r/HermanCainAward 5d ago Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Updoot Silver Gold

Awarded His name was Meatloaf, prominent Antiva, Antimask, Anti Mandate singer of really well written songs

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r/HermanCainAward 5d ago Buff Doge Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

Awarded Wendy Bell, this woman’s blood is on your hands. She trusted you. She shared every episode of your show. The anti-vaxx content on her page was almost entirely yours. Now she’s dead of COVID at 57. She leaves behind a husband and son. How many of your million viewers will share the same fate?

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r/HermanCainAward 6d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming I'll Drink to That

Awarded His wife was battling stage 4 cancer. He wouldn't get vaccinated. She succumbed to COVID-19 three days before he did. This did not have to happen. If only he had taken the pandemic more seriously.

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r/HermanCainAward 12d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Coin Gift

Awarded Army vet Lime Green thought freedom was more important than safety and obedience was the real virus. He caught the actual real virus and died.

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r/HermanCainAward 15d ago Gold Wearing is Caring Snek 'MURICA Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Wholesome Seal of Approval

Awarded UPDATE: Nominee "No Jabby Jabby" (Red) Accepts Her Award

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r/HermanCainAward 11h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Awarded As a cancer survivor, Hard Lee should have been first in line to get vaccinated. Instead he listened to disinformation and his body gave out.

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r/HermanCainAward 7d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval Facepalm Silver Helpful Wholesome

Awarded Only 30 years old. She took a gamble and lost. Green and Red dropped truth bombs on her anti-mask and anti-vaxx posts, but she wouldn't listen. She died of COVID-19 a few days ago.

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r/HermanCainAward 23h ago Gold Helpful Wholesome Bravo! Silver

Awarded A 55 year old man from St. Louis, Missouri collects his Herman Cain Award. He wasn't going to trust the "science". Instead, he chose to take his chances without the vaccine since there's a "99% survival rate". He's now been awarded his trophy as part of the 1% that didn't survive.

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r/HermanCainAward 1d ago Gold Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming

Awarded A friend gave him an extremely clear warning, but he ignored it. He leaves behind a wife and five children.

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r/HermanCainAward 4d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Doot 🎵 Doot

Awarded Big Red declared his opposition to the vaccine *before it even existed*. He died this week after more than a month in hospital

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r/HermanCainAward 13d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Awarded Too soon. Dead from COVID at 31. His dad posted the updates: “[My son was] in good health and unvaccinated. I pray that no other family has to go through this.” You can still die from COVID if you are young and healthy. Don't take the chance. Get vaccinated.

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r/HermanCainAward 20d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Awarded Antivax Crusader Red earns a HCA

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r/HermanCainAward 6d ago Silver Wholesome

Awarded A sequel to a post from yesterday with new info. Anti vaxxer woman loses her husband to COVID, continues to push quack cures throughout his hospital ordeal. New slides include her GoFundMe page where she retells his last moments on earth in excruciating detail and vows revenge on the hospital.

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r/HermanCainAward Dec 18 '21 Heartwarming To The Stars Silver All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Bravo! Gold Helpful Wholesome Wearing is Caring Doot 🎵 Doot

Awarded Ohio man believed all the misinformation. His brother doesn’t mince words when announcing his passing

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r/HermanCainAward 23d ago Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming Facepalm 'MURICA IPA Silver

Awarded Update: Biker joked about still being alive despite taking no precautions but sadly found out, Covid is no joke. Just a couple of weeks ago he was strong as an ox, now his family is planning a funeral.

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r/HermanCainAward 16d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming

Awarded He slept best knowing he’d offended every liberal on the internet. His meme collection was truly outstanding. He stopped posting on December 7 and died of COVID on December 28.

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r/HermanCainAward 22d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Narwhal Salute To The Stars Woah Dude

Awarded This guy got a new wife and a new lease on life, but it turned out to be a short lease.

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r/HermanCainAward 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote Silver

Awarded He chose... poorly. He and his friends fully believed God was in the process of healing his lungs. He couldn’t wait to share his testimony. He died a few days ago. Choose well. Get vaccinated.

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r/HermanCainAward 15d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Facepalm

Awarded Anti-vax Red, dad of ELEVEN children, posted a lot of misinformation on Facebook. His family has a GoFundMe asking for $150,000 so his widow can build a new house.

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r/HermanCainAward 14d ago Wholesome Heartwarming Silver Helpful

Awarded Meet Buster. Dead from Covid at 58. Wife states in GoFundMe that he'd give you the shirt off his back. Buster enjoyed his version of Patriotic Covid memes, making fun of the Holocaust and fighting for his Freedom. RIP and your new found Freedom Buster.

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r/HermanCainAward 1d ago Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Silver Helpful

Awarded Olavo de Carvalho, one of the most important Far Rightists in Brazil just died 8 days after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Olavo many times denied the Pandemic and Covid-19 itself

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r/HermanCainAward 17d ago Silver Helpful This

Awarded Devoted mom (39) leaves behind two young children. She thought she was protecting her family by not getting vaccinated. The goal of this post is to draw attention to the terrible and tragic impact of medical misinformation, not to celebrate this lady’s death.

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r/HermanCainAward 16d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome 'MURICA

Awarded Texas man equated compliance with masks and the “poke” with cowardice. He would not comply and he kept his word til the bitter end.

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r/HermanCainAward 19d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome

Awarded Former nurse and uber Christian anti-vaxxer believed we were living in the Last Days. Turns out it was just HER last days.

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r/HermanCainAward 19d ago LOVE! Evil Cackle Silver Helpful Wholesome

Awarded D loved white people, Jesus and the Republican Party. She remained 'unjabbed' and proudly accepted her HCA this week.

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