r/HermanCainAward 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Nov 28 '22

Oganesson, previous nominee from 2021, loved god, didn't like socialism or questioning the way History could be revised. She didn't fear the coronavirus which got offended, enabling her to claim her award. Awarded


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u/FearSkyDaddy Biological Ware Fare Nov 28 '22

Eleven family members? What the Bleep? Honestly, I am without mirth and snark. Wow


u/x575446 Nov 28 '22 Take My Energy

Yeah, how exactly does that work? Eleven family members and nobody steps back to consider whether they're doing it wrong?


u/Alex_877 Team Moderna Nov 28 '22

No no no, you see, their new view, is that it’s survival of the fittest and old mi ma was gonna die soon anyway. With their deep brain wizard elon musk saying he wants to fill the world with superior babies (despite that raging hairline.) everything is going exactly according to their plan don’t you see? S/