r/HermanCainAward 💰1 billion dollars GoFundMe💰 Nov 28 '22

Oganesson, previous nominee from 2021, loved god, didn't like socialism or questioning the way History could be revised. She didn't fear the coronavirus which got offended, enabling her to claim her award. Awarded


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u/dogheads2 Nov 28 '22

I had been hard-core republican since voting age. Love my guns, truck, dog ect. When covid first surfaced I like the majority of my friends/family laughed it off. Then shit started to get real and I very quickly came to the conclusion that this was serious. I got some mask and alot of ridicule at work but didn't care, started wearing em. When the shots came I got those too. Well I'm still here but I know of alot of people who are not. All because of they were not gonna be told what to do and it's all a scam. At that point I realized that it wasent so much a political issue, as much as a the people around me are intellectually handicapped issue.


u/Short_Internal5950 J&J One-And-Done Nov 29 '22

Bravo. An actual critical thinker who was willing to change their view as more data came in. I also started off thinking "here we go, another end-of-the-world scare tactic from the media". Which it really did start off as. I remember listening to the 30 minute long stories that would run with ominous music playing nonstop in the background as it was being sensationalized before it hit.

Then it got here and tore through the coasts, particularly New York and the scare tactics stopped. It was real. That's all I needed to see.