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This guy catching a woman falling off her front stoop



u/Fuckfuckgoose69 Aug 18 '22

My guy caught a pole to the face


u/KeightAich Aug 18 '22

She caught one to the back of the head/neck. Ouch.


u/Arktoscircle Aug 18 '22 Gold Hugz

A solid bro. No hesitation, just straight to rescue and help mode


u/Bread0987654321 Aug 18 '22

I feel like he saved her from a major head injury. Good on him.


u/SomeRedPanda Aug 18 '22

Who are building all of these papier-mâché houses?


u/IusedtoloveStarWars Aug 18 '22 Helpful Wholesome

Her attempt to seduce the gardener worked though.


u/leavealighton11 Aug 18 '22

It was kinda romantic actually.


u/dick-nipples Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22 Silver Helpful I'll Drink to That

That guy is a hero. A true pillar of the community.


u/RightclickBob Aug 18 '22

A real upright citizen


u/Yusi-D-Jordan Aug 18 '22

A column of strength


u/g00d_m4car0n1 Aug 18 '22

He’s a solid stand up guy


u/NHKBoi Aug 18 '22

a man bearing the weight of the world


u/No-Mechanic8957 Aug 18 '22

Cue the "I need a hero" song

He took it in the face too


u/amish_novelty Aug 18 '22

I’m wondering what those columns were attached too that made them topple like that lol


u/Screeeboom Aug 18 '22

Might not be load bearing but also could be a mcmansion where no one gave a shit


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

I forget what this is called but there’s a cool concept in design and architecture and engineering that if something looks like it can bear your load, it needs to be able to.


u/Ginjaninjanick7 Aug 18 '22

If something looks load bearing maybe it should be for stability but for sure many members are non-load bearing in designs and engineering, there are other uses for 0-force members


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/dundent Aug 18 '22

Edit: Oh man. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant: if it looks like it can bear a load (like you leaning on it) then it needs to be able to.

You okay?

You replied to yourself with a slight variation of what you already said, left an 'edit' that says exactly what your first comment says, but also that 'edit' is part of this original response comment.


u/Amorythorne Aug 18 '22

Bot maybe?


u/314159265358979326 Aug 18 '22

I thought it was clear.


u/Dogpeppers Aug 18 '22

It’s rotten at the base. That’s my it moved like mush.


u/Changingm1ndz Aug 18 '22

Or bear loading


u/hukd0nf0nix Aug 18 '22

Definitely not structural 😅


u/djh_van Aug 18 '22

I was betting that the whole structure supported by those pillars would come crashing down next


u/SOULJAR Aug 18 '22

Clearly, not much


u/7937397 Aug 18 '22

Pretty sure they are the fake decorative ones.


u/seanjuan666 Aug 18 '22

My folks had a little awning over their back door. Little wrought iron posts held it up. Same thing though. My dad was leaning on one after a surgery and it spun around, not quite falling all the way out. Be careful what you put your weight on.


u/FroggyNight Aug 18 '22

More like cue Randy Ortons entrance music. Lol. But really, good on the dude.


u/Viperbunny Aug 18 '22

He legit may have saved her life. I have had more than one relative fall from a small distance like that, hit their head and die.


u/pegothejerk Aug 18 '22

That seems like more than average, sorry for your losses


u/Viperbunny Aug 18 '22

Thanks. They weren't anyone I was close to. Sadly, people who are older and have balance issues are at risk.


u/pegothejerk Aug 18 '22

Ah yeah, I remember a girlfriend’s dad going that way, really sucked. I really should get back to a routine with yoga.


u/TexanGoblin Aug 18 '22

Yeah, her head was going right for the cement if he didn't stop her. Could have been very bad.


u/da_PeepeePoopooMan Aug 18 '22 Silver Platinum

Saul Goodman’s columns


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

She seems really unwell on the ground, almost like she fainted or hit her head on the concrete.


u/fisht33th Aug 18 '22

Looks like maybe she landed on the weed wacker


u/NotEven-Punk Aug 18 '22

The post fell on the back of her head


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

Ah geez. I’m just really concerned that she looks like she has a concussion


u/Schw33 Aug 18 '22

Plus she basically went crown of the head first into that guys shoulder with all of her momentum. That’s a really bad way to get hit and it’s how a lot of football players get Spinal injuries. Hopefully she’s alright. Head injuries are really scary


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

That does it. Yeah then she’s okay


u/TopNo5993 Aug 18 '22

The pole drilled her on the back of the head


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

Someone else said the same thing, and I’ll give a similar response—I’m concerned that being hit in the back of head can mess with your brain, and she looks like she has a concussion.

But I’m really hoping that it’s just a temporary stun sort of thing, and not a real one.

Updooted, because it’s a good catch


u/Lufo_The_Alien Aug 18 '22

Might be the embarrassment


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

I dunno. After so many years teaching equestrian, (before I was a physics professor) I’ve learned to trust your gut about if someone (or an animal) doesn’t… look right. It’s better to check and be sure they aren’t injured.

