r/HermanCainAward 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Nov 28 '22

Oganesson, previous nominee from 2021, loved god, didn't like socialism or questioning the way History could be revised. She didn't fear the coronavirus which got offended, enabling her to claim her award. Awarded


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u/C3POdreamer Nov 28 '22

By the way, back then and I think even now there has been free homebound covid vaccine administration fir Medicare recipients and even Florida had a state program. https://www.ncoa.org/article/how-to-get-the-covid-vaccine-and-booster-to-homebound-older-adults It wasn't well advertised.

I feel bad for the sister and I am glad she wrote urging others to learn from her family's sorrow.


u/KittenWithaWhip68 Nov 28 '22

Yeah, good for her! Not used to seeing that.