Posting Rules

Qualifications for nomination

  • Public declaration of one's anti-mask, anti-vax, or COVID-hoax views.
  • Admission to hospital for COVID.

Qualifications for award

  • Award is granted upon the nominee's release from their Earthly shackles.
  • See additional rules below.

Qualification for redemption award

  • Nominees and awardees who have seen the grave error of their anti-vaccination stance, and communicate publicly (usually from the hospital) that the disease is serious and now encourage vaccination.

Qualifications for IPA (immunized to prevent award)

  • Submit your post with "IPA Request" flair for mod review.
  • Include a photo of your vaccination card with the first dose within the last 24 hours.
  • Cover your real name with a handwritten note with your reddit username.
  • A comment with your story and how you changed your mind is also required.
  • There are no posting restrictions in our sister sub r/theIPAs. All jabs are welcome there!


  1. "Regret only" posts do not belong here.
    The statements must have been made public prior to the person receiving hospital care.
    "Public Statements" include media appearances / interviews, social media posts, opinion pieces in print media, etc.

    Being a victim of believing COVID misinformation is not sufficient to merit a nomination / award. Propagation of misinformation, or public declaration of being anti-vax / anti mask is necessary. Political statements and views do not equate to anti-* sentiment.

    No nominations by proxy. The person making public anti-vax statements is the only candidate for nomination and award. Not their spouse, family member, etc.

  2. Don't be a dick. Don't root for nominees to be awarded.
    Don't be gleeful. Don't root for Nominees to be Awarded, especially the Facebook schlubs whose only crime was taking up residence in the misinformation echo chamber. Post titles should be neutral in tone. Don't express your personal opinions in post titles.

  3. Memes and Shitposts Sunday.
    Memes and shitposts may only be posted on Sundays beginning at midnight (US Eastern Time). Low-effort memes have a high probability of being removed, even on Sunday. Maximum 5 posts per 24 hours. Do not use "Meta / Other" flair to bypass this rule.

  4. Avoid duplicate posts.
    Please check for dupes, as dupes will likely be removed. Check the Hall of Cain for public figures before posting.

  5. Redact names and photos.
    Posts about non-public figures must redact the entire name(s) of everyone in every image. Block it out completely. Don't scribble and allow redacted names to leak through. Profile pictures are not allowed and must be blocked out.

  6. No posts that include children.
    If the post shows or exposes a minor's face, the picture of the face must be completely and fully censored or redacted in order to be an approved post. Names must be entirely removed. Better yet, don't post it at all.

  7. No brigading or discussion of brigading.
    Do not post about finding or visiting the nominees' or awardees' FB (or other) pages.

Tips from the Mods

  • If the article is about a public figure, include their name in the title to help avoid duplicates.
  • To prevent brigading, do not include "walls of text" updates from family members. Include just enough information to show hospitalization from COVID.
  • Your post may be removed if purely political posts or views are in screenshots. Posts should focus on anti-vax / COVID hoax statements.
  • When posting an article, use the headline as the post title.
  • Do not include personal opinions in post titles. Keep it neutral.
  • Posts that are not awards or nominations aren't always approved (news articles, links, videos, (re)-tweets, etc.) because they're either clickbait, ubiquitous and/or result in the same reddit responses. The "Daily Vent" thread is dedicated to general discussion.

Code of conduct in the comments

  • Don't be gleeful. Do not root for nominees to be awarded. If you are a user who continuously posts hateful comments, celebrates death or death wishes, do not be surprised when you are hit with a temporary ban that could lead to a permaban. Our empathy meter may be running low due to the actions of those posted here, but celebrating an award is not acceptable.
  • r/HermanCainAward is not a space for debating conspiracy theories. We have zero tolerance for COVID misinformation.
  • Comments should follow all rules in the Reddit Content Policy.