatsPolitics Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

In what world does “natural immunity” fend off a lethal respiratory virus? Are people so far gone that they don’t understand that Fauci’s specialty is, in fact, immunology, and he’s considered to be among the world’s best? People choosing to disregard established science because they saw a Mercola video just astound me. Never gamble with your health. It’s always a FAFO.


u/Fabulous-Mud-9114 Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

Look at any of their memes about "natural immunity" and you will very quickly see their understanding of germ theory stopped around 1st or 2nd grade.

They think of the immune system as a muscle that gets stronger after every workout rather than a fallible biological system with strengths and weaknesses for everyone.

And it's not like if you explained this to them, that they would understand. These people are extremely closed minded, especially if it's not another member of the tribe telling them this.

So, to them, Fauci is bad because he said stuff that ran counter to the Gospel of Donald Trump, who had already said before mid-March 2020 that COVID was a "Democrat hoax just like Russia Russia" and it'll "go away" like magic.


u/CatsPolitics Team Moderna Nov 26 '22

The main problem is that actual science isn’t easily “dumbed down” but snake oil is. Plus American consumers have been primed for years that “natural/organic” is best and there’s zero regulation on claims made about vitamins & supplements. Combine that with the “demoncrats are baby killers” trope plus ongoing anti-vaxx beliefs, and it’s a perfect storm for ignorance to thrive. Well, at least those taking ivermectin will die worm-free.


u/Lomak_is_watching Nov 27 '22

Another issue I hear too often - the guidance had changed, so experts must not know what they're talking about. Face masks being a prime example, along with vaccine intervals, effective periods, etc.

I respect experts, and people in general, who can absorb new info and have the courage to learn and change their minds. Covid has been a fluid situation requiring different actions at different times. Those changes aren't a gotcha moment. I wonder if those stubborn type thinkers still treat burns with butter.