But I can’t discount the high probability that you’re right and it’s nothing. I’d really prefer that case


u/Hadespuppy Aug 18 '22

Looks to me like she got hit on the back of the head/neck, then went right into the gardener and the weedwacker. That's three potential head injuries. Hopefully it's nothing, but it's definitely worthy of a trip to urgent care to get checked out.


u/Danimal_House Aug 18 '22

Lmao I love when people like you make up shit based on the smallest amount of evidence. So confidently too. You have no idea if any of that is what actually happened.


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

Actually we do know she hit her head on the pole and the guy, and after years of diagnosing ailments through the way people and animals move, I’m allowed to put forth a disprovable hypothesis that she doesn’t look okay.

Furthermore, I just met with my neurologist about having to do PT for a concussion, so I kinda recognize the initial stun.


u/scratison Aug 18 '22

All in all it was a blessing he was there. She was really relying on that to hold her. Maybe he got clobbered pretty hard in the face.


u/tinywinki Aug 18 '22

Catch is a strong word. More broke her fall. Still cool.


u/jigglyjellly Aug 18 '22

Quality home building


u/thiscouldbemassive Aug 18 '22

That's some really shoddy architecture.


u/Toxicsully Aug 18 '22

That column was a fucking trap and if she was seriously hurt by that fall whoever GC'd or stamped that project should be getting a phonecall.


u/Ferninja Aug 18 '22

I've never seen a real life meet cute.


u/drugsarebadmkay303 Aug 18 '22

I was thinking the same thing. This has Lifetime Original vibes.


u/nilecrane Aug 18 '22

“Soooo, when you’re done whacking my weeds I got somethi oh oops ah uh oh aah!”


u/XaXaBinx_ Aug 18 '22

They still married?


u/predictingzepast Aug 18 '22

You know from the title, I was kinda expecting him to catch her..


u/AlecGlen Aug 18 '22 Silver

She got beamed in the back of the head by the pole, collapsed and was on a course to faceplant the concrete followed by the pole dropping near her head again. It wasn't a perfect save, but with a <1s reaction time he took a pole to the face to prevent what could have been a pretty serious head injury.


u/Math1988 Aug 18 '22

Yeah, she just fell on him.


u/whatizUtawkinbout Aug 18 '22

As you should, predictingzepast…as you should.


u/Endnessk Aug 18 '22

and kid, that's how I meet your mom.


u/TTV_YEETGOD Aug 18 '22 Dread

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u/SettingDizzy Aug 18 '22

Guy took that pillar to the grill and it didn't even phase him.


u/DM-G Aug 18 '22

Now kith


u/MotherfuckerTinyRick Aug 18 '22

Jesús saves the day


u/Pitiful-Reserve-8075 Aug 18 '22

Plot twist:

...and they lived happily ever after?


u/grantnaps Aug 18 '22

Pillar to the face! Ouch.


u/KourteousKrome Aug 18 '22

Is this a "meet cute"?


u/Shellcasingshower Aug 18 '22

That’s a “How I Met Your Mother” moment


u/BlackberryDramatic73 Aug 18 '22

Not sure he caught her or just provided a softer place to land.


u/LKennedy45 Aug 18 '22

I think I would've breathed easier if he'd dropped whatever implement that is along the way, but good on him regardless.


u/AlecGlen Aug 18 '22

Possibly, but on the other hand it looks like the weed whacker may have coincidentally stopped her head from hitting concrete.


u/greenweenievictim Aug 18 '22

Thank you Jesus. (De nada)


u/Level-Ad7017 Aug 18 '22

jesus saves


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Poppagonzo Aug 18 '22

That pole did some elite moves right there


u/iatetoomuchchicken Aug 18 '22

And that was how I met your mother…


u/Life_is_Liquid25 Aug 18 '22



u/ImJ2001 Aug 18 '22

After review, the left arm is under the ball, I mean head, resulting in a completion. 1st down. Please reset the play clock to 45 seconds.


u/scottlynn77 Aug 18 '22

& that’s how I met your mother…or a brazzers intro scene.


u/tadxb Aug 18 '22

I'm sure there's a Yo mama so fat that'll fit perfectly here.


u/SusPencion Aug 18 '22

"And that, kids, is how I met your mother"


u/Pyro911help Aug 18 '22

And that kids is how I met your mom


u/BrexMillCrew Aug 18 '22

Mama Cass goes down!


u/TheMoonstomper Aug 18 '22

Turns out the rumors weren't true. It wasn't a ham sandwich, after all..


u/MrJuniperBreath Aug 18 '22

"Heeeeey, Big Booooy!" *YEET*


u/TheRealEnemabagJones Aug 18 '22

The beam did a better job of trying to catch her


u/sunnyridgeoc Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

You know he is getting sued.

Yay! Most karma up or down.


u/Sammichenduser Aug 18 '22

I don't think it ended like she thought it would.


u/ImPretendingToCare Aug 18 '22

i see you falling, so take this weed whacker to the face instead


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Danimal_House Aug 18 '22

What does this even mean