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Redemption Award Stoney, a gent in his 80s, wanted to cancel cable, keep the metric system down, & was not fond of the vax. Thinking good eating & social distancing would protect him better than a vax, he caught Covid in July & still isn't better. But he's changed his mind about the vax.

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Redemption Award Egghunt was not a prolific poster, but he didn't like Biden and is definitely religious. He didn't take Delta seriously, and suffered the consequences. That being said, after all of the bad stories this community has seen, this one feels pretty good.

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Redemption Award Fastest FAFO “redemption” ever.

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Redemption Award Y’all can keep my award.


I’ve dodged this shit for 2.5 years. Was on a Cruise in March of 2020. Working in and out of offices and the field the last two years. Disney during their 50th anniversary. Family gatherings with anti vax morons. But it finally bit me. Caught COVID and was down for the count on Friday and Saturday.

Did I use horse dewormer? Shit no. Did I call in some malaria drug that I can’t fucking spell or pronounce? You bet your ass I didn’t. Two vaccines and a booster later and I’m sipping a margarita in my hot tub fever free in just 4 days.

Blow me, COVID. I won.

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Redemption Award Pennsylvania man’s second bout of Covid almost killed him. He came around and decided to get vaccinated. His friends weren’t so supportive.

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Redemption Award Poetic Justice HCA: Anti-vax dating site that let people advertise 'mRNA FREE' semen left all its user data exposed

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Redemption Award A brief Redemption statement with a nice apology, though he still talks about vaccination as “if you want to”.

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Redemption Award Shooter (original update in comments) finally realizes that being vaccinated, boosted, and not s*it-talking the vaccine would have saved him from long COVID. He still hates leftists and Biden, but her advocates for vaccination!

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Redemption Award The Scared and Confused Nurse from earlier today GETS A REDEMPTION AWARD!

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Redemption Award “I’m so sorry I didn’t get vaccinated. I was so stupid. This is real. I’m sorry.”

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Redemption Award 🏆 Young antivax mother chronicles her own death in HORRIFYING detail. HOW could this happen?!? 🏆

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Redemption Award Now here’s something different. A Trump-hater who nevertheless swore off the vaccine early on because she feared it was the mark of Satan. After a rough bout with covid, she’s turned around.

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Redemption Award Green has almost no memes, but he denied the seriousness of the pandemic and the usefulness of the vaccines. After a week in the hospital, he is pushing his friends to get the shot and save their lives.

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Redemption Award Not sure if it’s a redemption award…


But my little crotch goblins have started their series of vaccines (2.5yo and 4.5yo). So no undue awards for them!

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Redemption Award Green was 43 and identified as "transvaccinated" and hated masks. He did publicly state he regretted his decision from his hospital bed before he died, so technically he earns the redemption award rather than an HCA.

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Redemption Award This October nominee spent a very long time in the hospital. This week, Instead of an HCA, she earned a redemption award. You love to see it.

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Redemption Award Wife got her shot, I'm a big meany.


My wife, after a bit of WW3 this morning after months of not much speaking, went and got Moderna shot #1.

I am ok now with being the biggest pos and forcing her to be a sheep, sign up for who knows how many boosters, possibly be the cause of any ailment she will have for the remainder of her time on earth.

That's what my 30 years of marriage to the girl I love got me. And I could not have got there mentally to cross that bridge with her without this sub. PERIOD...you guys gave me the necessary strength to put it all on the line knowing I could lose my marriage over this.

I can't write as eloquently as most here, so just allow me to say I love you all and once the tears stop I hope she'll talk to me again. If not, I hope she is less likely to die or cause someone else to die.

You think you know someone.....but you know you love someone....so you hang on.

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Redemption Award Kansas man got Covid twice and thought it was just a bad cold. The 3rd case has him in the hospital with pneumonia and blood clots, he’s now encouraging others to get vaxed.

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Redemption Award An update to Covid Betty, sent by someone who knows her (pro-vax) daughter and son. They are being harassed by antivaxxers. The daughter reveals her mother’s regret for not taking the vaccine. Hopefully she recovers and earns a full redemption.

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Redemption Award Mom warns of COVID-19 misinformation after she says she became anti-vaccine influencer

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Redemption Award Remember the guy in slide 1 and 2? Slide 3 is the same guy after 47 days on a ventilator, where he lost 70 lbs and had 1% chance of recovery. He had covid in January and assumed his antibodies gave him natural immunity. He now says he “made a mistake” and urges his followers to get vaccinated.

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Redemption Award I won’t be posting my parents up here 🙌🏽

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Redemption Award ‘I really regret not getting the vaccine’: Comedian Christian Cabrera, known as 'Chinese Best Friend,' dies at 40

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Redemption Award My boss got the world's most unwanted prize yesterday


NOTE: Tried posting this 9 days ago, but he was just admitted to the icu that day, but was removed because he was still alive

This is an update, and a sad one.


So, my old boss (I left amicably), was one of those 'Well I beat cancer, blah blah blah...' guys.

He's the owner of a corner pub in the states, and to his credit, when he did work he wore a mask, and actually enforced the mask mandate in my state.

Around christmas he contracted covid, and is currently in the ICU. He no longer has covid. Just pneumonia. He told me the doctors tell him that ot's like cement in his lungs.

I sent him a text earlier, at like 245 pm today, when I found out, and he thanked me for thinking of him.

His family went to see him around dinner, and right after they left he took a turn for the worse and his o2 levels fell precipitously.

I found this out because I stopped by my old job to talk to his family who runs the bar to offer my support. They're all a wreck. They're all vaccinated and boostered.

He wishes he was too, now. And is trying to convince his unvaccinated brother and friends to get the jab.

I hope he makes it. He was a good boss, and is a great guy, and a great dad and grandfather. He was just misled.

I am so fucking pissed off right now over all of this.


He died yesterday. At around 1 o'clock pm.

He was 55.

I wish I had better news. I am even more pissed off and emotionally wrecked right now.


Thank almost all of your for your sympathies and we'll wishes. I know I don't know any of you, but you condolences and well wishes actually mean a lot to me. My Boss would really have appreciated them too.

Ya'll are good people. Even taking the time out to say your condolences on a random website,, means more than you know..

Have a great night.

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Redemption Award Retired firefighter paramedic earns his place on the podium

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