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Oganesson, previous nominee from 2021, loved god, didn't like socialism or questioning the way History could be revised. She didn't fear the coronavirus which got offended, enabling her to claim her award. Awarded


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u/maxreddit Nov 28 '22

COVID wasn't ever a "liberal vs. conservatives" issue, it was a "conservatives vs. some imaginary enemy, and good sense" issue, and the conservatives MADE it that way. I will forever decry whoever (even if they're supposedly on my "side) people who claim that liberals are anyway at fault on this issue. Liberals wanted people (including those who hate them with a psychotic passion) to be safe and alive, conservatives committed slow, destructive suicide to gain imaginary points with the lying bullies that told them lies and made life worse for everyone!


u/McEndee Nov 28 '22 Silver Starry

There is a direct correlation with right leaning people and virus or vaccine denial. They can be nice people, but they're not smart people. In no other matter would they push back against the advice of professionals, but they chose to listen to talking heads that probably never took a CPR class, much less attended medical school. To hell with them. They can't die fast enough. We need to stop saving people, because this is a Frog and Scorpion scenario.


u/rationalomega Nov 28 '22

Disagree, they’ve been pushing back against climate and ecology researchers for decades. Same sorts of conspiracy theories and logical fallacies dressed up as arguments. You saw it with anti vaxxers in the 2010s too.


u/C3POdreamer Nov 28 '22

It's the sane anti-science, anti-critical thinking that drove people to reject fluoridated water, indoor public smoking bans, leadswd gasoline bans, catalytic converters, seatbelts, and motorcycle helmets. Hucksters in politics and woo cost health and lives.


u/McEndee Nov 28 '22

Add that to the list of anti-science requirements needed to be a devout conservative.


u/Special_Wishbone_812 Nov 28 '22

They’ve been LED to push back against science by well funded right wing groups with interests in petrochemicals and mining. The New Age grift got help from the fundamentalist Jesus healing and no-birth-control jerks. There is a lot of money and effort put into the anti vaccine movement, and it’s been going for decades.


u/ImOnlyHereForTheCoC Team Moderna Nov 28 '22

It’s so crazy to me that the same people who insist that vaccines are nothing but a profit-generating scheme for pharma companies are the same people that would sooner die than even consider nationalizing health care, a step that would, y’know, remove a lot of the profit-generating motive from healthcare in general.


u/Special_Wishbone_812 Nov 28 '22

The insurance industry has plowed money into their ignorance, too. See “Hot Coffee” for why they want you to hate lawyers and love “tort reform,” but also look at the “socialized medicine is death panels and communism” brigades. Why does talk radio/right wing media care so much about keeping health insurance through an employer? It’s perverse.


u/beek7419 Nov 28 '22

I’d disagree that they’re nice too.

They’re nice to other white heterosexual cis Christians.


u/YoureADudeThisIsAMan Nov 28 '22

Lots of anti-vax far left as well Boulder, CO, looking at you…


u/ThaliaEpocanti Nov 28 '22

As someone who’s kept an eye on the antivax movement for 10+ years it’s been really interesting seeing it morph from largely left-leaning crunchy granola types, to a grab-bag of everyone, and finally to mostly insane conspiracy-believing conservatives in that timeframe.


u/rationalomega Nov 28 '22

I love Boulder and Ithaca, spent considerable time in both, but there’s definitely a woo strain I’m not into in both places.


u/yolonomo5eva Nov 28 '22

Nah, they’re not really nice people when they spread their unthinking, cruel, and false ideas the way they do.


u/McEndee Nov 28 '22

They're decent folk but they have an awful vice. I'm sure if you were stuck on the side of the road or you're having problems with your garage door, they'd go out of their way to help you. As soon as politics gets involved, they turn into bad people that don't care as much for their neighbors anymore.


u/yolonomo5eva Nov 28 '22

I live in the Bible Belt and I’m surrounded by these people. Im also cishet and nominally “Christian”. I abhor the fake niceness they give. I do feel that they feel they are genuine, but honestly I have three LGBTQ kids, one of whom is Trans and I shudder to think how these “nice” people would treat them. So I hold a lot of people at bay.


u/McEndee Nov 28 '22

Kids treating other kids equally is the easy part. It's when those other kids go home and their parents start pushing hate on them. Kids don't care about anything other than sharing funny videos and playing games with friends. Whenever a kid has a political stance, it is them being abused by their parents.


u/Special_Ed2018 Nov 28 '22

I think Fox News as the most watched cable news network has a large part to do with this. They never argue on the basis of dry economic ideas that their base won’t understand, they get old peoples’ heart racing with the adrenaline of hate and fear that makes them feel like they are actively involved, like they are warriors on a battlefield. Every day Fox is telling them that Dems “hate you and your way of life”. After 21/2 decades it has become an addiction, like smoking cigarettes or the jolt of coffee in the morning.