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The best way to care about me is to care about you? Yes, public health is complicated. Meme / Shitpost (Sundays)


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u/Sharkteeth127 Nov 27 '22

American society has decided that they rather go with the 'rugged individualist' than with 'we're in this together'.

That means, that bullies are role models; and society as a whole is so fractured that there is nearly no 'society' left.

In essence, the good old 'divide and conquer' has been applied, successfully. For decades. In movies, TV, the folk lore, business, politics ... gee, one could think that this is something that was done on purpose, to prevent the peons from raising up and eating the rich.


u/ZSpectre Nov 27 '22

Then there's the "trickle down economics" grift that seems to capture a mentality similar to those who'd fall for a pyramid scheme. Sure, we COULD make it to the top despite all the probable evidence to the contrary, and if we don't make it, it's all supposedly our own fault rather than the system itself. Still gotta Stan for the multi-level marketing company or fiscal conservative policy and it's totally not us running after a carrot hanging from a stick; Reagan promised us that it's really a "shining city on a hill" and we all know that we can take his word for it right???


u/MattGdr Nov 27 '22

Caring about others is communism. /s


u/retroman73 Nov 27 '22

If we're discussing access to & affordability of healthcare it the USA, I don't think you need to include the /s. It's not satire. A large chunk of our population does truly see universal health care as communism. That's why it's never been passed. Sure, we have Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the desperately poor, but for everyone else - you're on your own.


u/KitschenWench Nov 27 '22

I think the /s is for "sarcasm", or at least "The view expressed here does not reflect the poster in any actual way."


u/Cultural-Answer-321 Deadpilled 💀 Nov 27 '22

Sure, we have Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the desperately poor, but for everyone else - you're on your own.

Neither of which is easy to get. Just like Social Security, there are conditions and hoops to jump through.


u/vctrmldrw Yeah, that's not how research works Nov 27 '22

But the store who saw their entire stock of vitally important soap in the arms of 1 customer and just took the money... Why blame them, when we can blame each other instead?


u/Haskap_2010 ✨ A twinkle in a Chinese bat's eye ✨ Nov 27 '22

Many stores placed limits on things like toilet paper and soap where I live. I suppose there was nothing to stop someone buying the customer limit at one store and then moving on to another, but an attempt was made.


u/failure_most_of_all Nov 27 '22

We had a lady in my town post to the local Facebook page that she’d gone early to Walmart to buy all of the toilet paper, so just to let her know if you needed any, and everyone was praising her for being so nice. They jumped all over me when I told her how stupid she was.


u/Tiddles_Ultradoom You Will Respect My Immunitah! Nov 28 '22

On the other hand, if she made a tidy profit on each toilet roll, she sounds like a Republican congresswoman in waiting.

And if she waited until she had already used the toilet rolls before she sold them… that’s the the first woman Republican President!


u/IsraeliDonut Nov 27 '22

Funny thing about this, if I wanted the normal $1 soft soap bottles, they were all gone in the first few months of craziness, but Meyers and soaps that may have been $1.50-$3 were always available. Not sure why the hoarders wouldn’t pay a bit more.

Also the jugs of soap for refillable bottles were available a lot, and you can refill any plastic bottle with it.


u/Chasman1965 Nov 27 '22

It could have been 27 different people buying soap.


u/Thorebore Nov 27 '22

At the height of the pandemic I was at Walmart while they were bringing pallets of stock out. The workers didn’t even have to stock any of the cleaning supplies. People were ripping the boxes open and loading their carts. I saw one woman buy 8 bottles of bleach.


u/Whatifthisneverends 🧄*Chef's Piss*💋 Nov 27 '22

At that point? She was totally going to drink that.


u/splatdyr Nov 27 '22

Couldn’t it have been 27 other people who bought a bottle each?


u/Cultural-Answer-321 Deadpilled 💀 Nov 27 '22

The hoarding was well documented. This is not a hypothetical situation.


u/splatdyr Nov 27 '22

I think the hoarding was universal


u/Cultural-Answer-321 Deadpilled 💀 Nov 28 '22


A lot of people prudently stocked up. Many stocked up garages and storage units.

Filling your pantry is one things. Buying pallets of something on different order and yes, there were a LOT of the later.


u/Professional_Future6 Nov 28 '22

It’s actually a respiratory disease all you need is makes hand washing doesn’t matter