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Meta / Other Two years ago today, Herman Cain died from Covid-19

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Meta / Other What will happen to the Herman Cain Award when the pandemic is (actually) defeated and herd immunity occurs?


The pandemic is still going on, even if Biden has single-handedly declared it over. Yes, it is not as pronounced as it once was, but waves still occur here and there. (I'm talking about the whole planet, not just the US.) Perhaps we should at least still speak of local epidemics. But eventually even those will be mostly defeated, at least that's my hope, because there are already adapted vaccines coming on the market that, if enough people get vaccinated with them, will further hinder/dampen the spread, which will also keep possible mutation of the virus small, since with less reproduction there are also fewer opportunities for mutation. This (unfortunately) also spares/protects vaccination opponents/refusers if a certain herd immunity is achieved, especially since some are also immune for at least a certain period of time due to having survived the disease.

Therefore, the question arises: what will become of the Herman Cain Award? Will people who die through general science denial and rejection then be awarded here, for example, if a person dies from measles, rabies or tetanus? Or will we simply wait for the next pandemic of another virus or bacterium? Who will be honoured here in the future?

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Meta / Other CDC to USA: "Screw it. You're on your own."


The CDC has issued new guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID. Those guidelines are basically, "Whatever. You're not listening anyway, so we give up."


Edited to add: non-paywalled link to the article. Thanks to u/Gamboleer for the link.

Edited again to add the official CDC press release.

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Meta / Other Scientists debate how lethal COVID is. Some say it's now less risky than flu


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Meta / Other I wonder how many nominees and family members of the award winners ever see these


I've always been curious about. Has anyone experienced that? Like, oh..there's my crazy MAGA Uncle with 4000 upvotes cuz he won an award

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Meta / Other The "I stand for medical freedom" nominations compilation part 5.

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Meta / Other Update on HCA profiles

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Meta / Other “If you get hospitalized with it and you are a Trump supporter that’s when the fight of your life starts”.

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Meta / Other "The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don't, then the country is safe" - The best quote in recent times compilation.

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Meta / Other Why are there no biohazard bins for used masks and gloves if this virus is so contagious and deadly? - The serious question compilation

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Meta / Other Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3... Our local doctors should be screaming this from the rooftops - Or here's a better plan, you could boost your immune system with a vaccine - The come back, zinc! come back! compilation.

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Meta / Other They didn’t comply because they wanted it to end but then found out it ended sooner than they expected - The never ending compilation.

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Meta / Other Aussies behind failed court case against COVID vaccines suffer $200,000 blow

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Meta / Other Scientists were worried about a particular variant this fall. They didn't expect its offspring.

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Meta / Other Your body does not belong to your employer, your school or your government - The friendly reminder compilation.

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Meta / Other The toxic sting of the Babylon Bee: disinformation disguised as satire - A compilation showing how The Babylon Bee harms its audience

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Meta / Other COVID vaccination was a bridge too far for this Canadian chiropractor but synthetic cannabis and attempted murder of children is not

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Meta / Other Covid19 facts: if you shared this meme and you're in this compilation you probably died from Covid19

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Meta / Other "I would rather lick the handrails at Wuhan train station than take the clot shot", and other comments that aged like milk - part 2

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Meta / Other Good news, for a change! The FDA (that is, the USA) approved the new Omicron-specific vax!


The FDA just approved two new vaccines targeted to BA.5: a Pfizer vaccine for people who are at least 12 years old and a Moderna vaccine for people who are at least 18 years old.

If all goes well, pharmacies across the USA will start giving people the new vaccine right after Labor Day Weekend (that is, after Monday, September 5.) Yay!!

Here's a link to an un-paywalled article.

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Meta / Other Rather than use the vaccine as a bridge to continue living they instead chose to jump off the cliff - the coercion compilation.

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Meta / Other The Herman Cain Award is an ironic award given to people who made public statements of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and hesitancy, and who have later died from COVID-19.

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Meta / Other "Biggest elephant in the room: the unjabbed aren't dying", and other comments that aged like milk - part 3

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Meta / Other At Least 2 Million People Are No Longer Working Because of Long COVID, New Study Finds

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Meta / Other Like COVID-19 and Monkeypox weren't enough, now they are saying Polio is fake news

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