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I am a cannabis scientist, ask me anything THC, CBD, or any other cannabis related questions, AMA Science

Hi Reddit, Gair Laucius, Chief Science Officer from High Purity Natural Products here, I am here to answer your questions about cannabis, CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoids you want to ask about.

This AMA is closed! Thanks everyone for the great questions, I'm sorry I couldn't answer them all - If you'd like to know more about my company, please visit https://highpuritynaturalproducts.com/about-us/

My experience:

I am an experienced cannabis researcher with expertise in ethanol and super-critical CO2 extraction, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, and high performance liquid chromatography analytics.

I have also conducted research on Cannabis sativa with specific focus on proteins related to cannabinoid biosynthesis pathways. Extensive research experience with DNA and RNA extraction with downstream PCR and qPCR. Highly experienced in terpene and cannabinoid extraction and profiling using HPLC and GCMS.

If it has anything to do with weed, AMA!

Proof: https://twitter.com/HighPurityNP/status/1425475523858341889

Edit: 12:15PM Will be taking a short break for lunch, will return for some more questions shortly. Keep them coming!

Edit2: 1:00PM Wrapping up for now, hope to answer a few more questions later this evening. Thank you to all who asked questions!


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u/Master_Paladin Aug 11 '21

Is Delta 8 safe?


u/HPNP Aug 11 '21 edited Aug 11 '21 Gold Hugz

As an isolated cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC is lacking in peer reviewed research but has been shown to have a similar effect to delta-9 THC both being psychoactive (Delta-8 less psychoactive than delta-9). Delta-8 THC presents concern for me not because of the cannabinoid but because of the manufacturing process behind making it. Delta-8 is converted from CBD by using harsh chemicals and solvents and if care is not taken to remove these byproducts there is the potential for harm. As a consumer it is extremely difficult, almost impossible to verify how well a delta-8 product was manufactured. My recommendation is to not use delta-8 until more regulation can ensure safety across the board.


u/RooXOXXO Aug 11 '21

Very interesting response. Thank you.

Could the same be said for other d9 concentrates on the black market? Would you say that delta 8 is safer than those?

It seems these products are used mostly in grey states and states where medical/recreational hasn’t taken off yet.


u/Dj_hardway Aug 11 '21

I've heard that delta 8 will still make your fail a pee test, so to me it would be safer to smoke real weed because like OP said delta 8 is so hard to test.


u/iDeNoh Aug 11 '21

Not everyone has they luxury though, delta 8 is legal in my state, delta 9 is not


u/spineofgod9 Aug 11 '21

I hate this place.


u/oced2001 Aug 11 '21

Kentucky checking in. I hear you, brother


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '21


They show up the same on a drug test.


u/iDeNoh Aug 11 '21

I know, what I was saying is that not everyone has the luxury of getting delta 9 thc


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '21

Ah, yeah I misread that.


u/Pawco1 Aug 11 '21

From what I have heard, Delta-8 shows a false-positive for Delta-9 THC, but further testing can be done to discern which it is. IMO still not worth the risk because that testing takes time and a lot of companies won't be willing to order a test like that for one single employee and would rather fire you. This also escalates if you are on probation/parole getting tested and getting caught because the consequences are more severe.

Please please take this with a grain of salt because this is the information I have heard from sources that I trust, however it may not be 100% accurate.


u/Dj_hardway Aug 11 '21

Thats basically what I've heard too. Like you said some companies would be willing to put you through the extra testing, but the majority wouldnt bother if THC was a deal breaker for them. I personally would rather smoke "real weed" because of the reasons the OP was talking about, d8 being made from cbd using harsh chemicals, and d9 being typically just grown mostly naturally.